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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGUN

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Astrology, 287:forward esoterically that which water has begun. In Cancer, the purificatory waters of experienceAstrology, 287:experience begin their beneficent work. This is begun upon the Cardinal Cross because that crossAstrology, 390:I would point out to you that: That which is begun or "entered into" at the first initiation isAstrology, 418:and must ever be borne in mind. Astrologers have begun to grasp a dim idea of the interlockingAtom, 60:She had for a long time been an atheist, but had begun to question the ground of her unbelief afterAtom, 131:to most thinkers that science, [131] having begun the study of radioactivity, is on the verge ofAutobiography, 95:work down, including Miss Sandes. By now I had begun to stop crying and was contented to be withAutobiography, 287:and the elementary training for discipleship is begun. By that time, necessarily, the sifting workBethlehem, 29:birth pangs of the Christ within the race have begun, and the Christ will be born in the "House ofDiscipleship1, 109:shift your focus at the close of 1932), you have begun to link up head and heart. When this is doneDiscipleship1, 112:and only during the past two years have you begun to bring it into submission to the head centerDiscipleship1, 563:can serve. With this you have not yet adequately begun. You must learn to serve as a soul, and notDiscipleship1, 578:be done, lead you to forget that which has been begun; otherwise you may land yourself in the worldDiscipleship1, 612:instead of cooperating in the work already begun and with which you were invited to cooperate - andDiscipleship2, 296:training to be given aspirants (and this must be begun in our educational centers) will concern theDiscipleship2, 401:phase of the divine, conditioning Will. He has begun to recognize and to interpret - even though inDiscipleship2, 510:enable you to complete the work which you have begun. NOTE: This disciple has persisted faithfullyDiscipleship2, 667:of the Arcane School. All of you have already begun to build this bridge; I seek to have youEducation, 29:the true building of the antahkarana must be begun. It is the bridge between the personality andExternalisation, 4:plane living and of astral plane experience was begun and is now slowly going on. It will beExternalisation, 64:work has not yet been started. That task must be begun. Externalisation, 116:war and the inherited pain of the earlier stage (begun in 1914) is bringing about a salutary andExternalisation, 174:May the reign of Light and Love and Justice be begun. Let there be peace on earth, and let it beginExternalisation, 312:of light and service in every land. This is begun in the individual environment of the server, andExternalisation, 442:humanity into the light of a new day can be begun. In the meantime, the Masters and Their ashramsExternalisation, 537:for the process of externalization which was begun this century. Adjustment to a disciplined andExternalisation, 616:economic affairs, and when the churches have begun to clean house. Then He can and will come; thenFire, 184:two fires of matter and the fire of mind have begun to blend (a slow and gradual process), the webFire, 306:This work of transmuting cell activity was begun on this planet during the last root-race, and theFire, 424:the third Ray of Aspect will predominate, having begun its work of synthesizing and its influenceFire, 464:to the necessitated vibration. This work is begun when the sixth spirilla (in the minor group ofFire, 582:of Sacrifice and Death, the disintegration is begun on the third level and is consummated on theFire, 695:together and the work of full self-consciousness begun. 31 Hylozoism: From Greek "ule," matter;Fire, 767:as the point of electric fire at the heart has begun to make itself felt even though not as yetFire, 771:unit is concerned. The work has been begun, the necessary vibration has been set up, and the wholeFire, 771:then proceeds under law. The solar angels have begun their activity, and until their work hasFire, 773:mantram for that particular [773] type of Ego is begun. Finally the vibration reaches the mentalFire, 781:work of the solar Pitris in connection with man begun. It sees also the Pitris of his sheaths inFire, 843:began to center their attention upon the work begun, and temporarily new beginnings were out ofFire, 938:stage of the work of these etheric devas is begun, conception takes place upon the physical plane.Fire, 968:response, the process of building is thereupon begun. This process of physical plane response isFire, 971:entered upon, and the vitalization by desire is begun. The interplay of mental impulse and desireFire, 1076:through the medium of Venusian energy was really begun in the third round when the triangle ofGlamour, 68:your personal glamors. Just as soon as you have begun to do this, I can begin to use you, as aGlamour, 202:four-fifths of his incarnated experience. He has begun to transmute his desire into aspiration andHercules, 27:started and the first great act of service was begun. The story that they tell carries instructionHercules, 29:apparent path of the sun (clockwise) which is begun in Aries and appears then to retrograde throughHercules, 33:and the building of the spiritual body is begun. This is the sign of germinal spiritual activity,Hercules, 41:his start. In line with the universal law he has begun his work oil the mental plane. In theHercules, 102:definite training for initiation in Capricorn is begun. Some measure of control of thought has beenHercules, 159:on the astral plane, he takes up again the work begun in Taurus, completes it and clears away theHercules, 182:into heaven is entrance into the Aquarian age, begun during the last two hundred years. We are toldHercules, 220:since then, Aquarius, the water carrier, has begun to make his presence felt in the development ofHercules, 228:where we have the consummation of the task begun in Aries, which was the right use and control ofInitiation, 166:long prior training in observation; this can be begun here and now by all aspirants, and as theyIntellect, 112:laid. The control of the mental processes can be begun, and brought to a high point of achievement,Intellect, 246:which deceived the aspirant. Only when we have begun consciously to function as souls, and onlyIntellect, 253:to forget about it until such time as we have begun to function in the kingdom of the soul; then weMagic, 235:of all magical phenomena. This magical work is begun in the magician's own life, extends to theMagic, 391:numbers of those who are ready. This will be begun in this century, and carried forward activelyMeditation, 22:the periphery of the causal body can only be begun when a certain point in evolution has beenMeditation, 113:therefore, that when the real occult work is begun, the method may differ - and will necessarilyMeditation, 156:supply the deficiency. This manipulation will be begun first on the etheric matter of the physicalMeditation, 307:or Wales, a branch for occult training will be begun before so very long, which will lay thePatanjali, 202:the second initiation,) the protective work is begun. In the occident the rules of externalProblems, 105:who have (during the past two hundred years) begun to rise in the scale of human endeavor and have,Psychology1, 248:thought. "The twain shall be one." This work is begun in the animal kingdom, and constitutes itsPsychology1, 253:and environment, but Life. This process was begun in the animal kingdom, and will be consummated inPsychology1, 345:race (the Atlantean - A.A.B.) the conflict was begun, and consciousness was born. In the fifth racePsychology1, 427:and environment, but Life. This process was begun in the animal kingdom and will be consummated inPsychology2, 282:issues. We have, as the occult law dictates, begun with the relation of the form to the soul, withPsychology2, 422:of the cleavage are clear. The conflict has begun and two possibilities lie ahead: EventualRays, 93:and as Head of the Hierarchy had not then begun. It was at that time dependent upon the experienceRays, 103:will and life aspect or principle. When this has begun to take place, one of the first recognitionsRays, 182:is able to appropriate and to use because he has begun to work as a focusing agent of the SpiritualRays, 324:aspirant or disciple. (These instructions were begun in March 1946 and completed in March 1949.)Rays, 393:of the crisis is complete, and humanity has begun to take action of some kind, then the fullRays, 442:is no initiation for the disciple until he has begun consciously to build the antahkarana, thusRays, 563:- at the time when the initiatory process is begun - is in reality a composite of five energies:Reappearance, 163:and when churches and political groups have begun to clean house. Then He can and will come; thenSoul, 16:been said by Will Durant: "Psychology has hardly begun to comprehend, much less to control, humanSoul, 60:of which the complete investigation has hardly begun. "These physical properties do not appealTelepathy, 164:of transforming the inherited etheric body was begun and has proceeded ever since. In the etheric
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