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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEINGS

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Soul, 22:divorced from psyche and gets in bed with living beings we shall be able to throw the wordSoul, 23:- Dorsey, George A., Why We Behave Like Human Beings, p. 333. This intensely materialistic trend ofSoul, 27:yet enjoying all powers. "Without and within all beings, motionless, yet moving, not to beSoul, 32:the sense which includes all that human beings do, all that human beings have. In this sense ofSoul, 32:all that human beings do, all that human beings have. In this sense of behavior it is the behaviorSoul, 32:short, as a personality. "The behavior of human beings, psychologically speaking... reduces toSoul, 62:conclusion of an incorporeal substance in human beings to the assumption of a similar and greaterSoul, 68:it has succeeded in reaching. Different types of beings best serve its purpose at differentSoul, 83:writer comments as follows: "All organic beings have a principle of self-determination, to whichSoul, 89:the body, and by the body on so many different beings. Now the soul acts only by the agency of theSoul, 96:according to science what are we (as physical beings) at base? The answer is, infinitely tenuousSoul, 101:rejected. Not the organs however alone, but all beings are based upon and supported by the heart;Soul, 135:These are: Harmlessness, truth to all beings, abstention from theft, from incontinence and fromSoul, 138:frequent in animals and very unintelligent human beings. Hysterical and ill-regulated psychism isSoul, 138:noticed that cats and dogs and low-grade human beings can frequently see and hear that which theSoul, 158:Carl Murchison, Ed. Why We Behave Like Human Beings, George A. Dorsey, Ph.D., LL.D. THE CENTERS:Telepathy, 45:or by aggregations of groups composed of living Beings Who have Their own agents of distribution orTelepathy, 66:the human stage of evolution, for only human beings can perfectly blend and express life-reason,Telepathy, 68:to manifest increasingly among advanced human beings in all lands and all races. This indicatesTelepathy, 84:responsiveness of entire groups, and of human beings en masse, to group impression and to groupTelepathy, 87:and for influence over the minds of other human beings or over groups, the disciple cannot beTelepathy, 92:undertaken by the least developed of human beings, to that point upon the ladder of evolution whenTelepathy, 96:Sensitivity to impression from other human beings. This sensitivity becomes of use in service whenTelepathy, 100:to the invocative and emotional call of human beings. The two together are most useful in effect,Telepathy, 113:a true impact and a definite impression upon Beings and Lives found on levels higher than those inTelepathy, 113:This impact evokes a reaction from these higher Beings, and then a spiritual and intelligentTelepathy, 115:of the magnetic aura which envelops all human beings is to be found at present in four [116] areasTelepathy, 122:is not yet understood in its true sense by human beings. Mankind usually recognizes will as fixedTelepathy, 124:interplay and mutual impression between the beings or the lives who make up the sumtotal of ourTelepathy, 124:one of immense difficulty, for all human beings think in terms of their own contacts andTelepathy, 129:energy focuses itself through the Lives or Beings [130] Who control and dominate Shamballa. UntilTelepathy, 132:forty-nine members; these were advanced human beings and not souls awaiting incarnation in humanTelepathy, 136:in relation to average and undeveloped human beings. Were this not so, such human beings would beTelepathy, 136:human beings. Were this not so, such human beings would be unable to respond to first ray, secondTelepathy, 193:this center through which the majority of human beings are at this time working. It is the major
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