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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BELIEF

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Discipleship2, 43:fear of one kind or another, age, or a belief that this life is preparatory to full service in theDiscipleship2, 55:of the physical brain as it held [55] to the belief of true success, when the requirements had beenDiscipleship2, 87:soul obedience. This is a school wherein belief in the Hierarchy is scientifically taught, not as aDiscipleship2, 98:Path? If so, upon what grounds do you base this belief? Could you have made more progress under theDiscipleship2, 166:just in his own particular brand of religious belief, and also by his capacity to live his life inDiscipleship2, 264:of the difficulties of the work, and into your belief that no results are demonstrating in yourDiscipleship2, 475:next twelve months please act with a positive belief in yourself and, without questioning, chooseDiscipleship2, 524:helpfully apply to others. Have confidence in my belief and trust in you, and let the remainingDiscipleship2, 581:that of A.A.B., and past history justifies the belief that the sensitive response of the publicDiscipleship2, 631:outer aid, the answer. With you, this is a fixed belief and understanding, and that is good. TheDiscipleship2, 708:At times you fail to grasp the strength of her belief in you. Her health is precarious and sheDiscipleship2, 708:with which she is faced. You have also my belief and trust, my confidence that you will carry on -Discipleship2, 754:no regular time. A year's steady practice (with belief, plus skill in action) may cause almostEducation, 38:is secondary; it has fed pride and fostered the belief that he, his group and his nation areEducation, 42:of interest and unwavering, unquestioning belief. The subtle influences emanating from the unseenExternalisationAge, with its emphasis upon authority and belief, and the coming in of the Aquarian Age, with itsExternalisation, 147:a controlled mind, with a recognition and deep belief that it embodied the will of the planetaryExternalisation, 189:of the spiritual values involved, on a belief in God, and on a common sense which is determined toExternalisation, 210:activity. With goodwill to all, with a staunch belief in the divine possibilities of human beingsExternalisation, 211:greatest good of the greatest number, are beyond belief. This dynamic power has never beenExternalisation, 228:Secondly, you have been trained in the belief that all the information which I have given out anentExternalisation, 257:Them by what name you choose, the most cherished belief of humanity is that there exists in theExternalisation, 264:or the theological idealism, some form of this belief lies behind the cry of the millions. WillExternalisation, 280:both an encouragement and a point difficult of belief. If the sons of men who are cooperating withExternalisation, 286:of divine Revelations. This is the persistent belief - ineradicable and unalterable - that (atExternalisation, 286:of Maitreya Buddha or the Kalki Avatar, in the belief in the Western world in the return of ChristExternalisation, 286:world. All this is tied up with the undying belief of mankind in the loving Heart of God, Who everExternalisation, 295:to intervene will appear; there is a growing belief that human effort towards righteous action willExternalisation, 296:a consecration, a sacrifice, a statement of belief and a challenge to the Avatar Who waits in HisExternalisation, 317:in the face of difficulty, and a staunch belief in the beauty of the human spirit, in the love ofExternalisation, 325:minded people lived up to their inner belief and knowledge. The task of unifying the men and womenExternalisation, 355:trend. These attitudes take their stand upon belief in the innate rightness of the human spirit, inExternalisation, 355:needed revolt against the one-sidedness of the belief in God Transcendent. This spiritualExternalisation, 374:benefit of that individual; to that they add the belief that the State also exists for the benefitExternalisation, 399:to have an open mind, to redouble your belief in the fact of the spiritual realities, to have faithExternalisation, 400:human identity of nature with the divine, to a belief in the divinity of man. Orthodox religionExternalisation, 417:in number and upon their accumulating evidence belief can be translated into knowledge. So manyExternalisation, 418:waiting Hierarchy; through this response, the belief of the masses will gradually be changed intoExternalisation, 441:This will [441] lead to a persistent belief in the ideals presented by the Hierarchy, and theExternalisation, 544:narrow-minded emphasis and their ridiculous belief that they know what is in the Mind of God may beExternalisation, 544:they belong to the aristocracy of spiritual belief to which the Hierarchy itself belongs. [545]Externalisation, 549:years read my teachings on goodwill with real belief in what I say but who evidence no willingnessExternalisation, 557:reality of that which I have told you; faith and belief and common sense will then no longer beExternalisation, 588:love of the spectacular - there lies a true belief and a real humanitarian desire. InformationExternalisation, 592:hope of Glory. There is a growing and developing belief that Christ is in us, as He was in theExternalisation, 592:in us, as He was in the Master Jesus, and this belief will alter world affairs and mankind's entireExternalisation, 597:these people have reasoned themselves into the belief that on such and such a date He will comeExternalisation, 600:to your attention. To you I say that the vague belief in Their existence, the dreamy speculationsExternalisation, 602:human expectancy of the imminence of His coming. Belief in His coming is basic in the humanExternalisation, 605:of religion, of church-going and of orthodox belief is one of the incredible triumphs of the forcesExternalisation, 618:of a state of mind which will be founded on a belief in the veracity of the historical recordsExternalisation, 630:now to the fifth prerequisite: a vital and sure belief in humanity as a whole. There must be noExternalisation, 650:the expectancy and to the curiously widespread belief that divine intervention is possible and atExternalisation, 671:peoples and bind them down to a uniformity of belief - politically, economically and socially - andFire, 7:constitutes the basis for the scientific belief in Brotherhood. Brotherhood is a fact in nature,Fire, 483:certainty' only so far as my own personal belief is concerned. Those who have not the same warrantFire, 483:Those who have not the same warrant for their belief as I have would be very credulous and foolishFire, 809:ages, but remains as yet a beautiful theory or belief, and not a proven scientific fact, nor is itFire, 876:electricity of substance, and is coming to the belief as to the electricity of form (even though asFire, 882:- S. D., III, 62, 63. One has an unshakeable belief in one's own divinity - S. D., III, 62, 63. OneFire, 1122:to radiate. This is the occult truth behind the belief that every messenger from the Lodge andGlamour, 20:or self-hypnotism. Through this induced belief we force ourselves into a state of mind whichGlamour, 83:to sit down and hypnotize oneself into the belief that one is "calling in the soul" than it is toGlamour, 162:trend. These attitudes take their stand upon the belief of the innate rightness of the humanGlamour, 162:is the result of the needed revolt against the belief in God Transcendent. This spiritualGlamour, 177:the ages, which controls so much of the mass belief. When the revelation reaches this stage, theGlamour, 212:was the emphasis put upon possessions and the belief that happiness was dependent upon things andGlamour, 242:illusion of an anthropomorphic Deity and to the belief (in the East) that our planet is but theHealing, 263:aggressors, rationalizing themselves into the belief that they are carrying out divine purpose,Healing, 280:(even of proven value), and their biassed belief in the infallibility of their experimentalHealing, 281:karmic tendencies. A mistake lies however in the belief that these tendencies are to be found inHealing, 326:of all its staying power. You are right in your belief that one can be perfectly healthy but haveHealing, 363:that we can go no further. Even the deep seated belief in the persistence of the immortal soulHealing, 385:capacity is developed by the initiate healer. A belief in the law of immediate Karma. By that IHealing, 397:as yet in the realm of wishful thinking or of belief. This belief can be founded on ChristianHealing, 397:the realm of wishful thinking or of belief. This belief can be founded on Christian premises, uponHealing, 398:spirit. There is enough evidence to warrant belief in survival and to prove its factual nature.Healing, 400:own terms. This lays an undue emphasis upon belief and thus stultifies all enthusiasticHealing, 401:escape from mental responsibility into a blind belief in theological pronouncements. The ChristianHealing, 402:must not be questioned. Millions still hold this belief, but it is not so strongly held as it wasHealing, 440:assurances of the human heart, in the fact of belief in eternal persistence as an idea in the mindsHealing, 440:the race which will turn hope into certainty and belief into knowledge. In the meantime, let a newHealing, 484:not be rushed into the cremating flames, and the belief that it must be left to drift around for aHercules, 70:in the path which must be trodden; but belief has not yet been transmuted into knowledge of theHercules, 91:pilgrim back home. Many esotericists hold the belief that the human family, the fourth kingdom inHercules, 219:follows thought". Here the reality of this belief is put to a cosmic test. Death is also said to beHercules, 222:These four signs are regarded in our Christian belief as the Sacred Four and we find them presentedInitiation, viii:severed by tongue and apparent diversity of belief, but fundamentally holding to the same one truthInitiation, 111:but the necessary one-pointedness and the firm belief in the reality ahead, coupled to aInitiation, 118:His faith for ages is justified, and hope and belief merge themselves in self-ascertained fact.Initiation, 119:ascertained. Whereas, before initiation, this belief was based on brief and fleeting vision andIntellect, 16:substantiating this testimony, to force our belief in its verity. These witnesses to the unseenIntellect, 68:involves the emotional nature and is based on belief in a God who can give. The other involves theIntellect, 68:other involves the mental nature and is based on belief in the divinity of man himself, though itIntellect, 69:we have been considering." "There is, first, the belief in insight as against discursive analyticIntellect, 69:as against discursive analytic knowledge; the belief in a way of wisdom, sudden, penetrating,Intellect, 69:and revelation comes earlier than any definite belief. The definite beliefs at which mystics arriveIntellect, 69:direct outcome of the moment of illumination is belief in the possibility of a way of knowledgeIntellect, 69:morass of illusion. Closely connected with this belief is the conception of a Reality behind theIntellect, 69:"The second characteristic of mysticism is its belief in unity, and its refusal to admit opposition
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