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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BELIEVE

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Astrology, 5:at this time. The modern investigator likes to believe that on him impinge and through him flow allAstrology, 403:We have now considered briefly and yet I believe instructively certain of the subjective influencesAstrology, 444:[444] destiny" is far from right. They believe - sometimes sincerely - that all that should be doneAstrology, 585:to express His love through men; they will not believe that that will could possibly express itselfAstrology, 585:material consequences of that evil. They cannot believe that a God of Love could possibly employAstrology, 618:lives; then - equally expectant - they should believe in the transfiguration of those lives in lineAtom, 38:instance he is quoted as follows: "I do not believe that matter is inert, acted upon by an outsideAtom, 39:than ourselves," Edison answered. "Do you believe, then, in an intelligent Creator, a personalAtom, 86:"the fall of man." There are few these days who believe the story of the fall as it is given in theAtom, 105:and perhaps at the present stage (for I do not believe that many of us would feel insulted if weAtom, 131:to pass into his hands. Nevertheless, we can, I believe, look to science to make tremendous stridesAutobiography, 1:that God is love. They assert it but do not believe it in practice, God's practice I mean. I wouldAutobiography, 3:mean. The awfulness of hell (in which I do not believe from the orthodox point of view) must lie inAutobiography, 9:time of a person's life. I do not for one minute believe it. They were for me the years of greatestAutobiography, 15:Biology and another on Tropical Diseases were, I believe, regarded as standard text books. SheAutobiography, 15:I want to mention this here, because I do not believe that his family or his daughter-in-law, myAutobiography, 15:I want her to know this. Fortunately, I believe in [16] the great Law of Rebirth and she and I willAutobiography, 18:My great-grandfather, Sir William, was, I believe, a partner of Watts (of steam engine fame) andAutobiography, 23:such disturbing features of the experience. I believe that this method of capitalizing on theAutobiography, 27:thing that it has disappeared - personally I believe it is - but we could do with that trainedAutobiography, 41:than the tangible. I had been brought up to believe in a God Transcendent, outside His createdAutobiography, 47:and not cousins, etc. Taking it by and large I believe I have had a more interesting and excitingAutobiography, 49:They are attempting to work out on earth and I believe that They, in Themselves, are the answer andAutobiography, 59:her rippling sense of humor. I loved her most, I believe, because I discovered that she reallyAutobiography, 59:she gave me a real shock and started, I really believe, the cycle of interior questioning whichAutobiography, 60:that I believed in conversion at that time and I believe in conversion today. I believed in theAutobiography, 60:in the power of Christ to save then and I believe in it a thousandfold more today. I know thatAutobiography, 61:I question our human techniques very often and I believe that God's way is often the best and thatAutobiography, 62:reliable Christian soldier or a blackguard. I believe that they cast lots as to who should take meAutobiography, 78:to other work. Subconsciously I really never did believe in hell, and a lot of the men orthodoxAutobiography, 82:spelt his name right, but it is of no moment. I believe he really loved me. He was an ancientAutobiography, 85:knew I would say to people: "Well, if you cannot believe in Me that's too bad, for I'm really worthAutobiography, 90:skeptic where this recovery is concerned. I believe that the various books which have beenAutobiography, 91:as to evolution in my mind. Also, I do not believe that, in the long cycle of the soul'sAutobiography, 93:plates one by one out of his hand - I honestly believe because I sat there weeping and weeping. TheAutobiography, 101:and, physically, life became exceedingly hard. I believe these periods are necessary in the livesAutobiography, 102:it will be your duty to make them feel that you believe they are. For Heaven's sake, don't be aAutobiography, 102:humanity. I am not one of the people who believe that only the proletarian are good and right andAutobiography, 105:had no anti-Negro feeling, except that I did not believe in marriage between the colored races andAutobiography, 114:and the only woman he had ever kissed, and I believe this held true until he died a few years ago.Autobiography, 124:of the Scriptures; but they are prepared to believe in the Word of God. Life is so full of movementAutobiography, 140:so often, like to sound learned. Personally, I believe that all this most necessary teaching wouldAutobiography, 145:aspirations, the same goals and desires and I believe that we need to realize this more keenly andAutobiography, 151:that which you fear. Personally, I do not believe a word of it because I have spent my life fearingAutobiography, 152:time seems to indicate something different? I believe firmly that when I can, through the processAutobiography, 155:inflection, "Am I to understand that you believe yourself to be a disciple?" For the first time inAutobiography, 177:it was my destiny to help carry out and I do not believe that ever again will the occult field ofAutobiography, 179:time never relinquished my habit of prayer. I believe that the true occultist uses prayer andAutobiography, 182:I replied to her by telling her that I did not believe that the comfort of one's family was aAutobiography, 183:My attitude about all such communications is: "I believe this is what the Master says; I believeAutobiography, 183:is: "I believe this is what the Master says; I believe this is the teaching; but use yourAutobiography, 183:him to make Cancer my rising sign. However, I believe that my rising sign is Pisces. I have aAutobiography, 184:general public and not occult groups. I know and believe that the general public is more ready forAutobiography, 185:- "That's all very well, and I'm quite ready to believe that the American boys are all that youAutobiography, 200:young people know too much, but I personally believe it to be a far safer condition than the one inAutobiography, 205:of good social position or of no position, and I believe a good time was had by all. We served cakeAutobiography, 226:the world in whom it was possible absolutely to believe. She was highly intelligent; with a strongAutobiography, 229:tide has been interrupted by the war I do not believe. I am confident that it will have led to anAutobiography, 287:other truth; and if they reject what some of us believe and accept, we feel that that is their ownAutobiography, 287:the doctrine of reincarnation and refuses to believe in the Hierarchy and the Masters of theAutobiography, 292:allegiances. If it is true (and we undeviatingly believe it to be so) that the "souls of men areAutobiography, 294:can and will be materialized on earth. We believe that it is already present and will later beAutobiography, 295:of light, a spark of the one Flame. This, we believe, is the soul, the second aspect of divinityAutobiography, 303:future work. This, at the time, I found hard to believe, for I was too deeply aware of theBethlehem, 27:its implications. Many so-called initiates today believe themselves to have reached this statusBethlehem, 42:initiations take place. At that time, as many believe, we are initiated through the instrumentalityBethlehem, 81:that theology can tell us. Relatively easy to believe, this is the line of least resistance to theBethlehem, 82:(His disciples), but for them also which shall believe on me through their word; that they all mayBethlehem, 82:they all may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me... I in them, and thouBethlehem, 92:of Deity? How can the human intellect arrogantly believe that [93] it can recognize, even throughBethlehem, 93:can therefore be progressive. If we can believe that God is inclusive of all forms and of thatBethlehem, 108:when He was functioning as the Son of God. Some believe that He was simultaneously both, and wasBethlehem, 125:Christ met this temptation one is inclined to believe that (having affirmed His belief in His OwnBethlehem, 146:no rise From outward things, whate'er you may believe. There is an inmost center in us all WhereBethlehem, 151:fullness from His whole Person. Increasingly, I believe, as the evolutionary process goes forward,Bethlehem, 151:value to their advice. We have been led to believe that there are in the world the illuminati,Bethlehem, 161:an angry God, and make it possible for those who believe in Him to go to Heaven. He came to show usBethlehem, 162:us to "become the Sons of God, even to them that believe on his name, which were born, not ofBethlehem, 180:- what I have personally always been inclined to believe - that there was also a historical nucleusBethlehem, 186:sufficient to salvation that one should simply believe that Christ died for one's sins. [187] Bethlehem, 202:- unless we are [202] old-fashioned enough to believe in the doctrine that every man isBethlehem, 221:than the literature of the mystics would have us believe. It will become more frequent, as more andBethlehem, 226:is far more inclusive than we have been led to believe, and that the heart of God the Father is farBethlehem, 227:saved, and only can we serve intelligently if we believe in the divinity of all men and also inBethlehem, 235:He rose again, so shall we rise, provided we believe in Him. In order to meet the theological needBethlehem, 237:one person, so that all could see, could know, believe and follow in His steps. The same storiesBethlehem, 239:God, or not? It is so easy to make mistakes, to believe what we want to believe, and to deceiveBethlehem, 239:to make mistakes, to believe what we want to believe, and to deceive ourselves in the desire toBethlehem, 249:one of time and location. The Christian may believe in a sudden perfecting through the process ofBethlehem, 249:where a purificatory process goes on; or he may believe that in heaven itself adjustments are madeBethlehem, 249:man from what he was before. The Oriental may believe that the earth provides adequate facilitiesBethlehem, 277:beyond anything that has yet been shown us. We believe that this is possible. We rest back uponDestiny, 13:initiation, made possible (if you will but believe it) by the many individual initiations whichDestiny, 59:for peace, no matter what the people may believe under the influence of national propaganda and theDestiny, 122:sense. They know far too little and yet believe that they know much. They speak with authority, butDiscipleship1, 27:again feeds pride and tends to make the disciple believe himself to be an authority and infallible.Discipleship1, 79:unfit to be trusted and that I should dislike to believe. If, when you have discovered who I am,Discipleship1, 106:have acceded to my request, my brother, and I believe see now the reason for my method of trainingDiscipleship1, 115:must be done and which you have been induced to believe is the way for you - as well as for allDiscipleship1, 124:of a phenomenal nature; it incites you to believe and urges you to demand that your years of
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