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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BELIEVE

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Discipleship1, 140:and for this you must prepare yourself. This, I believe, you already realize. It is, however, inDiscipleship1, 181:year of strain, interior strain predominantly. I believe you realize that you are the better forDiscipleship1, 196:of your soul from your personality. This, I believe, you already know, and a study of your soul andDiscipleship1, 204:to have you associated with this group and I believe that you will benefit much, as well as bringDiscipleship1, 207:will open for you the Door of Initiation. I believe, my brother, that if you will meditate uponDiscipleship1, 225:This has been the case with you, and this I believe you are beginning to realize. Your soul ray, myDiscipleship1, 236:and if you are sincere (and this I do believe you to be) you will welcome the plain speaking andDiscipleship1, 262:self. You might reply to this by saying that you believe yourself to be free from all such desire.Discipleship1, 286:I say to you: Stand steadily and know (not believe or hope) that all things are working towardsDiscipleship1, 295:to your inner sense of hearing. You are, as I believe I earlier told you, a pledged sannyasin. ThatDiscipleship1, 331:your personality in speech and desire what you believe to be the effects of divinity. YouDiscipleship1, 349:two directions? And what is abstracted? Do you believe that a man's karma must inevitably leadDiscipleship1, 369:me indicate to you your ray forces and then, I believe, increased light will be thrown upon yourDiscipleship1, 377:how service is needed? Or will you serve as you believe you can and should? These questions areDiscipleship1, 401:the ways and means. Have patience. It will, I believe, aid you in the relinquishing process andDiscipleship1, 451:take no steps to arrest disaster (because they believe in what they call the will of God or karmicDiscipleship1, 471:you let me speak with clarity, my brother? I believe in your sincerity and determination, but IDiscipleship1, 478:has intensified lately, you will perhaps not believe me and in any case you will be distressed. OfDiscipleship1, 479:I stand by you, friend of old. I know and - believe me - understand. I see your strength and I knowDiscipleship1, 484:and develop during many years of difficulty. I believe that you yourself will have recognized byDiscipleship1, 487:up to life and to your initial problems; you believe, sometimes, that there is nothing left nowDiscipleship1, 493:and wrestle with your problem. I, your Master, believe in you and in your capacity to throw off theDiscipleship1, 495:Accept the contact and the response and believe that it does exist. Here lies release - belief inDiscipleship1, 495:galvanized in service and flooded with vitality. Believe that this is so. Then linking upDiscipleship1, 495:functioning of both your imaginative capacity to believe and on your power of reflective reasoning.Discipleship1, 530:- a bucket is always ready for the descent. I believe this water has the property of giving oneDiscipleship1, 530:one who has had a glimpse of the vision. I believe this is the picture of my garden! As you canDiscipleship1, 555:could - clearly and in words - express what you believe (in your highest and deepest moments) isDiscipleship1, 576:know. Will you understand me, my brother, and believe me when I tell you that, for you, theDiscipleship1, 582:where you are and with your chosen comrades? Believe me when I assure you that I am not seeking toDiscipleship1, 598:yourself with the life outside the window. I believe you can do it if you desire nothing for theDiscipleship1, 612:communication to you, as your statements, and I believe your intent, have ever expressed devotionDiscipleship1, 613:the Plan, but occupied with your own plans and believe that your plans are part of the Plan. ListDiscipleship1, 616:some group - though not into this one. [616] I believe that you are prepared for this decision ofDiscipleship1, 616:you so easily succumb. The danger is now, I believe, greatly lessened and you can be trusted todayDiscipleship1, 636:But at present you love this type of thing and believe that all you contact is a reality. As longDiscipleship1, 655:adequate to enable you to face your problem? I believe that it is, and you know and must realizeDiscipleship1, 658:are you the victim of a defeatist complex. To believe so at times and to comfort yourself with theDiscipleship1, 661:not cause the pain you do to those who love and believe in your capacity; you would be moreDiscipleship1, 716:and to live by the light of that spirit. I believe that many who read my words will recognize theseDiscipleship1, 733:of two things: over-estimate the experience and believe it to indicate a high spiritualDiscipleship1, 747:in your personal life? As long as you believe that your life is one of all engrossing interest andDiscipleship1, 752:of awareness. That the seer may in all sincerity believe that he has registered a color, a seriesDiscipleship2, 44:of your business or your home or to what you believe to be the physical limitations, the emotionalDiscipleship2, 93:of sidetracking her activities but will, I believe, come through the test; it will take her twoDiscipleship2, 102:more than twenty-five years at the outside (and believe me, my brother, I forget physical planeDiscipleship2, 109:self-discovery, they learn much thereby. They believe that in expressing their knowledge of pettyDiscipleship2, 124:to be the soul which is breathing it forth. Believe this sound, carried on the breath of will andDiscipleship2, 243:and sympathies. Most aspirants and disciples believe that they are bearing enough and are tried toDiscipleship2, 260:center of life - Shamballa. Students are apt to believe that the orientation of the Hierarchy isDiscipleship2, 269:true significance. The will is not, as so many believe, a forceful expression of intention; it isDiscipleship2, 341:students are prone to make; they are apt to believe that a hint is so carefully veiled and soDiscipleship2, 355:by pondering upon the initiation which you believe lies ahead of you as an individual, and theDiscipleship2, 429:- Part XI Part XI One of the factors (and I believe I have earlier pointed this out) which hasDiscipleship2, 450:- L.D.O. November 1944 BROTHER OF MINE: I believe that when this reaches you and you scan theDiscipleship2, 453:Am I being too abstract with you, my brother? I believe not. As I look ahead into your future andDiscipleship2, 456:in the earlier, personality-tainted groups) believe the Masters pry into their daily lives, knowDiscipleship2, 458:you for meditation. The vision you have, and I believe will never lose it. Definitely plannedDiscipleship2, 459:- as a soul - you suffer not at all. Of this I believe you are conscious. Spring free, [460]Discipleship2, 461:to give you a personal meditation which will, I believe, prove useful. It is more in the nature ofDiscipleship2, 462:in the head. Sound the OM as the soul and believe that contact has been made betweenDiscipleship2, 462:the head, after passing it through the heart. Believe that this takes place. In the interludeDiscipleship2, 484:you and presents no difficulties, even if you believe it not. You have a well established contactDiscipleship2, 493:inspiration which is of moment and this fact I believe that you are learning. I, the Master D.K.,Discipleship2, 500:I assign to you no particular meditation. I believe that the group meditation will give you all youDiscipleship2, 539:of yourself as a directing agent. I believe that it is essentially necessary that you discover -Discipleship2, 542:you have carefully [542] followed, and I believe would testify to the good results attained. ThatDiscipleship2, 549:Let me illustrate in a manner which I believe will convey to you a much needed suggestion. TheDiscipleship2, 571:making definite progress in this respect and I believe that you yourself are becoming conscious ofDiscipleship2, 663:other side appears to us, knowing that you will believe me and that what, I say may give you aDiscipleship2, 672:today with such complete understanding that I believe you will immediately recognize its reality.Discipleship2, 677:of your life, go your own way? I am going to believe that such will not be the case. As you wellDiscipleship2, 687:and energy of the soul into the heart center and believe - through the power of the creativeDiscipleship2, 697:situation. Not so long, ago - two years ago, I believe - I gave you nine words for your matureDiscipleship2, 704:truly in earnest to serve your fellowmen, as I believe you are) begin to master them, to understandDiscipleship2, 742:of possessing - time and leisure. You do not believe this, but that is because your daily life isDiscipleship2, 751:it as a hindering glamor and seeking always to believe that your choice of the stable, the safe andDiscipleship2, 760:a definite procedure... I ask this because I believe you have that persistent staying power whichEducation, 38:the material values as of major importance, to believe that his particular nation is also of majorEducation, 105:and the wasting of their years in what I believe you slangfully call "a good time." This good timeEducation, 117:their achieved integration and (if you will but believe it) the reality of their soul contact, byEducation, 121:skill which the general public is educated to believe are essential to happiness. The oldExternalisation, 5:action") over the present world condition. Some believe it to be premature and consequentlyExternalisation, 9:fostered and nurtured. Two questions should, I believe, at this time engross the attention of allExternalisation, 81:faith. If this is a statement of fact (and I believe it to be so) then let us go forward in unisonExternalisation, 82:focal points in your environment. If you truly believe that the spiritual life is fundamental inExternalisation, 82:is fundamental in the world today, if you do believe that divinity guides the world, if you trulyExternalisation, 111:doing, we shall cover the field sufficiently - I believe - to bring at least some measure of lightExternalisation, 185:of the evolutionary process; still others may believe in the spiritual forces of the planet; othersExternalisation, 198:and greed. Can such a group of men be found? I believe it can. Everywhere there are deep studentsExternalisation, 215:nation has its selfish, aggressive people, who believe that might is right and that men must beExternalisation, 217:to yourself one or two questions: Do you believe that the Hierarchy of Light, under the leadershipExternalisation, 218:the slaughter of the defenceless? [218] Do you believe that the world can be saved by a refusal toExternalisation, 319:seas and oceans without hindrance; Eighth, they believe that all the nations of the world, forExternalisation, 319:aggression outside of their frontiers, they believe, pending the establishment of a wider andExternalisation, 326:has evoked resentment in the minds of those who believe that the Forces of Light must love soExternalisation, 345:to express His Love through men; they will not believe that that Will could possibly express itselfExternalisation, 345:material consequences of that evil. They cannot believe that a God of Love could possibly employExternalisation, 365:coming reconstruction period as premature. They believe (and rightly) that our first immediateExternalisation, 365:period of mental quiet in every country; they believe that people everywhere are too exhausted and
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