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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BELIEVE

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Problems, 153:miserable sinner which the clergy force him to believe. All this is unreal but the Real exists; itProblems, 155:of developing trends which would incline one to believe in its eventual appearance? Many suchPsychology1, xxii:the existence of the soul because they believe in its existence, this expression of its laws andPsychology1, xxv:souls are one with the Oversoul" may and do, I believe, embody a basic and essential piece ofPsychology1, 15:is enhanced. Take for example the words: "I believe in the One Life" or "To me, there is but onePsychology1, 103:the symbolism of the Pyramid, lead students to believe that the immediate future will see somePsychology1, 176:a very large number of those who fundamentally believe in the brotherhood of religions. Though thePsychology1, 176:spiritual, they can be more easily brought to believe in the one God and to the idea of a universalPsychology1, 176:Many thousands of them are frankly agnostic or believe in nothing, whilst many other thousands arePsychology1, 187:up by an act of the will to what they know and believe. I challenge you also to make sacrifices; toPsychology1, 191:Section. Here I can point out with success, I believe, the practical efficacy of a truePsychology1, 242:is different to that which the little minds believe. Psychology1, 274:am referring here to women in the home. Will you believe me if I tell you that the world situationPsychology1, 275:They do not know what to think or what to believe. They look into, or form part of, homes which arePsychology2, 99:of each ray Life. Some esoteric thinkers believe that there are twelve planets to be considered inPsychology2, 131:are not exactly what one may have been led to believe. I am not here speaking of the qualificationsPsychology2, 232:I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word; That they allPsychology2, 232:they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. And the glory whichPsychology2, 300:embodied in a chart, giving the rays that they believe govern their equipment, and stating thePsychology2, 456:from his position. He can see nothing and believe nothing and work for nothing except that embodiedPsychology2, 471:regard the entire world phenomena as maya and to believe that its existence is simply an error ofPsychology2, 484:practice, and some day the aspirant is led to believe that he will hear his Master's voice, givingPsychology2, 556:and are causing much distress among those who believe that the development of the lower psychicPsychology2, 578:and force those with whom the disciples work to believe evil, to impugn motives, and to producePsychology2, 637:all men of good will can meet. They state and believe that their initial appeal has been of such aPsychology2, 658:Servers stand for the following ideals: They believe in an inner world government and in anPsychology2, 663:background of the Plan; but men of good will can believe all or none of this. Such doctrines do notPsychology2, 671:which the leaders and their associates believe (often quite sincerely) to be the best. In thePsychology2, 691:to warrant your utmost effort? Do you really believe that on that day there can truly come aPsychology2, 691:the sons of men play their part? Do you really believe, and can you stand practically by thatPsychology2, 720:we refer to all who do not truly think, but who believe and who accept on the lower or ordinaryPsychology2, 740:frequently said, yet you find it difficult to believe, so convinced are many of you that yourRays, 127:- or rather, to be correct, to what they believe to be His call. Rays, 133:has been accepted and much proved by those who believe this teaching. Before proceeding to aRays, 281:self-centered attitude of mankind is inclined to believe that human need, and incidentally the needRays, 293:In considering the word Express I can, I believe, make this distinction somewhat clearer. When theRays, 356:of orthodox Christianity (as the theologians believe and teach), but signifies the universalRays, 622:Church and in Russia, is basically good; they believe that the uneducated masses are not fitted toRays, 746:States is infringed every day by those who believe in white supremacy - a supremacy which will beReappearance, 15:of the World situation, may lead us, however, to believe that the present time is unique in moreReappearance, 17:a scientist or an artist? It is a fallacy to believe, as some do, that the main trend of Christ'sReappearance, 19:interested in the fact of that Hierarchy, who believe in the Masters of the Wisdom, the disciplesReappearance, 39:this highest spiritual center to which - if we believe the Gospel story - Christ Himself was alwaysReappearance, 45:in the Himalayas (if the faithful would only believe it) in order: To substantiate the fact ofReappearance, 107:Gita, Shri Krishna, must be noted, for many believe Him to be a previous incarnation of the Christ.Reappearance, 110:of the theological teachers have led man to believe, for that would certainly fail to identify HimReappearance, 140:and that they have the truth. He does not believe that their minds and their interpretations areReappearance, 143:of that we may be sure. It is impossible to believe that They are interested in the views of theReappearance, 147:of love is supposed to condemn all who do not believe in the theological interpretations of theReappearance, 165:who undertake [165] to tell them what they must believe in order to be saved or what governmentReappearance, 187:of the end" are with us, is it not reasonable to believe that a great event is in process of takingSoul, 17:Russell says: "What we need is not the will to believe, but the wish to find out, which is theSoul, 22:I frankly do not know what they mean nor do I believe that anyone else can use them consistently."Soul, 36:Dr. Rubin says "we are now rapidly coming to believe that all we are and all we may ever hope toSoul, 71:of mechanism, life and purpose, will, I believe, be greatly hastened when the Eastern and WesternSoul, 121:asleep, not yet awakened in average humanity? I believe it will eventually be established that theSoul, 128:physical manifestation. These two parts, we believe, form one whole. The soul is always the greatTelepathy, 102:astrally motivated thought-forms of what they believe and hope "vertical impression" supposedlyTelepathy, 122:well-intended effort to conform to what they believe to be the will of God, speaking symbolically.
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