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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BELIEVED

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Astrology, 4:time or season. In ancient days it was believed that the earth was the center of the solar systemAstrology, 63:as an error by modern science but is still believed by many. I earlier gave a hint upon whichAstrology, 280:of divinity, with the mother principle and is believed to be the director of the energies,Autobiography, 29:life at that time who I felt truly loved me and believed in me. Autobiography, 29:that time. She asked my husband whether I still believed in Christ and seemed greatly reassuredAutobiography, 34:Anglo-Catholic and the Low Church party which believed in a hell for those who did not acceptAutobiography, 43:in Christ, for was I not one of the elect; I believed in a heaven of happiness for those whoAutobiography, 45:lost souls, I set about doing something which I believed would be useful. I meant, however, to beAutobiography, 51:these autographed manuscripts are to be found. I believed in the verbal inspiration of theAutobiography, 53:It was not proper. But I prayed and waited and believed that some day I would get "a call" andAutobiography, 60:right here let me go on record and say that I believed in conversion at that time and I believe inAutobiography, 60:that time and I believe in conversion today. I believed in the power of Christ to save then and IAutobiography, 75:but simply by loving understanding. I had not believed that that was possible. I had yet to learnAutobiography, 80:the long sea voyage of three weeks each way was believed good for my health. I am a first-classAutobiography, 81:possibly be saved and go to Heaven unless he believed that Jesus died for his sins in order toAutobiography, 84:statement that there was a hell and that I believed in it. I was not at all sure about hell. TheAutobiography, 85:one which at the time I did not understand. I believed that the Bible taught the fact of hell andAutobiography, 86:on the words of St. Paul; "I know Whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keepAutobiography, 86:fact of Christ Himself. I do know Whom I have believed. That fact has stood the test and is noAutobiography, 103:quite oblivious of it then. I had done what I believed to be right and done it at a sacrifice andAutobiography, 115:leaking heart valve, and for years it was never believed that I could raise her. But I did and sheAutobiography, 116:of a much greater expenditure of energy than I believed. The wisdom and profound psychologicalAutobiography, 126:mind as to the spiritual verities which could be believed. The theological course which I took onAutobiography, 134:the current books on evolution. I am not sure I believed in evolution and remember reading DarwinAutobiography, 178:early days of which I write no one would have believed that the time would come when the teachingAutobiography, 188:and those who loved their fellowmen, who believed in progress and the universality of truth. It wasAutobiography, 218:of the college indicating that the faculty believed a mistake had been made but that it was tooAutobiography, 223:the girls knew that it must be so. I have never believed in keeping young people free from theBethlehem, 4:to experience and to express what is known and believed is frequently too difficult for theBethlehem, 4:so little, or questions so unhappily what is believed, may be the fact that theologians haveBethlehem, 37:foundation. The work which historical theology believed it must carry out, and which it seesBethlehem, 155:mystics of all time. They "knew Whom they had believed." (II Tim., I, 12.) They saw the light whichBethlehem, 155:is forever after different. That which has been believed is known as fact, and belief is no longerBethlehem, 177:all the deities above mentioned it was said and believed that: They were born on or very near ourBethlehem, 179:that He exists. They know Whom they have believed. (II Tim., I, 12.) For them, His reality cannotBethlehem, 190:from the Eastern Christian what he has so long believed. This gnosis has always been in the world.Bethlehem, 234:and us, these things alone, they would have been believed. Such stories have always found aBethlehem, 251:recurrence, in which both Nietzsche and Heine believed, with its emphasis upon a ceaseless,Discipleship1, 100:humanity; seek to love more than you have ever believed was possible, so that others - frozen andDiscipleship1, 101:of humanity will be hastened beyond all that was believed possible. It will constitute a release,Discipleship1, 630:I told you this five years ago, you might have believed, but you would not have understood. Now youDiscipleship1, 658:and not on the first ray as you have sometimes believed. Had it been on the first ray, it wouldDiscipleship2, 50:for years with all of you. You may perhaps have believed that I did so in order that your groupDiscipleship2, 66:is far more wide-reaching than is generally believed. Do you realize wherein the strain consists,Discipleship2, 444:intensely preoccupied with what you sincerely believed was the purpose of the moment. The time hasDiscipleship2, 599:perhaps disappoint you. I asked A.A.B. what she believed conditioned my response to your question.Education, 124:of some ideal. Through this process it is believed that the conditions of human living will beExternalisation, 279:Who formulated this new and vital Invocation believed firmly in the power of humanity - upon itsExternalisation, 317:"Blessed are they who have not seen and yet have believed." The following of the meditation,Externalisation, 387:dreamed the same dream, seen the same vision, believed in the divine possibilities which are latentExternalisation, 415:who can say with St. Paul: "I know Whom I have believed." It is with these techniques that the trueExternalisation, 424:themselves and took the needed steps (so they believed) to prevent humanity from stepping onwardExternalisation, 494:dark forces, seemed at that time insuperable; we believed that man would go down to defeat, owingExternalisation, 563:reorientation. This again had [563] been believed possible of accomplishment when the sun passedFire, XVI:merely because you have heard, but when you believed of your consciousness, then to act accordinglyFire, 640:active "Creators" are known to exist and are believed in because perceived and sensed by the InnerHealing, 21:Laws of Thought far more closely than has been believed; towards an understanding of this, mentalHealing, 352:life. You need also to realize that much that is believed, accepted and taught by theHealing, 353:increase resistance far more than is generally believed possible. One of the causes of cancer,Healing, 400:the disappearance of the form; personality is believed to be only the sumtotal of the consciousnessHealing, 645:there are three basic principles, affirmed and believed by the healer who is greatly aided if theHealing, 682:done so, the question is: Would they have been believed? The probability is that they would not.Hercules, 26:know how to use them. He sensed his vocation, he believed in spiritual energy, he was told that heInitiationmerely because you have heard, but when you believed of your consciousness, then to act accordinglyIntellect, 246:there is absolutely [246] no doubt. They believed what they said. Neither is there any doubt ofPatanjali, 159:theory becomes fact and that which is latent and believed to exist may be recognized and known forProblems, 74:For thousands of years, if history is to believed, the wealthy landowners, the institutional headsProblems, 81:already more controlling in its effects than is believed. The frankly selfish motive ofPsychology1, 15:Each age (and the present is no exception) has believed its grasp of Reality and its sensitivity toRays, 122:generally recognized by the thinking people and believed in by the expectant masses. In thoseRays, 155:to further advancement upon the Way. It is believed to be safe for him now to move on a few moreRays, 315:the personality to the soul, as is so oft believed. The word Express, in its deepest meaning andRays, 424:has also forced revelations which it had been believed could not be given to men for thousands ofRays, 555:the flood, has not been deemed necessary; it is believed that humanity can and will find its ownRays, 635:realize that (if The Old Testament is to be believed) they originally took the land of PalestineReappearance, 6:an intermediary between man and God; Christ is believed by countless millions to act as the divineReappearance, 126:prepared humanity for the teaching it is believed Christ will give when again here with us inReappearance, 141:and as contrary to all that He Himself held and believed when He said, "Other sheep I have whichReappearance, 141:of intention) for forms of words which they believed were the only true and correct formulation ofSoul, 44:consumption, and is essential to life. It is believed to stimulate the brain cells and to have aSoul, 76:of the soul in the following manner: "He believed the soul to have three parts. One, an immortal orSoul, 87:Mundinus, a famous anatomist of the Middle Ages, believed firmly in "animal spirits." He taught
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