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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BELIEVERS

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Bethlehem, 74:Jesus. Therefore let all of us who are mature believers cherish these thoughts; and if in anyBethlehem, 164:to become conscious knowers instead of faithful believers, is that they should achieve it in theBethlehem, 177:and so forth. Societies, large or small, united believers and the devout in the service orBethlehem, 209:in some distant heaven where those who are believers shall enjoy an exclusive life of happiness,Bethlehem, 225:Him up not only with ourselves and all past believers prior to His advent, but with the CosmicBethlehem, 225:today have in them that rallying power which the believers of the world demand. Christ shared withBethlehem, 227:the world and have endeavored to show that only believers could be saved - though millions live andBethlehem, 235:Yet on Easter Day, throughout the world, believers everywhere express their belief in the risenBethlehem, 235:the personality of Jesus and safeguard Christian believers, and to reconcile human interpretationsExternalisation, 150:the Christ principle is carried forward by true believers in all lands (Christian andExternalisation, 287:in the East and in the West. They are known to believers of every faith and all nationalities.Externalisation, 542:it is in many ways easier for Western believers and esotericists to tune in and participate in theExternalisation, 556:country. A trained nucleus and a devoted band of believers is in process of being gathered togetherExternalisation, 600:unconvinced, yet hopeful, wishful thinking of believers (and also unbelievers), will soon giveExternalisation, 613:meaning to all sincere thinkers and Christian believers. The complexities and difficulties of thisHercules, 22:to the conviction of a particular group of believers. When Hercules had recovered from hisProblems, 132:a quarreling, fanatical and intolerant body of believers. The spirit of differentiation is rampant;Problems, 140:Jew nor Gentile, but simply one great body of believers, gathered out of all the current religions.Problems, 160:its part and has attempted to organize groups of believers into an oriented and united approach toPsychology2, 85:which should distinguish all true believers, all true aspirants and all sincere disciples, whetherPsychology2, 191:must pour through such groups of students and believers and allied groups of thinkers and workers,Rays, 692:(called "The Crucifixion" by Christian believers) is so familiar to the majority of people that IReappearance, 47:unconvinced, yet hopeful, wishful thinking of believers (and also unbelievers), will soon give
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