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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BELIEVES

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Astrology, 6:they govern the houses in his horoscope and he believes that his life trends and circumstances areAstrology, 309:negative attitude to life; he inevitably believes that his destiny is determined and that all thatBethlehem, 4:Perhaps another reason why humanity at this time believes so little, or questions so unhappily whatBethlehem, 242:a setting free from limitation; and whether one believes (as many millions do) that death is onlyBethlehem, 242:one state of consciousness into another. If one believes in immortality and the soul, thisDiscipleship1, 10:to remember here that, as a general rule, no one believes what others may tell him - no matter howDiscipleship1, 396:and bewilderment are severe. He feels alone. He believes himself misunderstood and underrated.Discipleship1, 686:with the highly mental type of disciple who believes in the freedom of the human will andDiscipleship2, 45:values and new responsibilities. This world he believes [46] exists, and he steps forward bravelyDiscipleship2, 188:over in disgust all old religious practices, and believes that he has no further need or use forDiscipleship2, 392:with the quality which the working disciple believes will make the best appeal to the masses of menDiscipleship2, 415:between intelligence, love and what he believes, theoretically, the will may be, but he knows thatDiscipleship2, 644:life tendency and puts to the test all that he believes and for which he has stood and foughtEducation, 3:child has to assimilate the facts that the race believes to be true, has tested in the past andExternalisation, 206:humanity. [206] The new group of world servers believes that (through the agency of goodwill) theExternalisation, 403:I would remind you that I write as one who believes in the great spiritual realities and whoExternalisation, 403:and move and have our being." I speak as one who believes in and loves the Christ and who knows HimExternalisation, 695:this he does not yet do - in spite of what he believes about himself. Fire, 225:he correlates the present with that which he believes to lie in the future, unless he ascertainsFire, 805:most to his lower nature and that which he believes will bring him pleasure. The center of theFire, 1001:Sacred Word, taking up the note of the Ego as he believes he hears it, and sending it forth toGlamour, 29:until its appearance is so real that the man believes he sees so clearly that which should be doneGlamour, 45:that which - emotionally and sensitively - it believes itself to be and have. Glamour, 75:fails to attempt the expression of that which he believes, will be judged as caustically and pay asGlamour, 242:of these the average man identifies himself; he believes himself to be the form, the medium throughHealing, 396:anent advice demanded because the enquirer believes that because a man is dead he must be more wiseHealing, 710:the metaphysical healer of the present time believes to be so profoundly more effective. Just asInitiation, 222:Principle, the breath of Life. The occultist believes the following statement: "Life we look uponMagic, 170:[170] thought will break the rhythm which he believes has been set up. He proceeds with his workMeditation, 348:he who does to the utmost of his ability what he believes to be the Master's will, and the work toMeditation, 357:Principle, the breath of Life. The occultist believes the following statement: "Life we look uponPatanjali, 333:and the one who experiences. The Christian believes that "all things were made by the word of God."Psychology1, 78:reader in a study of these qualities. When he believes himself to be upon a particular ray, theyPsychology2, 470:because they do not work out the plan as he believes it should be worked out, or fail to appreciatePsychology2, 497:and in his desire to produce what he believes the psychologist wants him to produce, he willRays, 294:and placement. This may not be what humanity believes it needs; it is essentially what theRays, 294:specific moment in time. For instance, humanity believes today that its major need is peace andRays, 531:or do not recount accurately what the candidate believes has taken place. The point I seek to makeReappearance, 115:"the transmigration of souls," and frequently believes that the Law of Rebirth signifies theSoul, 14:of Philosophy, p. 257. Dr. W. B. Pillsbury believes this twofold system involves a needlessSoul, 54:emphasis upon the spiritual nature of man, and believes that the physical nature itself is theSoul, 54:of the cosmos and of man as effects, and believes the scientist is dealing only with effects. HisSoul, 56:repeating that "the Eastern psychologist believes" or "the Orientalist states" or similarSoul, 150:of which influences the other. Dr. Sheldon now believes that as a result of this discovery suchTelepathy, 165:[165] accepted by millions. Every human being believes a great deal more than he can prove or the
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