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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BELONG

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Intellect, 70:are good, but it denies that they are real: they belong to that lower world of phantoms from whichIntellect, 209:a newer aspect of the old truth. We belong, in the West, to a younger race. In the old, old East,Magic, 101:Secret Doctrine and of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire belong - in their form aspect - to this line. Magic, 135:One group is being gathered but its members belong to many groups. To this group of knowers andMagic, 328:growth is limited by their fanaticism. They belong mostly to the older generation and the hope forMagic, 328:intellectual mystics, the knowers of reality who belong to no one religion or organization, but whoMagic, 330:by the recognition of both. This majority do not belong to the past and refuse to accept theMagic, 330:accept the authority of that past. They do not belong to the inner group of Knowers who are workingMagic, 331:new form. 3. That emanating from the masses who belong to neither group and who are wielding forceMagic, 414:need. All true servers everywhere therefore belong to this group, whether their line of service isMagic, 418:I mean the group to which you all subjectively belong. They will come if you work with decision andMagic, 425:bereft of the nursery to which they naturally belong. Should the new mode of work appeal to you,Magic, 428:with the soul, the recognition of those who belong to the group of world Saviors - this is theMagic, 521:the mysteries to humanity to whom they truly belong. If the attempt is to succeed it is basicallyMagic, 543:has been made. This is undoubtedly true; they belong to a group of workers in matter whom we callMeditation, 210:are lost in the Triadal Light. Certain colors belong more exclusively to the human Hierarchy,Meditation, 263:as part of the Heavenly Man to Whose Body He may belong. He understands the laws governing groupsMeditation, 268:draw a man to the higher group to which he may belong, to the Master Who represents to him the LordMeditation, 359:the Hindu, European, and modern American races belong, is the fifth, the Chinese and JapanesePatanjali, 198:not claimed by him and absorbed when they do not belong to him; intellectual benefits, the claimingPatanjali, xiii:to which many of the Masters of the Wisdom belong, and many students hold that the Essenes andProblems, 12:by anti-social nations - for that which does not belong to them. Like children, they cry forProblems, 15:is one humanity and the products of the earth belong to all. This wrong attitude has not onlyProblems, 61:in Asia, he may be a Mohammedan, a Buddhist, or belong to one of the Hindu sects; if born in otherProblems, 73:In between these two groups are those who belong to neither the one nor the other; they are aProblems, 99:them, who are sought after and valued. These belong to the great spiritual aristocracy of humanity,Problems, 99:men and women gathered out of all nations who belong to humanity and who have outgrown national andProblems, 108:they must be taught to realize that Africa can belong to its own people and at the same time be aProblems, 138:not be Christian, Hindu or Buddhist but will belong to all men everywhere. Men want to be assuredProblems, 165:The great Invocation or Prayer does not belong to any person or group but to all Humanity. TheProblems, 169:to lead. The word "spiritual" does not belong to the churches or to the world religions. "PureProblems, 174:have realized that the resources of the earth belong to no one nation but to humanity as a whole,Problems, 174:wealth, the wheat, the sugar and the grains belong to all men everywhere. They are essential to thePsychology1, 163:stage of evolution it may stand, which does not belong and has not always belonged to one or otherPsychology1, 168:veil of differentiation) it must necessarily belong to one or other of the rays, the very essencePsychology1, 168:divine in each one of us, may thus be said to belong to one or other of the seven rays, and thisPsychology1, 168:atmic, buddhic and manasic atoms referred to all belong to the same ray; but this is notPsychology1, 330:Those who, from the angle of the personality, belong to the world of forces, but are awakened soulsPsychology2, 115:are consecrated and selfless souls, and as such, belong to the New Group of World Servers. If theyPsychology2, 229:which we call God, and do we therefore belong to that school of thought which we call thePsychology2, 284:of which it is composed does not, therefore, belong to our solar system at all, except through anPsychology2, 481:to the school of thought to which the man may belong, or which has succeeded in attracting hisPsychology2, 606:The problems with which we must now deal belong in a totally different category. They have noPsychology2, 636:to form a new social order in the world. They belong to no party or government, in the partisanPsychology2, 637:city and town, - a grouping of people who belong to no party, take no sides either for or against,Psychology2, 638:this point that the men and women of good will belong to all the groups outlined above, and thatPsychology2, 643:The members of the New Group of World Servers belong to no party or religion and yet belong to allPsychology2, 643:Servers belong to no party or religion and yet belong to all parties and religions; they assume noPsychology2, 666:of World Servers Let all of us, therefore, who belong to the New Group of World Servers or whoPsychology2, 695:[695] the New Group of World Servers. These will belong to all nations and religions. The call forPsychology2, 700:are consecrated and selfless souls, and as such, belong to the New Group of World Servers. If theyPsychology2, 744:of good will. These Servers and men of good will belong to all the nations, groups, ideologies andRays, 140:perception of His divine purpose who do not belong to our earth humanity at all; these are theRays, 267:mysterious and peculiar functions. They do not belong to this solar system at all; They have passedRays, 631:are all of them independent nations, but belong to a united Commonwealth; a pattern is therebyReappearance, 38:too should follow His steps" and Theirs. We too belong eventually in that great succession. TheSoul, 27:14, 15. "These temporal bodies are declared to belong to the eternal lord of the body,
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