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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BELONGS

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Astrology, 219:as the race (Aryan) to which the Western world belongs, Neptune is known esoterically as theAstrology, 259:part of this section of the Treatise. Virgo belongs to the earthy triplicity and an understandingAstrology, 692:as is also the chain to which the Earth belongs..." (S.D. Vol. I, 176) [693] The Dense PhysicalAtom, 23:action in order to benefit the group to which he belongs, and rejects that which is purely selfish.Atom, 25:the life of the group to which a man, as a unit, belongs, that great Identity of which we are eachAtom, 88:within the group, the larger unit to which it belongs, and the love aspect begins to show itself.Atom, 110:in this, he will find the group to which he belongs, and will then change his center. No longerAtom, 114:through meditation with the group to which he belongs, and becomes, therefore, ever more and moreAtom, 123:in which he is feeling for the group to which he belongs. This stage might be viewed asBethlehem, 9:use of the indicated lesson. This great Myth belongs to us - for let us be courageous and use thisBethlehem, 111:of the Buddha, the solitary Man on the Cross. It belongs to the depth of the religious spirit toBethlehem, 229:soul of each, A mightier soul which yet to each belongs! There is a sound made of all human speech,Destiny, 10:nor meet the need of the nation to which he belongs. The recognition of these facts would lead toDiscipleship1, 157:work of the larger group to which this group belongs. You will comprehend what I mean, brother ofDiscipleship1, 225:a life wherein he finds the group to which he belongs. I refer to the inner group of disciples andDiscipleship1, 579:vision. 6th month - All that I am and all I have belongs to others, not myself. The work that youDiscipleship2, 359:contributory relation to the Ashram to which he belongs. Discipleship2, 384:the larger whole wherein the Ashram to which he belongs is a part; he is attentive to the Christ,Discipleship2, 618:recognizes the spiritual family to which one belongs and this is seldom the same as the earthlyDiscipleship2, 685:by gold" (as the saying is) and that which belongs to a passing age - an age which should pass.Externalisation, 173:own by right. This spirit of acquisitiveness belongs to no one group; it has been a universal andExternalisation, 188:to the German youth. Might is right. The German belongs to the super-race, and all other races areExternalisation, 499:into the hands of the masses, to whom it rightly belongs. The selfish interests among the bigExternalisation, 544:spiritual belief to which the Hierarchy itself belongs. [545] Preparation for a revelation whichExternalisation, 548:States of America, Great Britain and Canada. It belongs to the United Nations for use (or let usExternalisation, 593:to the attention of men everywhere. For Christ belongs to humanity, to the world of men, and notExternalisation, 647:pinnacle of thought. This Master to Whom I refer belongs to the Ashram of the Master R. He relievesFire, 77:The 'Pratyeka Buddhas.' This is a degree which belongs exclusively to the Yogacharya School, yet itFire, 247:of Initiates. - S. D., I., 620, 622. The atom belongs wholly to the domain of metaphysics. - S. D.,Fire, 386:to C on the descending are) usually belongs to the astral plane, and the sixth and seventh F and GFire, 427:that of making or creating goes with action and belongs to Brahma. Again, "that which has been madeFire, 724:above to words of an understandable nature) He belongs to a group which represents the abstractingFire, 864:in the lower part of the throat, and properly belongs to the torso and not to the head. It shouldGlamour, 60:of the idea. He forgets that no one idea belongs to anyone but, coming as ideas do, from the planeHercules, 78:ear, and with commanding accents said: "The doe belongs to neither maid, O Hercules, but to the GodHercules, 79:within the Council Chamber of the Lord. "The doe belongs not to a son of man, e'en though a son ofInitiation, 46:here that though the Master R., for instance, belongs to the seventh ray, and thus comes under theInitiation, 121:the purpose of the subray of the ray to which he belongs, that upon which his Ego finds itself. AllIntellect, 53:given. In the strict sense of the word, 'soul' belongs to every being that has life in it, and theMagic, 231:against the group of disciples to which he belongs. Let all disciples take note of this and have itMagic, 292:as a whole. The particular race to which a man belongs. The mental plane as a whole. The UniversalMagic, 546:also of the purpose of the kingdom to which he belongs. This can best be expressed in someMagic, 554:of group thinkers - a group to which he belongs. This concept can be traced back all the way from aMeditation, 4:a phrase, the phrase or group to which the chord belongs; and the phrase goes to the completion ofMeditation, 45:his group: 1. The big national group to which he belongs, the karma of which (through aggregationMeditation, 49:of the Teacher is that to which a man belongs on the inner plane, the band of helpers to which heMeditation, 117:plane you have three groups to which a man belongs. He owes a duty to them and he must play hisMeditation, 118:hurts not only himself but the group to which he belongs. 2. On the emotional plane: Here beMeditation, 118:he belongs. 2. On the emotional plane: Here be belongs to several groups such as: His emotionalMeditation, 119:on the lower levels. The egoic group to which he belongs. This is most important for it involvesMeditation, 269:higher mental to which he - by right and karma - belongs. All this is brought about by meditation,Meditation, 270:that could in any way harm the group to which he belongs, or be antagonistic to the Master'sPatanjali, 130:aware of something else, the group to which he belongs, and he does this through a finding of hisPatanjali, 198:him to refrain from appropriating anything that belongs to his brother in the three worlds of humanPatanjali, 277:should be borne in mind that every human being belongs to a physical family which constitutes hisPatanjali, 277:his link with the animal kingdom, and also belongs to an astral family. Through that affiliation onProblems, 31:to share the produce of the earth, knowing it belongs to all, freely distributing it as natureProblems, 82:powerful men or of any one nation. Atomic energy belongs to humanity as a whole. The responsibilityPsychology1, 107:and knowledge of the ray group to which his soul belongs. He tunes in on a reservoir of thought,Psychology1, 168:which the over-shadowing center of consciousness belongs. In fact in the majority of cases, the rayPsychology1, 202:"by violence." We have seen that the born leader belongs to this ray, wholly or in part. It makesPsychology2, 22:in power in this Aryan race to which this era belongs. It corresponds to the stage of maturity inPsychology2, 332:he lives. Discovering the group to which he belongs, blocking his way of approach until hePsychology2, 440:of psychological thought to which the student belongs. Rays, 62:a phrase, the phrase or group to which the chord belongs; and the phrase goes to the completion ofRays, 140:The contemplation of its significance belongs to Those Who can move at will within the "precinctsRays, 495:and a member also of the Hierarchy, but he belongs to the great company of Those Whose will isRays, 690:mechanism. The energy of the Ashram to which he belongs. Both this energy and the one aboveReappearance, 37:to the attention of men everywhere. For Christ belongs to humanity, to the world of men, and notReappearance, 110:the city of Jerusalem for the Jews, because He belongs to the whole world and no Jews nor any otherSoul, 65:- matter and ether - . "All kinetic energy belongs to what we call matter, whether in the atomic orSoul, 65:is its characteristic. All static energy belongs to the ether, the unmodified and universal ether;Soul, 66:note to the article, he says: "Ether belongs to the physical frame of things, no one supposes it beSoul, 83:given. In the strict sense of the word, 'soul' belongs to every being that has life in it, and theSoul, 112:the 'vital breath' (prana), which properly belongs to the subtle manifestation, with a corporeal
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