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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BENEFIT

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Astrology, 331:preserves ever the mass relationship for the benefit of the incarnating individual and in order toAstrology, 372:enlightened, more acutely polarized for the benefit of the whole and more definitely subordinatedAtom, 23:chooses a particular line of action in order to benefit the group to which he belongs, and rejectsAtom, 114:higher levels of the mental plane results which benefit the group. When we ourselves have done aAutobiography, 5:cooperation, and towards those things which will benefit all and not just a chosen few is ofAutobiography, 99:unspoken fears and I mention this here for the benefit of other sufferers. He then sent me to bedAutobiography, 190:class over to me. I mention this for the benefit of United Lodge of Theosophists and for those whoBethlehem, 14:manner They worked together for the eventual benefit of the race. Their two systems areBethlehem, 95:or at-one-ment after another, for the benefit of humanity, appears before John the Baptist, andBethlehem, 110:this capacity to react to form and to material benefit had been finally put aside was it possibleBethlehem, 156:of His experience, wherein He staged, for the benefit of humanity, a symbolic event as well as aBethlehem, 227:unlimited number, namely, to all such as were to benefit by his suffering and death. In the case ofBethlehem, 245:divine incentive to progress, to create and to benefit others, that seem, to those who have reachedDestiny, 7:acceptance and understanding will depend the benefit you will gain from my teaching upon theseDestiny, 19:it correctly and also to use it for the benefit of humanity. Now the experiment is being attemptedDestiny, 42:with the immediate intent and plan and for the benefit of the evolving life in any particular worldDestiny, 144:on the Seven Rays. I insert it here for the benefit of those who have no copy of the first volumeDiscipleship1, 20:today demonstrates this. For though material benefit and physical prosperity might eventuallyDiscipleship1, 69:of nature and have brought out for our own benefit the material resources of the physical plane. WeDiscipleship1, 118:learn to work, and which are productive of real benefit to others as they study them and watch theDiscipleship1, 157:how to utilize the meditation period so as to benefit from it physically. The physical body willDiscipleship1, 202:on the active line and it will be of peculiar benefit to you to thus cooperate, for it will do moreDiscipleship1, 204:with this group and I believe that you will benefit much, as well as bring much of benefit toDiscipleship1, 204:you will benefit much, as well as bring much of benefit to others. Such work as you are nowDiscipleship1, 296:unfoldment of the intuition, so that others may benefit thereby? Discipleship1, 459:when later embodied in words may carry real benefit to your group brothers. This is but aDiscipleship1, 471:and out of this you are not getting the full benefit. The reason for this is that you have built aDiscipleship1, 524:several years ago. It would have been of real benefit both to you and to them. This, you know wellDiscipleship1, 553:to it but, given time, you should get real benefit therefrom. . . Then, focusing yourself in theDiscipleship2, 72:you. You can undoubtedly realize and reap the benefit of the group results, for your fusion intoDiscipleship2, 103:to Disciples - Group Instruction It would be of benefit to you also to consider the Masters'Discipleship2, 142:this symbolic angle. The disciple who reaps the benefit of this last suggested meditation becomes -Discipleship2, 163:impressive energies in matter itself for the benefit of all created things on Earth - these are theDiscipleship2, 389:do. I am, in fact, only marshalling for your benefit the ideas, information and concepts which areDiscipleship2, 562:this duly effective and to get true and real benefit out of the opportunity, the disciple mustEducation, 91:meaning to the world of outer efforts - for the benefit of the masses. World Citizenship as anExternalisation, 187:powers are permitted existence only because they benefit German aims - Italy, to give Germany scopeExternalisation, 198:and the wise pooling of all resources for the benefit of everybody, plus a wise system ofExternalisation, 374:planet, have been used in past centuries for the benefit of the nation claiming them; they haveExternalisation, 374:the individual and that the State exists for the benefit of that individual; to that they add theExternalisation, 374:the belief that the State also exists for the benefit of all other states and for humanity as aExternalisation, 374:of no value and hold that he exists only for the benefit of the State; they believe that the StateExternalisation, 380:or educating it in those principles which are of benefit to the whole. The second point which needsExternalisation, 381:activity. It seeks to aid all movements that benefit humanity and are in line with the new incomingExternalisation, 444:of that whole; uphold those activities which benefit the whole and do not favor one particularExternalisation, 451:mental levels to those ideologies which are of benefit to the whole of humanity. Physical planeExternalisation, 461:a grand opportunity to engineer moves which will benefit an individual, a class or a nation. InExternalisation, 499:oppose all change, except in so far as it will benefit them and bring more financial gain to theirExternalisation, 505:the thoughts of the Guides of the race for the benefit of humanity. The Master K.H., the Chohan onExternalisation, 551:when the Jews become spiritual they will greatly benefit mankind, for they are found in every land.Externalisation, 580:The principle of barter and of exchange (to the benefit of all concerned) will control. Owing toFire, 286:consciously to utilize, and thus reap, the benefit of past events, and to learn from experience inFire, 338:Build faculty into the causal body. Reap the benefit of experience. Expand the consciousness. MakeFire, 472:up his self-reliance in exchange for material benefit. The devas are the mother of the form, butFire, 473:though first Ray egos and fifth Ray Egos will benefit enormously from this influence. The ethericFire, 498:after coat," of his material molecules for the benefit and subsequent formation or clothing of theFire, 541:or is gaining under the law for the definite benefit of humanity. Each of the groups of petals isFire, 571:holds much that we might consider with benefit. We must not, however, carry the analogy too far; asFire, 814:through the [814] various societies for the benefit and protection of animals, and through the manyFire, 966:thought forms which are of constructive lasting benefit to humanity, and also why it is that theFire, 985:magician has for motive that which will be of benefit to the group for whom he is expending hisFire, 1081:of which conveys information and educational benefit to the student: The units of inertia, Atoms ofGlamour, 127:of real value, I believe, if I relate for your benefit the various contrasting characteristics ofHealing, 426:and space - they merge their interests for the benefit of both, and together produce the appearanceHealing, 531:and to formulate truth, so that others may benefit thereby. I would recall to your attention theHealing, 563:outer life, particularly one which is of benefit to one's fellowmen and is not simply aHercules, 48:good of the group and to be rightly used for the benefit of the human family, then we shall see aHercules, 73:there lurks the shadow of desire for self-benefit ...". Hercules, the disciple, has known the touchHercules, 215:his labors intelligently. It might also be of benefit to ascertain whether, in our westernInitiation, 10:degree as a Master of Compassion. It might be of benefit to us also if we studied first theInitiation, 34:right or wrong, was enunciated solely for the benefit of humanity, and to enable men to cast offInitiation, 55:thought-forms of the Guides of the race for the benefit of the whole of humanity. The Master M. hasInitiation, 56:faith in all its many branches, may mutually benefit each other. Thus eventually it is hoped oneInitiation, 65:occasions large classes are conducted for their benefit by initiates. Their work is moreInitiation, 170:intelligent entities who wield the law for the benefit of humanity, and thus enable men to becomeIntellect, 202:reform social and political institutions for the benefit of the greatest number - such aMagic, 54:that those who set themselves seriously to benefit by the instructions in this book are prepared toMagic, 68:which involves discrimination between individual benefit and group responsibility rapidlyMagic, 79:interplay their interaction will be of mutual benefit; the East will profit from the mentalMagic, 352:with him in a curious indefinable sense. The benefit to the unit reacts upon the whole. A MasterMagic, 357:in the three worlds who can consciously reap benefit from them. One of these factors is pain, andMagic, 408:and played its part, and we today reap the benefit of their accomplishment. Under the culturalMeditation, 161:not to escape disease for his own personal benefit, only then will the formulas work in connectionMeditation, 183:studied and watched. It is hoped that the benefit to both groups will be mutual. The humanMeditation, 234:deep complexity, but of mutual helpfulness and benefit. Each ray imparts somewhat to the other raysMeditation, 249:I may here make which you can note down for the benefit of those who may come after. Meditation, 343:a needy world, and not for their own exclusive benefit. In rendering service three things are ofMeditation, 344:and who, finding it, gives effort gladly for the benefit of the whole, is the man whose ownProblems, 15:original inhabitants, sometimes greatly to their benefit but always inexcusable. The spirit ofProblems, 19:collaborates with other men of goodwill for the benefit of the whole. Problems, 38:of the produce of the earth - largely for the benefit of certain groups of ambitious and wealthyProblems, 39:but one existing primarily for his individual benefit. When, however, to an appreciation of ourProblems, 65:meaning to the world of outer efforts - for the benefit of the masses. World Citizenship as anProblems, 89:own mode of life so that all in the world may benefit. It is a living, vital, spiritual organismProblems, 108:recognition of indebtedness and the effort to benefit from the presented conditions and to ignoreProblems, 169:have done little to change men's hearts or to benefit the people. Now, under cyclic law, politicalPsychology1, xvii:and understanding, and not that of individual benefit. By studying and reading with care, a groupPsychology1, 127:made to act as the meeting ground, to the mutual benefit of the parties concerned. Of the colors,Psychology1, 302:be hurt or suffer if I do thus and so? Will this benefit the group and produce group progress,Psychology2, 89:the chosen of the Lord, or the sole people to benefit by the sacrifice and death of the great Son
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