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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BENEFIT

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Psychology2, 93:consciously and symbolically re-enacts for the benefit of other souls, in order to hasten theirPsychology2, 178:In the past, groups have been formed for mutual benefit, for mutual interest and study, for mutualPsychology2, 206:propositions and work with them for the ultimate benefit of the human family. They are the worldPsychology2, 215:manner as They attempt to capitalize, for the benefit [216] of man, upon this opportunity. HereinPsychology2, 365:and are not usable. They are of no practical benefit to the man upon the physical plane. The crisisPsychology2, 381:are only brought into play when needed for group benefit and within the confines (again aPsychology2, 496:to accept some of the suggestions and thus benefit themselves and certainly benefit their patients.Psychology2, 496:and thus benefit themselves and certainly benefit their patients. Psychology2, 564:them and to pay money for the privilege and the benefit of the demonstration and the advice.Rays, 514:even though trained students may now be deriving benefit from its use. This general uselessness isRays, 599:all the five human initiations for the benefit of humanity. In this dramatic picturing of the thirdRays, 744:its use by powerful men or groups for their own benefit, plus the keeping of the people in blindReappearance, 7:of the higher source from which it came and with benefit to the place at which it arrives." (FromReappearance, 24:educated than the ancient one and has, also, the benefit of the many recognized translations and aTelepathy, 102:related to the divine Plan, which will be to the benefit of humanity and, therefore, to the
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