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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BENEFITED

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Autobiography, 206:no matter what the subject was, and never really benefited from anything they heard. The time,Discipleship2are more subtle and slow to emerge. Individuals benefited greatly. As a group achievement it wasExternalisation, 646:a channel through them, and the world is greatly benefited; such men are nevertheless very rare. ItFire, 452:will be known, but at this time no one would be benefited by the knowledge of them for theHealing, 283:thought, medical science would have greatly benefited. Its presentation was both too high and tooHealing, 611:yield to the energy of the soul, and are benefited, whether they are microcosmic forces orInitiation, 72:him into channels through which the group can be benefited. The disciple knows himself to be - to aInitiation, 205:vehicle so that the group may be thereby benefited and aided in its spiritual progress, and the lawMagic, 352:an initiation. The whole group he teaches is benefited by his step forward, for every disciplePsychology1, 54:soul impulse. Thus the field of expression is benefited, and the soul masters the technique ofPsychology2, 404:One of the first fields of investigation to be benefited by this release will be that ofPsychology2, 653:the masses, as a whole, will be definitely benefited. They will find their living conditions soRays, 748:In past centuries, it was only those who had benefited by education and those in the "upper
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