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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BENT

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Astrology, 176:and from the activities of the lower mind bent upon selfish interest to the illumination of theAstrology, 430:His purpose and His plan. The seven supreme Gods bent to this purpose and with united will ordainedDestiny, 51:brilliant French intellect with its scientific bent is accounted for by the interplay of the thirdDestiny, 88:an almost uniform working of this scientific bent for the good of the entire world (Venus inDiscipleship1, 69:the physical plane. We have conquered them and bent them to our will and use, often selfishly, yetDiscipleship1, 388:goal and towards this all your effort should be bent. This will not negate the use of worldlyFire, 814:of knowledge and those of scientific bent who are willing to accept these truths as a working [815]Fire, 819:Thinker, are gradually controlled by him, are bent to his will and purpose, and are eventuallyFire, 994:who are ever on the lookout for those who can be bent to their purposes, and he becomesFire, 995:to these injunctions, and until the whole bent of his thought is towards their manifestation andHercules, 228:In Aries he captured the Man-Eating Mares and bent them to his use. Now he slays the Man-EatingInitiation, 62:proceeding now, and all their efforts are being bent towards bringing it to a successfulIntellect, 232:It is obvious that each person will follow the bent of his own mind - artistic, scientific orMagic, 608:the immediate future, all their united effort is bent to one end - the cultivating of thePatanjali, 363:Path of Return. Certain types with mathematical bent and with a tendency to divine geometry andPsychology1, 204:wisdom. A bad type of the second ray would be bent on acquiring knowledge for himself alone,Psychology1, 383:brilliant French intellect, with its scientific bent, is accounted for by the interplay of thePsychology2, 171:To this great task the Follower, now a leader, bent his energies. He still pursues this way..." Psychology2, 363:circle at the center. Peace I demand. My mind is bent upon it. Oneness with all I seek, yet formRays, 108:seen as desirable and to which every power is bent. Having exhausted all tangible goals, the innerRays, 738:today, and all living processes in mankind are bent towards preparing each individual human beingReappearance, 144:may choose according to his mental or emotional bent, racial tradition and heritage, for it cannotSoul, 132:of the Soul, but, limited by their peculiar bent and method, their testimony is one-sided. One is
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