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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BESIDES

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Astrology, 15:The Zodiac and the Rays - Three Basic Statements Besides these, it should be remembered thatAstrology, 165:Capricorn is connected with other constellations besides the four above mentioned, but these fourAstrology, 643:based on the occult cosmogonical teaching that besides our own systemic chain of World [644]Astrology, 647:316) 34. "The Ancients knew of seven planets besides the sun... The seventh with two others wereAstrology, 661:planets of those known to ordinary science, besides Mercury, belong to our system of world...," theAutobiography, 65:that first trip so well. There were two women besides myself at the table in the dining room andAutobiography, 220:and saw that we all had the right clothes, besides paying all travelling expenses. We chose one ofAutobiography, 226:when she died not long ago there were hundreds besides myself and my husband who registered a senseBethlehem, 12:It is of interest to recall that other teachings besides that of Christianity have emphasized theseBethlehem, 43:as His Name means, King of Righteousness, and besides that, King of Salem (that is King of Peace).Bethlehem, 67:of the heavens there are three constellations (besides the constellation Virgo) which areBethlehem, 83:In each of them a Christ is born. Thus besides the ideas of Ransom and Sacrifice of Christ for us,Discipleship1, 361:the outer from the inner worlds of expression. Besides this, it has endowed you with a body ofDiscipleship1, 526:bears for you are reasons adequate to me. Besides - my love is yours. We are on the same soul ray. Discipleship2, 40:ways of life. Human beings forget easily, and besides this ancient habit, humanity is very tired.Discipleship2, 537:the decisions made are apt to affect many others besides yourself. Watch for the proof of theDiscipleship2, 681:consider and take part in other people's plans besides your own. What more can I say to you, myEducation, 88:more of a trained psychologist than he is today. Besides imparting academic knowledge, he willExternalisation, 569:a Master, have retained their worldly knowledge, besides specializing in certain strictly mundaneExternalisation, 581:Upon this subject I have no time to give, and besides this, anything I could say would be regardedGlamour, 132:it with accuracy in the light of their soul, besides employing those methods which have the warrantHealing, 343:the inner planes? Are there some special means, besides what we are already trying to do, by whichHealing, 616:[616] who has a peculiar facility or capacity (besides a self-initiated task and a preordainedHercules, 14:the labors of the open field are known to me, besides the skill of those who can afford to travelHercules, 30:and terror had settled down on the neighborhood. Besides this, these brood mares were breedingInitiation, 40:and watchfully in active physical incarnation. Besides these main presiding Personalities in theIntellect, 210:think with clarity. The aspirant discovers that besides being able to record impressions from theMagic, 81:plan and the development of other solar entities besides his own Hierarchy). Mind separates; loveMagic, 207:fulfilment. Learn to do something else with time besides organize [208] it and use it. Learn to doMagic, 229:the way of travel on the physical plane and has besides a potency all its own whereby it attractsMagic, 566:and reflection. He sees that which must mislead. Besides the sheath of fire and the sheath of mistMagic, 622:the tragedy is that many others suffer besides the aspirant concerned. As the human fabric makesMeditation, 118:[118] and advance toward ultimate liberation; besides this he must carry on his group with him toMeditation, 246:forces of the higher self and of the Master. Besides this, in each group will be found some personMeditation, 322:alone in a detached house which will contain - besides the rooms in which he will live his privateMeditation, 322:and a larger room for joint concourses, besides a shrine room for the meeting of the united body ofProblems, 61:more of a trained psychologist than he is today. Besides imparting academic knowledge, he willPsychology1, 124:hitherto unrecognized fact that other beings, besides the human, have their habitat on earth. TheyPsychology1, 163:first ray are no longer in existence on earth. Besides regarding the rays as the channels throughPsychology2, 184:of widely separated environments and heredity. Besides these factors, which immediately attractPsychology2, 529:close to the kidneys, one on either side, besides several others and these forces must all beRays, 331:in other ways also, for they contain much besides that which the Masonic rites can reveal or thatRays, 403:we understand the term) we are totally ignorant; besides that, we are not in a position toRays, 722:such evolutions and several kingdoms in nature besides the human, including the deva or angelReappearance, 6:An Avatar is one Who has a peculiar capacity (besides a self-initiated task and a preordainedReappearance, 96:certain assigned work which had in it (besides many things unknown to humanity) activitiesTelepathyof widely varying environments and heredity. Besides these obvious factors which immediately
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