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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEST

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Astrology, 8:that I have been faced with the problem of the best method whereby to handle it. [9] I decided onAstrology, 120:changes to that quality of mind which is best described by the words, illumination and revelation.Astrology, 145:and uses of selfishness (for that is one of the best ways to learn and to discover that it isAstrology, 169:the worst of which a man is capable and all the best. It is a sign of extremes, and this because atAstrology, 218:hence the expression in every land today of its best and its worst features, of which the intenseAstrology, 235:will come from the merging and synthesis of the best views of all the spiritually minded teachersAstrology, 283:is influenced by those qualities which can be best described as instinctual mind or affectionAstrology, 489:leaving you to apply the information as may seem best to you. Astrology, 500:be found, the future will prove itself as the best yet unrolled. Difficulties will be found on allAstrology, 613:of the activity of the ray energy and all can be best summed up in the thought of a dynamicAstrology, 616:of the significant implications. Perhaps I can best sum up the keynote of the first Ray of Will orAstrology, 622:great exponents of this ray energy are the two best known world Teachers and Saviors from the humanAstrology, 638:their physical course. The calculations of the best astrologers would fail, or at any rate remainAtom, 14:there is the point of view which we can best, perhaps, call supernaturalism. Man becomes consciousAtom, 20:and thus get a better concept. One of the best definitions which I have come across is that whichAtom, 22:visioned and conceived of in our highest and best moments. Evolution has also been defined asAtom, 64:utilize what he has, and to express himself as best he may through the medium of those myriads ofAtom, 112:much good, but they may not embody that which is best for any particular individual. We need toAtom, 127:faults. We are insensitive, yet, to the best people. Another development will be that we shall beAtom, 145:the great planetary Spirit, which may perhaps be best expressed in the term 'group consciousness.'Autobiography, X:for the future of the Arcane School which would best help you and me to be better servers of ourAutobiography, 8:I have not done all I could, but I always did my best as I saw it at the time. I worked. I madeAutobiography, 32:The first thing we both did was to purchase the best bicycles to be then procured and to proceed toAutobiography, 61:often and I believe that God's way is often the best and that He often leaves us to find our ownAutobiography, 67:your travelling companion and you can make the best of my decision. I am also coming to fetch youAutobiography, 79:decision I never was at all sure that it was the best or right one. I was faced with issues that,Autobiography, 89:well. He appreciated the situation and did his best to keep himself in the background and makeAutobiography, 100:story with its sorrows and pain and distress as best I can, asking you to be patient. It was justAutobiography, 102:barriers. Who shall settle the quarrel, which is best [103] or which worst? I had been brought upAutobiography, 105:in telling him so. She saw to it that I had the best that it was in her power to provide. I lovedAutobiography, 107:have had. That was not her fault as she did her best to see me through. I have been curiouslyAutobiography, 120:Why, therefore, should they not get the best out of life along material lines? Let us eat and drinkAutobiography, 125:that I must handle my life alone and do what was best for the three little girls. The war in EuropeAutobiography, 127:washed and looked after the babies to the very best of my ability, and so what. Autobiography, 136:girl, just fifteen years old. The child did her best but caring for four other children is no joke.Autobiography, 137:and knowledge it gave me has made all the best of my work along occult lines possible. I sat up inAutobiography, 140:to the theory, it seems possibly the best and the most tenable. There are only two other theoriesAutobiography, 142:he says, can always get a following. With the best intentions in the world he exploits theAutobiography, 153:they can eat meat or not eat meat as seems best to them and as their karma may indicate or theirAutobiography, 156:ended. I was free and I knew that I had done the best thing for the children. California is one ofAutobiography, 161:books speak for themselves and prove their own best defense. I think my reasons are twofold. I wantAutobiography, 189:went back to India where he started one of the best magazines along occult lines extant today. ItAutobiography, 195:together. I pointed out that the E.S. was the best school for probationers in the world as it fedAutobiography, 216:the Arcane School today many of the oldest and best of the E.S. members who find nothingAutobiography, 218:either expense, but you must do what you think best for the girls." I talked it over most carefullyAutobiography, 220:and I was born liking [220] people. One of the best men I ever knew and regarded as a friend wasAutobiography, 232:at all. This type of horoscope is one that the best of astrologers avoid. The finest men in thisAutobiography, 240:left free to fulfil the requirements as he sees best. No secrecy is enjoined because no disciple isAutobiography, 249:their own adjustments, to interpret the truth as best they could, to present to them the manyAutobiography, 265:upon feeling after a sensed divinity. At their best, the old schools brought about the integrationAutobiography, 270:self-chosen task. He has been serving to the best of his ability in a Master's Ashram; he isAutobiography, 275:real occultism, and has properly disturbed the best minds in the spiritual field. In the schoolsAutobiography, 290:School student is encouraged to develop is best summed up in the following lines which constituteBethlehem, 4:and the brotherhood of man is endorsed by the best minds of the race. Those who can move in theBethlehem, 25:to prepare man for this unfoldment. The best of them can only prepare men for that stage in theBethlehem, 39:In Christianity the past is comprised and its best religious elements are included. The soul of manBethlehem, 58:life He lived must necessarily sum up all the best in the past, completing and fulfiling it, andBethlehem, 91:among men) are becoming the keynote of the best minds of the age. The story of ideas, how they comeBethlehem, 95:He produced the man who blended in Himself the best of all that had been, and revealed also whatBethlehem, 95:a divine incarnation. He unified in Himself the best of all the kingdoms in nature, mineral,Bethlehem, 114:that our true personality lies in our concrete best, and that in desiring its development andBethlehem, 132:Thee, Mighty Lord; that divine form of Thine, O best of men! "If Thou thinkest it can be seen byBethlehem, 190:divine nature of man. Assuredly, only when the best of the two lines of presented truths areBethlehem, 198:Of this [198] belief Calvinism is perhaps the best and purest interpretation, and a brief statementBethlehem, 223:not told that all things were ordered for the best, nor assured that the overwhelming disparitiesBethlehem, 227:find impossible to accept, and some of the best minds of the age have repudiated the idea.Bethlehem, 232:The psychology of the disciples is the best proof we have of the reality of their conviction thatBethlehem, 241:Others face it with courage, making the best of what may not be evaded, and look up into the faceBethlehem, 241:to regard the happening as therefore the best of happenings, even if it does not seem so from theBethlehem, 243:conduct must have their foundations deep in the best that the past has to give. The ideals whichBethlehem, 243:p. 29.) It is possible that death can be best regarded as the experience which frees us from theBethlehem, 263:of the world of reality with the outer life. The best minds of the age are now appreciating this,Bethlehem, 267:the spirit of Christ and of those who know Him best) becomes more general, then we shall see a moreDestiny, 9:the world and will embody in itself the best elements of the monarchial, the democratic, theDestiny, 17:own selfish ends. If human beings (even the best of them) were not so undeveloped and soDestiny, 43:it is in connection with spiritualism that I can best illustrate the lower expression of theDestiny, 46:newer idealism, thus contributing all that is best to the new presentation of truth so that theDestiny, 124:will engage the attention of some of the best minds and when that takes place much will be learnt.Discipleship1, 4:and with these we must perforce do the best we can. Note, therefore, the difficult problemDiscipleship1, 45:as they like and in the manner which may seem best to them. I am your teacher. I make succession. IDiscipleship1, 48:even if they are - for you - the highest and the best that you can achieve at any given time, thenDiscipleship1, 55:is only in a spirit of real detachment that the best work of a disciple is done. The disciple comesDiscipleship1, 85:you can understand the above and seek - to the best of your ability - to meet them, that is allDiscipleship1, 106:I am here for a cycle to teach you to the best of my ability and I prepare those who respond forDiscipleship1, 131:and that you place your effort where the best results can be achieved. Right discrimination inDiscipleship1, 143:is inaugurated. This method - though oft the best - is not easy for the second ray disciple. TheDiscipleship1, 147:by withdrawing from outer activity. Your best work must be done in spite of all hindrances andDiscipleship1, 159:be of a brief and yet potent character and can best be described by the following words: Alignment.Discipleship1, 178:so that you can balance your development to the best possible advantage, and know with what forcesDiscipleship1, 178:predispositions and their utilization to the best advantage in order to bring about anDiscipleship1, 179:production of harmony through conflict, and your best technique is to produce this harmonizingDiscipleship1, 206:next life of activity. On that which can be done best by you and by no one else. Doors open andDiscipleship1, 224:leave you to deal with them or not as may seem best to you. Upon your method, however, of aspectingDiscipleship1, 243:of your Master rest upon you. Give to all the best that you have to give and, fret not overDiscipleship1, 246:you the clue to much that is destructive in your best effort and this should convey to you theDiscipleship1, 251:[251] You can serve my group most and yourself best by achieving impersonality where yourDiscipleship1, 274:at this time emphasize for you and I can do it best in certain occult sentences which I have chosenDiscipleship1, 290:and not solely from the angle of what seems best to you yourself and your own comfort, and your ownDiscipleship1, 303:to you the line of activity by which you can best aid in this group activity, and this is theDiscipleship1, 326:note of my instruction to you this time can be best summed up in the strong injunction to practice
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