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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEST

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Externalisation, 240:which is seeking unitedly to do that which is best for the whole, and not simply that which is bestExternalisation, 240:best for the whole, and not simply that which is best materially for the part? These are theExternalisation, 252:and it must be timed in such a way that the best and maximum results can be attained. I would likeExternalisation, 266:of freedom) has become the dearest ideal and the best thought of the thinkers in all nations. InExternalisation, 267:is ready to express this higher freedom to the best of its ability, it will not be possible for theExternalisation, 277:but is the fixed determination to do what is best for the whole of humanity, or for the group (ifExternalisation, 279:to a pattern which seems to the individual the best because, to him, the most enticing - these mustExternalisation, 302:purpose as humanity is able to grasp through its best minds and most dedicated aspirants; They willExternalisation, 315:endeavor, indicating how you feel you can best aid in the task. I would ask all of you whoExternalisation, 377:culture and work out its own salvation as seems best to it, but that each and all should developExternalisation, 379:their own advantage by those who do not have the best interests of humanity at heart. It has beenExternalisation, 382:period. Having then done this to the best of his ability (and many have already made a goodExternalisation, 384:helpful and friendly relations with them to the best of your ability. [385] Externalisation, 385:all racial and national barriers, and evokes the best in every human heart. The children have priorExternalisation, 386:that for which we have fought and died, the best that we have inherited, and all that we haveExternalisation, 387:that which humanity itself has destroyed. The best is yet to be. We can rest back upon theExternalisation, 433:of the factual situation which characterize the best minds in every nation and which condition theExternalisation, 460:of vision, set to work to bring about, to the best of their ability, right human relations. ThisExternalisation, 533:and spiritual reaction. This idea can perhaps be best understood by you in terms of the Eternal AUMExternalisation, 578:and the goals of a higher order, but the best that is now taught along the lines of art, religionExternalisation, 589:be developed which will be inclusive of all the best that the past has given to us but which willExternalisation, 620:that he ends by deciding that he is doing the best he can in the given circumstances. The truth isExternalisation, 623:for that plan which seems to them to be the best, but with no sense of coherency or any realizationExternalisation, 636:men learn "by the means of evil that good is best," as your great initiate-poet has expressed it.Externalisation, 656:it should make its impact so as to achieve the best and the most constructive results. It is withExternalisation, 673:situations and conditions wherein mankind can best arrive at divine expression. Externalisation, 683:soul of all beings and of all forms. This can best be accomplished in the intense quiet of thoseFire, vi:to the physical plane conditions which might best help to make the telepathic process moreFire, xiv:already accumulated as to the nature of man. The best that man can offer as a solution of the worldFire, 41:the basis of the systemic movement which may be best described as that of driving forward throughFire, 106:The center between the shoulder blades is in the best receptive condition, though owing to the poorFire, 133:life of dignity and offers an aim worthy of our best endeavor. When this angle of truth isFire, 194:him to fix upon that which to him appears best. Smell gives him an idea of innate quality, andFire, 224:into its appropriate niche. Perhaps the best plan would be to formulate certain questions, and thenFire, 241:and the three fires meet in him. He is the best expression of the manasic principle and might beFire, 330:or the concrete planes. This division is the best and most purely metaphysical, for it embodies theFire, 483:There are, however, Theosophists, and of the best and most devoted, who do suffer from suchFire, 549:will be laid in education upon [549] how best the young can be taught to contact their own ego orFire, 549:to contact their own ego or higher energy; how best they can be led to appropriate the knowledgeFire, 549:higher self for use on the physical plane; how best they can ascertain their group formation, andFire, 549:unison with the total energy of that group; how best their threefold lower self - physical, astral,Fire, 549:three vehicles, and their wise manipulation; how best the various spirillae can be awakened and theFire, 552:of thought, and the dense physical body is the best sheath that - at any particular stage ofFire, 568:and spiritual evolution of the cosmos to the best possible advantage and with the least expenditureFire, 612:the distinctive characteristic of humanity) can best be studied in the large, or through [613] theFire, 614:with positive and negative energies as appears best in the interests of the plan of evolution. TheFire, 701:Those who fan and feed the latent flame in the best types of animal man, thus again making five.Fire, 821:of Whom the Lord of the World is, to man, the best known exponent. Through these three groups flowsFire, 952:planetary plan, and which tends to further the best interests of the race, A comprehension as toFire, 1126:his and he knows well how to utilize it to the best advantage. He builds also an antahkarana, butFire, 1134:linked with the three lower kingdoms by the best that they can provide, and they have literallyFire, 1218:essential nature, only in order to offer up the best they have and realize to the interests of theFire, 1264:cosmic stability and magnetic equilibrium serve best to convey the necessary idea. PATH V. THE RAYGlamour, 47:law as it should be known. He marches on as best he can alone, glorying in the freedom fromGlamour, 51:comes to an aspirant. It is also one of the best examples of this "great mistake," and I [52]Glamour, 60:though the man may be giving his highest and his best, and though he may be able in some measure toGlamour, 60:offering to the idea is but a poor thing at the best. This leads to illusion throughGlamour, 69:easy and calls for the focused activity of his best self. By that phrase, I mean the soul and theHealing, 6:(without a niggardly or reticent spirit) the best that is in them, and also the fruit of theirHealing, 9:today a dawning recognition on the part of the best minds in the medical and allied professions,Healing, 11:with which man surrounds all things. The best minds of this age are only just beginning to see theHealing, 15:This should be admitted and grasped. This is the best man can do with his present mental apparatus.Healing, 69:subtler bodies is relatively meaningless. The best reaction which the most open-minded physicianHealing, 136:which the new medical teaching will rest can best be summed up in the statement that there is inHealing, 182:in any premature work on the basic center. The best I can do is to make a series of statementsHealing, 206:after due common sense, which includes the best that the tried science of medicine can give - heHealing, 304:germs and bacteria within the medium which will best nurture them. Healing, 307:to you esoteric truth. Congestion is perhaps best defined as the arresting of the free flow of theHealing, 327:control. A normal, sane, regulated life is the best means for establishing a better measure ofHealing, 334:in what manner their bodily requirements can best be met, and what type of substances can enableHealing, 334:met, and what type of substances can enable them best to serve. Each person must find this out forHealing, 334:food which is available and upon which he can best sustain his life efficiency. In preparation forHealing, 351:let me repeat that the healer will give of his best to the one he seeks to heal. Having noHealing, 353:expression as far as you see them and to the best of your ability. Remember, nevertheless, thatHealing, 353:your ability. Remember, nevertheless, that your best way may be far short of your futureHealing, 373:and healing, Magnetic healing, [373] The best of the allopathic and homeopathic techniques, withHealing, 374:the milk of human experience; and then, with the best that the past can confer upon us, we willHealing, 375:and aims, but who will all express this to the best of their ability in their own peculiar field,Healing, 376:greater sensitivity than those in use in the best equipped laboratories. But this is not so. AlongHealing, 380:For the most intuitive of you, it was at its best a "possibly accurate" hypothesis. I would hereHealing, 422:life of dignity and offers an aim worthy of our best endeavor. When this angle of truth isHealing, 451:plus a sounder orientation to reality. The best is yet to be. Everything is being rapidly broughtHealing, 472:Sequence of Events at Death I feel that the best that I can do, in order to clarify this subjectHealing, 541:healed. Having ascertained these points to the best of his ability, he will then, under the law ofHealing, 567:- is aware and can conceive, in his clearest and best moments, produces [568] inevitably a point ofHealing, 601:of the trained medical man, graduating from our best medical colleges, you will then have a new andHealing, 626:medication. Beyond this little is known, and the best minds in this particular field are consciousHealing, 650:themselves in the type or mode of healing best suited to that ray; then, when adequately efficientHealing, 689:cosmic physical, and that the one we know the best is the densest of the seven - hence so much ofHercules, 51:to rule his life by the question, "What is best for the group with which I am associated?" It is byHercules, 71:It is for the disciple to act upon the hint as best he may and to follow up the suggestion shouldHercules, 100:performs that one of his labors which is the best known historically, for the slaying of the NemeanHercules, 100:of mental substance through which it could best express itself. And man became a thinking soul. InHercules, 140:found among the papers of A.A.B. He has used the best available material for the details of theHercules, 163:you are an aspirant, a disciple; it is the best indication you can have of your status on theHercules, 165:but I will give you the credit for doing the best you know. If we could assume that attitudeHercules, 193:drawing out of every human being we meet the best that is in them. And if you do not draw out ofHercules, 193:in them. And if you do not draw out of them the best in them, blame yourself and not them. That isHercules, 214:Extreme characteristics of the worst and best types. Ambition. Crystallization. Struggle overcome.Hercules, 226:22 - August 21, the Lion), he undertakes the best known of his labors, the killing of the Nemean
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