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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEST

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Psychology1, 21:a technical term of modern science, which is the best we can do at this time) [22] through thePsychology1, 27:to the planetary Logos of our Earth which is best expressed by stating that it constitutes HisPsychology1, 79:others. It is for us the most familiar and the best known of the rays. The mantram which definesPsychology1, 174:of the country (by death or exile) some of its best elements. Yet behind all the mistakes andPsychology1, 202:said that in attempting the cure of disease the best method for the first ray man would be to drawPsychology1, 203:he would have an intuition as to the best course to pursue, and he would never lead his men intoPsychology1, 203:so as to use his will power on the case to the best advantage. The characteristic method ofPsychology1, 207:difficult person to live with. In healing, the best fourth ray method is massage and magnetism,Psychology1, 208:In healing, he is the perfect surgeon, and his best cures will be through surgery and electricity.Psychology1, 209:God," an incarnation of Deity to adore. The best type of this ray makes the saint, the worst type,Psychology1, 210:who will dress and feed the troops in the best possible way. It is the ray of the perfect nurse forPsychology1, 221:The influence of the organizing seventh ray is best seen in the amazing and geometrically perfectPsychology1, 224:kingdom, leading to an ultimate radiation. The best known example of the effect of the initiationPsychology1, 235:as they demonstrate as initiated causes that we best arrive at their significance. It is as wePsychology1, 251:reaction to life and to environment which can best be described as "animal one-pointedness." Then,Psychology1, 253:about a psychological [253] condition which can best be described as one of "divine lucidity." ThePsychology1, 271:or the vice of an unhappy marriage. I can best serve you at this time by pointing out the lawsPsychology1, 275:faced with a situation which defies their best efforts. They do not know what to think or what toPsychology1, 284:to serve his race, his time and his group to the best possible advantage. This has always been anPsychology1, 295:here the basic premises which will underlie the best thought of the future on the subject of sexPsychology1, 295:theory and a hope, as is the case today. What is best for the group, and what is needed to promotePsychology1, 323:out and recognized, and the man makes "the best of his circumstances." He forces himself to live asPsychology1, 387:dominating. Brazil will later represent the best of that which the Latin races have eventually toPsychology1, 392:loudly enunciated idea of the biggest and the best, can be illumined by the law of love, then thePsychology1, 398:revolted in utter sincerity, believing they knew best - was the permission to enact each year, onPsychology1, 425:reaction to life and to environment which can best be described as "animal one-pointedness." Then,Psychology1, 427:bring about a psychological condition which can best be described as one of "divine lucidity." ThePsychology2, 27:to the behest of the soul, or as the Plan can best be served. The soul is then in no wayPsychology2, 108:in the strength of inner cooperative love is the best work done. It is sincerity for which TheyPsychology2, 111:the egoic lotuses unfold. It could perhaps be best understood if it is considered as The impulsivePsychology2, 111:meaningless words, or words which - at the best - embody an ideal which is so closely tied up withPsychology2, 131:endeavor and warrants the attention of the best minds. It should also eventually call forth thePsychology2, 131:is a willingness to let others serve as seems best to them, knowing that the life flowing throughPsychology2, 139:and right, and with it all that is highest and best in him can cooperate. Each individual in thatPsychology2, 140:the manner that is, for them, the simplest and best way, belonging as they do by habit and trainingPsychology2, 209:forced initiation became the objective of the best of the human family. Those who could or can thusPsychology2, 249:which he may choose and which is for him the best medium for his endeavor. It is paralleled by thePsychology2, 263:the influence and the conditions wherein the best in the race can flower forth to a state ofPsychology2, 263:third classification and are the cream or the best expression of the third group. It is with thesePsychology2, 276:the case, the disciple stands up and fights as best he may for the privilege of right understandingPsychology2, 426:accepts his environment and gives to it of his best. Thus he grows in character and capacity, as aPsychology2, 433:the dominating factor as yet in the lives of the best of men; secondly, that the point in evolutionPsychology2, 438:fanatic, at any rate for a time. Again with the best motives in the world, he seeks to drivePsychology2, 479:of the vehicles of contact is the most powerful, best organized and well developed. It willPsychology2, 494:Republic, Milton's Paradise Regained and the best Utopian, idealistic creative productions [495] ofPsychology2, 506:on the mental plane. In the first Hall is the best that the race has already learnt through itsPsychology2, 543:of which the marriage relation remains still the best symbol and illustration as the writings ofPsychology2, 546:bettered but surely and steadily made worse. The best mental rule of all mystics should be to keepPsychology2, 562:him to fix upon that which to him appears best. Smell gives him an idea of innate quality, andPsychology2, 570:his love and his imagination and all that is best in him will be evoked in adoration and mystery.Psychology2, 601:of the trouble. The man becomes deluded by the best that is in him; he is the victim of anPsychology2, 603:becomes abnormal and he (from the highest and best sense of values) anti-social. Such anPsychology2, 629:who are, therefore, prepared to share, to the best of their ability, in the response to the need ofPsychology2, 632:situation to their own ends, sometimes with the best intentions, sometimes because they see theirPsychology2, 637:angle, they are not fighting either for the best in the old order or for the betterment of worldPsychology2, 671:believe (often quite sincerely) to be the best. In the process, those who disagree or who arePsychology2, 673:their knowledge of their own country, and of the best way to bring these basic truths home to theirPsychology2, 673:they must be left free to work as they see best for their particular nation. They, and all men andPsychology2, 696:the race. It is just here that I can perhaps best illustrate this law and aid our work at thePsychology2, 715:are selflessly occupied in meeting world need as best they may, with playing parts in the nationalPsychology2, 740:and your particular acceptance of truth is the best undoubtedly and the most true. It may be forPsychology2, 747:all of the spirit of silence, for silence is the best method whereby spiritual force is bothRays, 26:mental - and of a fourth application which is best designated by the words "the response of theRays, 70:have been able to convey this revelation to the best human intellects - the first group dealingRays, 135:plus a sounder orientation to reality. The best is yet to be. Everything is being rapidly broughtRays, 144:and of world rebuilding which are dominating the best human thinking at this time. It should beRays, 161:place at the fourth initiation and is one of the best recognized facts in the occult teaching. InRays, 173:was even then the Head. Later, He enunciated as best He could the extent of this realization, inRays, 244:and cultures, and which expresses the best response at the moment of human sensitivity to cosmicRays, 323:in nature and need to be discarded or, at the best, reinterpreted. I have myself dealt in a broadRays, 452:vocabulary. In the meantime, we must do the best we can with the words at our disposal. The secondRays, 508:to work dynamically. Perhaps the word that would best express its mode of work is Inspiration. TheRays, 514:has, therefore, to meet the requirements to the best of his ability and to follow the four stagesRays, 605:enable seventh ray energy to be turned to the best advantage. Rays, 617:Should politics be the medium through which He best can serve, that then will determine theRays, 642:disciple. I am dealing with them, however, as best I can, because the next one hundred years willRays, 684:unclarified, and of a steady moving forward as best the beleaguered aspirant can - under theReappearance, 103:They have also to determine how that help can best be presented, so that its results will beReappearance, 108:do well to consider each of them and do our best to understand and prepare the human mind for theReappearance, 116:it has been so unintelligently presented. The best that can be said is that they have familiarizedReappearance, 167:that he ends by deciding that he is doing the best he can in the given circumstances. The truth isReappearance, 170:for that plan which seems to them to be the best, but with no sense of coherency or any realizationReappearance, 184:are selflessly occupied in meeting world need as best they may, with playing parts of importance inSoul, 14:one viewed from the inside. This seems at the best an unnecessary complication." - Pillsbury, W.Soul, 17:Russell, Bertrand, Sceptical Essays, p. 157. The best type of mind to cope with this scientificSoul, 29:in such a wise and significant manner that the best results may be achieved? Cannot the scientificSoul, 51:is eliminated and immortality denied. The best a man can do is so to act that he is happy and,Soul, 68:succeeded in reaching. Different types of beings best serve its purpose at different stages." -Soul, 77:up in his teaching the point of view of the best thinkers of his time, and (quoting Dr. Hollander)Soul, 131:East and the knowledge of the West, so that the best aspects of each system can be available toTelepathy, 8:of the animal body of man, and one of the best illustrations of this telepathic rapport is thatTelepathy, 109:modes of expression are as yet unknown, and the best minds and interpreters on subjective levelsTelepathy, 131:concerned) in the first solar system and is the best proven and the best known energy inTelepathy, 131:solar system and is the best proven and the best known energy in manifestation. It is the medium
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