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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BETTER

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Astrology, 5:is grasped and the sources of those energies are better comprehended and the nature of the field ofAstrology, 139:- both natural and spiritual. It is the urge to better conditions. Jupiter gives an inherentAstrology, 193:an unsuitable term can be used in default of better) of the solar Logos Himself, or with the DivineAstrology, 202:of the Zodiacal Constellations In order the better to understand the nature of discipleship and theAstrology, 245:three signs of Taurus, Libra and Capricorn is better understood. This I shall further elucidateAstrology, 327:more clearly seen then the whole subject will be better understood, evoking the play of theAstrology, 373:and reality and thus inaugurate the new and better civilization for which we all hope. Looking atAstrology, 403:ability to build and gradually to develop a better mechanism of reception which [404] will enableAstrology, 446:upon and into humanity, produces the urge to better conditions to provide better forms for theAstrology, 446:the urge to better conditions to provide better forms for the occult and esoteric life and to blendAstrology, 448:of group responsibility. It will be perhaps better expressed as a form of group individualism.Astrology, 500:serve as stepping stones to a new life and a better and more simple way of living; new values willAstrology, 545:about is not a prelude to the establishment of a better approach to divinity but the effort [546]Astrology, 564:the practical value of esoteric astrology is better understood, men will avail themselves of theAstrology, 580:lie in the effort to produce this focusing with better effect than the enemy. The use of the willAstrology, 588:centers: Humanity and Hierarchy. When this is better established, there can be organized and knownAstrology, 640:all bodies from a lower state into a higher is better comprehended, the true mystery of theAtom, 20:to define the idea more clearly, and thus get a better concept. One of the best definitions which IAtom, 28:to pass on from that to something very much better. For us the immediate goal should be to find theAtom, 66:the life within may escape, build for itself a better and more satisfactory means of expression,Atom, 88:passes out of the atomic stage to a higher and a better one, when he becomes cognizant of his groupAtom, 109:of the atomic period into something infinitely better and greater. Man is beginning [110] to senseAtom, 115:this universality of initiation we shall have a better proportioned point of view in connectionAtom, 116:in the world, no steps that we take to build better bodies, no effort that we make to gainAtom, 145:lead on to that which we, for lack of a better term, might call God consciousness, though IAtom, 146:stage, and another we called, for lack of a better term, the radioactive stage. The atomic stage isAtom, 158:and the work we do, which affects, for better or for worse, the group in which we find ourselves.Atom, 158:In closing this series of lectures, I cannot do better than quote again from St. Paul, where heAutobiography, X:School which would best help you and me to be better servers of our fellowmen. She had fashionedAutobiography, XI:because of her, yet a little higher and a little better than would otherwise have been the case. WeAutobiography, 5:war (1914-1945). Thank God, we are on our way to better things. The group who have shared our workAutobiography, 11:ours is now the opportunity to build a new and better world. This is true because God is good, lifeAutobiography, 21:to be or had to offer. I was convinced that better things lay elsewhere. I was morbid, full ofAutobiography, 21:exceedingly introspective (which sounds better than self-centered) and convinced that no one likedAutobiography, 22:center of my little world. This sense of better things somewhere and a capacity to "feel" intoAutobiography, 44:serious. I decided that you did not know any better and that I had better see that you were takenAutobiography, 44:that you did not know any better and that I had better see that you were taken care of." I left asAutobiography, 56:I had failed, both Jesus and myself, and I had better give it all up. I lay awake weeping all thatAutobiography, 63:every kind of book which might help me to preach better, such as Pegs for Preachers, Talks forAutobiography, 64:you aren't [64] much good, you would probably be better than no one at all." Travel to India wasAutobiography, 65:and I know you will hate me and I think I had better go and find another table." A dead silenceAutobiography, 69:that stray men, wandering around India, were no better than they should be. Before going heAutobiography, 75:discovery. These men had been won over to better things, not by my eloquent preaching or by anyAutobiography, 90:of the men undertook [90] to teach me to ride better than I did. Miss Schofield had seen what wasAutobiography, 94:very apt to get me into trouble and that I had better learn that it was not always necessary toAutobiography, 97:handling and went back to my aunt feeling better. In a few days' time I went down to London andAutobiography, 99:the moors and each week saw me getting slightly better. Every few days brought me letters fromAutobiography, 105:to it that the Negro was not equal. Things are better in the North than in the South but the NegroAutobiography, 110:and all day," he said, "and I decided I had better put you on the train myself." Whereupon he tookAutobiography, 114:friends I have ever had. My general health got better and, in spite of the constant outbursts ofAutobiography, 118:prevailed and where the problem of the Negro is better understood than in the United States, I haveAutobiography, 127:education and brains were probably doing better. I was tired of washing diapers and cutting breadAutobiography, 130:brought herself down to this kind of work." "Better not be taken in by appearances, she's probablyAutobiography, 154:definitely come to the conclusion that it is better to eat beefsteak and have a kind tongue than toAutobiography, 165:I was having too tough a time and that They had better do something about it. As he was a personalAutobiography, 168:at times, that - as an Occidental - I may know better than He does as regards points ofAutobiography, 186:and given the right parental influence I know no better system than that of coeducation. TheAutobiography, 187:my daughter, "is us and that's why we don't make better grades at school." She was probably rightAutobiography, 208:not be able to afford it. The poverty among the better class of people who have to keep up certainAutobiography, 220:and where human values are emphasized I know no better training-ground for the youth of the worldAutobiography, 298:received from her, I have come to understand better what a senior position in an ashram necessarilyBethlehem, 78:more sympathy from their friends, or had they better physical health, there is no saying what theyBethlehem, 121:of the world. Probably what may happen will be better physical health, because we shall not be soBethlehem, 191:unrest and the widespread determination to better conditions? That we interpret the kingdom of GodBethlehem, 250:of God, innate and true, his constant effort to better conditions and to master himself as well asBethlehem, 255:as a whole has made its choice. But there is a better choice; namely, the choice of both. For theBethlehem, 270:of perfecting the self in order that they may be better equipped to serve their fellow men and GodDestiny, 4:sensitive response to that which is higher and better. This teaching anent the seven rays remains aDestiny, 6:but the time has now come when it must be better comprehended. The demand from our innumerableDestiny, 17:world and see the gradual emergence of new and better conditions, and the passing away of theDestiny, 25:the time is struggling to express the higher and better qualities and to free itself from theDestiny, 32:as time elapses and the nature of time itself is better understood - the period and the timeDestiny, 35:Today When the nature of the present struggle is better understood and its subjective causes areDestiny, 42:of the white magician; all that tends to produce better forms through which the living principle ofDestiny, 88:the German race and influence it towards a better adjustment to life and a wiser discrimination. ItDestiny, 124:and inter-connected lines of force will be better understood and scientifically studied and theDestiny, 125:make their appearance and the soul will have far better instruments through which to work. TheDestiny, 147:season is regarded by those who do not know any better as uniquely the Festival of the Christ, andDestiny, 148:and kept as a season of new beginnings, of better human contacts and of happier relations amongDiscipleship1, 39:until the building forces of the universe are better understood. This will be coincident with theDiscipleship1, 42:conditions, and hence produce a new and better civilization. The Aquarian Age will seeDiscipleship1, 46:Will he give me something which will make me a better disciple? Will the meditation which he mayDiscipleship1, 46:now doing? Will a change in meditation bring me better results (probably of a phenomenal kind!) orDiscipleship1, 48:But nothing happens. He is looked upon as no better than all the rest of his brothers. Life,Discipleship1, 48:your way and leave your brother to pursue his. "Better a man's own dharma, than the dharma ofDiscipleship1, 52:will give them an opportunity to know each other better. Discipleship1, 67:of a type of group relation which will be better known and understood when the world has enteredDiscipleship1, 79:have to give and the sooner we discover this the better. If you are unable to retain a silentDiscipleship1, 117:is concerned) will be solved when these two are better understood by you and when the play of theseDiscipleship1, 141:can be depended upon to make it. Your health is better and will continue to be so, if you watchDiscipleship1, 147:field of your service to others. I see in you a better comprehension of this problem and anDiscipleship1, 152:into a fuller life of service of a much better equipped worker - better, [153] because he is aDiscipleship1, 152:of service of a much better equipped worker - better, [153] because he is a freer and less cloggedDiscipleship1, 158:the mystic and the occultist. You are in much better physical condition and your registration ofDiscipleship1, 181:I believe you realize that you are the better for it. Only in the stress of circumstances can theDiscipleship1, 181:of the strain but you are (interiorly again) far better equipped to handle it. A word upon which IDiscipleship1, 190:to do. But first of all, we must get you into a better organized condition so that you can presentDiscipleship1, 194:series of seed thoughts. Your coordination is better, but your alignment is still weak. One of theDiscipleship1, 216:objections. In a few years' time, you will better understand my plans for you. From the angle ofDiscipleship1, 220:of focused stability. This will probably also better your physical condition. I would ask you to do
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