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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BETTER

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Discipleship1, 256:will emerge during the coming century will be a better understanding of the Law of Cycles. ThereDiscipleship1, 260:make the information of use in bringing about a better presentation of your soul's objectiveDiscipleship1, 294:normally be developed. The bringing about of a better alignment would also release more fully theDiscipleship1, 332:you can be potent once that channel has been better cleared. You can act as a distributor ofDiscipleship1, 341:been a long and hard lesson for you to attain a better sense of proportion, a more correct judgmentDiscipleship1, 356:as it is planned for individual need and is better not committed to writing for all to read. YouDiscipleship1, 357:Transmission of qualified powers must be better understood. I have only a brief mantric sentenceDiscipleship1, 378:co-workers which at present could be decidedly better than it is. You do not mind my frankDiscipleship1, 396:that the quicker they are handled and ended the better for the group. They are to be handled by theDiscipleship1, 405:thus enable them to enter upon their next life better equipped to love, to work and to liveDiscipleship1, 415:your present condition to fuller service, to better health, and truer happiness. I seek to see youDiscipleship1, 417:not from a sense of hurry but in order to do better and more intensive work. My word for you is:Discipleship1, 434:integration alone and unaided, and it is always better so. I have decided to give you no breathingDiscipleship1, 446:then test and prove them - you will arrive at a better understanding of the intended personalityDiscipleship1, 458:care of the physical body and its fitting for better service. Can you combine these two apparentlyDiscipleship1, 475:work will lie when [475] the lower nature is better purified and cleansed. I am training this groupDiscipleship1, 527:strength of non-frustrated service. I will know better what to say to you when I note whatDiscipleship1, 541:for a life lived stable, wisely and based upon a better standard of values. Part of the problem isDiscipleship1, 546:at all. Later, when your physical health is better established, such exercises will serve a usefulDiscipleship1, 569:autumn you will bring to that field of service a better equipped instrument, particularly if youDiscipleship1, 598:which is around much more clearly. The room is better lighted, and you are now more clearly awareDiscipleship1, 693:much attention to them (and the result will be better health) ; you will think and not live soDiscipleship1, 736:I would suggest that there has never been a better description of the nature of love than thatDiscipleship2, 89:engendered may move forward into greater light, better human relations and a newer happiness. TheDiscipleship2, 92:request of A.A.B., who knows the Western mind better perhaps than I do. (Such members were I.S.G-L.Discipleship2, 92:however, had the tenure of life by A.A.B. been better, it might have been accomplished. Another ofDiscipleship2, 93:through great tests and are today very much better servers. They are D.H.B. and R.S.U. One of you,Discipleship2, 99:with your group brothers? Do you know them better and love them more than you earlier did? ThisDiscipleship2, 109:on these matters and prepare yourselves for a better and sounder appreciation, plus a more adequateDiscipleship2, 110:and noted it; the group - as a group - has done better this year than for some years past, and IDiscipleship2, 129:It is good for you to have in mind that the better you do this exercise and the quicker and closerDiscipleship2, 129:and the quicker and closer your alignment, the better will be the group alignment. The exercise isDiscipleship2, 129:of the work done do not warrant this. Perhaps a better alignment may lead to a more constantDiscipleship2, 131:is not your duty to aid your brother to become a better occultist and disciple. That is hisDiscipleship2, 149:Will, and the plan which will implement it, are better [150] understood and the period ofDiscipleship2, 160:indicates the emergence of that which is new and better and progressively right. The events andDiscipleship2, 174:human relations, to a determination to create a better and more peaceful world and to a worldwideDiscipleship2, 197:and in intention, and this meditative process is better formulated and has (if you think correctly)Discipleship2, 212:turn, work through the idealists who seek a better world and those who respond to the inspirationDiscipleship2, 212:humanity change its living conditions for the better. These people are not open to direct spiritualDiscipleship2, 212:a state of unconscious meditation, dreaming of better things, fighting for desired materialDiscipleship2, 278:to overcome handicaps and all hindrances to a better world state are indicative of this? Do youDiscipleship2, 281:ideas, humanity passes on to [281] something better and greater and more appropriate to the life ofDiscipleship2, 332:creating a new relationship and becoming a better transmitter of power. The sharing in the. resultsDiscipleship2, 412:it developed the mental apparatus, providing a better instrument for soul contact, and later, forDiscipleship2, 467:of the various chakras, and how to bring about a better adjustment between the heart center and itsDiscipleship2, 483:get closer to you; they have longed to know you better and to be of service and of moment to you.Discipleship2, 488:of consciousness is temporarily withheld until a better physical vehicle is available. I mentionDiscipleship2, 507:my brother?) in wishing you had done the work better or differently, or in the unrewarding task ofDiscipleship2, 522:circumstances. You need, however, to understand better than you do the "distortions" for whichDiscipleship2, 523:come the wisdom which will enable you to render better service to the world. See therefore howDiscipleship2, 524:mine. Take time to get the physical vehicle in better condition. The reflex action of the body uponDiscipleship2, 532:superseded in order to make room for higher and better ones. Thus you might stand still within theDiscipleship2, 537:the lines of choice become clearer and better defined. The questions with which you are faced areDiscipleship2, 551:or in refutation. Today you know better the meaning of occult obedience and the acceptance of theDiscipleship2, 551:of your Master - and this because you know me better and trust me more. Let me give you aDiscipleship2, 592:humanity and in re-establishing (on sounder and better lines) the needed security and happiness. IDiscipleship2, 592:humanity in the coming cycle. You have worked better than you know or care; you are and canDiscipleship2, 608:body so that it can increasingly become a better and more usable instrument. Form a steady andDiscipleship2, 616:the little ones." [616] I can leave you with no better thought at this time, my beloved brother. IDiscipleship2, 683:also from error and prejudice in order the better to serve both Humanity and the Hierarchy. PonderDiscipleship2, 707:accepts, and your creative imagination had better begin dealing with these problems so that theDiscipleship2, 720:of real health will be yours if your mind can be better regulated. An Ashram is a place of quietlyDiscipleship2, 725:suggestions which have already been presented in better form to the public. What end, therefore,Discipleship2, 726:in your group? Why not wait until I have learnt better and have dropped this tendency? Because youDiscipleship2, 727:nor the capacity to do the work. It will be better done and in other ways and by better minds thanDiscipleship2, 727:It will be better done and in other ways and by better minds than yours. Your equipment was notDiscipleship2, 742:is good, even if you think it not, and will be better still when rhythm enters into your life. YouDiscipleship2, 764:yourself, or to do without any form if it seems better to you. Themes For Meditation. One for eachDiscipleship2, 767:of earth life to choose the way that is the better - then the best. Evade not pain. Seek not theEducation, 39:trusted to swing the thought of the race into a better direction than the evocation of past glory,Education, 44:- unconscious for the most part - of providing a better organ of expression within the livingEducation, 47:the futility of hate and war, there is hope of a better and happier as well as of a safer world.Education, 50:now coming into incarnation is steadily getting better and higher. They are in many casesEducation, 56:apace. When the conditioning factors are better understood and their method and purpose areEducation, 58:for the future unfoldment of the higher and better education: Make available to the average citizenEducation, 80:under sixteen years of age (and the younger the better) and, secondly, that we must begin with whatEducation, 80:should only be regarded as the foundation for a better system and a wiser approach to the goal ofEducation, 84:hitherto included need be excluded, only a better motivation will be obvious and a nationalistic,Education, 87:time will be lost as we grope for the new and better ways, develop the new textbooks and find theEducation, 87:demonstrated that we have not taught aright. A better educational system should, therefore, beEducation, 87:together and discussing the formation of a better system which will guarantee that the children ofEducation, 90:the human demand - urgent and right - for better conditions, for more light and understanding, forEducation, 90:glory to glory. We are today on our way to a far better civilization [91] than the world has everEducation, 91:in our schools, thereby guaranteeing the new and better civilization. Loving understanding,Education, 102:and thus oriented them and led them forward to better things. I am dealing solely with theEducation, 104:am I able to mount in the social scale and so better myself? From childhood I have been taught thatEducation, 109:the seething unrest and the urgent demand for better conditions, more light and understanding,Education, 114:reach out and to grasp that which is greater and better than himself, and which has driven him on,Education, 114:- unconscious for the most part - of providing a better organ of expression within the livingEducation, 117:pain. He must be taught to react to a higher and better sense of values. Millions of human beingsEducation, 117:to enquire and to search for that which is better, remains potent. Humanity can be trusted to pushEducation, 131:the way for the establishing of right and better relations, based upon the premises which I haveEducation, 133:the whole problem of parenthood in a newer and better way is right. The objectives, however, whichEducation, 135:being made today as never before to provide better and more adequate living conditions. War hasExternalisation, 7:have their vibration "stepped up" to better things along with the mass of those who achieve, evenExternalisation, 10:as a channel for his own soul, but is little better than an instinctual animal, if he is notExternalisation, 10:and the safeguard. When this true Mediumship is better understood, we shall have the medium passingExternalisation, 11:organization of their bodies. They would then be better channels and more dependableExternalisation, 14:his commercial exploitation), then so much the better for him, viewing him as an immortal soul,
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