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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BETTER

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Externalisation, 57:the problem of evil, and they will bring about a better understanding of the purpose existing inExternalisation, 80:men have emerged from periods of crisis better and stronger, purified "so as by fire" andExternalisation, 91:produced the germination and thus the new and better forms of life. And yet the form remains andExternalisation, 91:and yet its quality is changed. (I can find no better word than 'quality' wherewith to translateExternalisation, 109:evolution. This today warrants the building of a better vehicle for human and racial expression.Externalisation, 114:of the indwelling life in order that a new and better form may be built. This, we perforce acceptExternalisation, 114:life of the race which will allow of freer and better spiritual expression. Such a change isExternalisation, 115:old values were never transmuted into higher and better ones, that would indeed be a disaster. WeExternalisation, 119:tendencies towards something dimly sensed as better and with moments of high grade desire which wasExternalisation, 138:world of men and the inauguration of the new and better civilization arrives? With this we mightExternalisation, 140:aims. A spirit of inertia settled down upon the better inclined and upon the more understandingExternalisation, 146:into the New Age, thus ushering in the new and better civilization. This could be done so rapidly,Externalisation, 210:to begin, in the place where you are, to make it better. I call you to the experiment of rightExternalisation, 211:like to do two things: First of all, give you a better idea as to how the spiritual Hierarchy ofExternalisation, 213:Whether man will go forward into the better way of life or permit the perpetuation of the old waysExternalisation, 213:rightly directed, carve out for them a new and better future. Such a presentation has never beforeExternalisation, 216:and shoulder your individual responsibility better. You will realize the need to ascertain forExternalisation, 237:the Germans, another. It is for this new and better world and the bringing in of the conditionsExternalisation, 252:their day is ended and that their efforts had better be drawn to an immediate finish. Would that itExternalisation, 271:to disappear in order to be succeeded by new and better ones. This applies even to man'sExternalisation, 295:disciple can move forward with assurance, and a better life dawns for him. Externalisation, 295:intent of humanity is that evil must end and a better and truer life become possible. At the momentExternalisation, 295:towards the world of truer Values, towards better human relations, more enlightened living and aExternalisation, 295:human relations, more enlightened living and a better understanding between all men and peoples.Externalisation, 297:of men's thoughts; they pointed a way to a better life; they pioneered into new territories ofExternalisation, 313:not spiritually oriented can do as well, if not better. Some disciples and aspirants are spendingExternalisation, 318:countries on which they base their hopes for a better future for the world. First, their countriesExternalisation, 336:and in relation to the group, would produce better results if the focus of attention were given toExternalisation, 339:in the human consciousness: the vision of a better future and a fixed, unalterable determination toExternalisation, 339:make that vision fact in human experience. This better world is to be a world in which theExternalisation, 339:fighting. They call the vision by many names: better world conditions, the new world order, worldExternalisation, 342:towards the good [342] life, a new and better way. For the attainment of these objectives, I summonExternalisation, 343:lie in the effort to produce this focusing with better effect than the enemy. The use of the willExternalisation, 358:to lay those foundations which will guarantee a better and more spiritual way of life. TheseExternalisation, 362:the spiritual realities, who seek for a new and better way of life for all, who desire the good ofExternalisation, 363:may emerge in the immediate future will be better "protected by the spirit of understanding" thanExternalisation, 371:exempt and must be trained to be citizens of a better and a finer Germany than has ever yet existedExternalisation, 375:war) back into the dark ages and leave men no better off than they were, even though there haveExternalisation, 377:There is faith on every hand that a new and better world order is possible and that it is evenExternalisation, 390:mankind from an evil past and open the door to a better future. The opportunity to lay theExternalisation, 395:and with success, leaving a wide open door to a better world, the Forces of Life must be called in.Externalisation, 399:help rehabilitate humanity, and lead to a saner, better, truer way of living. I would ask you alsoExternalisation, 424:which will be needed to [424] build a new and better world, based on the Law of Love and not on theExternalisation, 430:wickedness, and of inaugurating a new and better world. In this new world there will be freedom ofExternalisation, 440:which will lay the foundation for a new, better and happier world. The will-to-cooperate willExternalisation, 441:implementing the will-to-good and of producing a better civilization and way of life is shortExternalisation, 443:their fathers; they must be educated in new and better ways and loved into right understanding ofExternalisation, 459:hope with greater conviction and courage for a better world set-up; their hitherto wishful thinkingExternalisation, 459:are far more active and their plans better laid because both their thinking and their planning areExternalisation, 471:follow those steps which will lead to a new and better life and which will indicate the expressionExternalisation, 482:a group of spiritual Forces which (for lack of a better name) we will call the Forces ofExternalisation, 482:in its major task of rebuilding the new and better world: The Forces of Restoration. These willExternalisation, 482:foundational cultures of the past) that new and better culture which will be distinctive of the NewExternalisation, 483:on sounder and more constructive lines that better civilization which is the dream of those whoExternalisation, 489:will and the plan which will implement it is better understood and the period of adjustment, ofExternalisation, 491:and enable you to see this stupendous event in better perspective. 1. It was the imminence of thisExternalisation, 497:will usher in the new civilization, the new and better world and the finer, more spiritualExternalisation, 498:longed-for emergence of that which is new and better. The constructive use of this energy and itsExternalisation, 500:so much disease and death. When these new and better conditions are established, then men will beExternalisation, 512:the nature of true occultism. When we understand better the significance of time in prevision, andExternalisation, 520:They do in order to make place for that which is better and which will prove adequate and notExternalisation, 531:be a free interplay of thought and a consequent better hierarchical integrity and one which - noExternalisation, 539:are the lowest aspects. The showing has been better than was anticipated, and this new and vitalExternalisation, 550:seeks to meet the need of the masses for better conditions, and to aid in the changing ofExternalisation, 563:and humanity's determination to create a new and better world, adapted more adequately to theirExternalisation, 576:and laboriously instill the new ideas, incite to better methods of human relations, help dissipateExternalisation, 576:the new modes of living, indicating to them the better values, and thus slowly and graduallyExternalisation, 578:be presented with a greater enlightenment and a better emphasis. They will meet the people's need.Externalisation, 600:demands of those masses who seek a new and better way of life. They want love in daily living,Externalisation, 619:at conditions as they are, thus arriving at a better knowledge of ourselves and of our motives. Externalisation, 631:and it presages the inauguration of a new and better day. There is work to do, and the men ofExternalisation, 640:reorganization and of regional groups (a better term than "blocs"), Russia would have been forcedExternalisation, 642:of the spirit of man everywhere which is better known to us than to you, whose values and reactionsExternalisation, 654:process - in order to bring in something new, better or different. This applies to the humanExternalisation, 671:protected against themselves? Is it not better for the rapidly awakening intelligence and activityExternalisation, 689:terms of material well-being at present and of better living conditions for all - with peace andFire, VII:in the present teaching, when she found better and more deeply esoteric teaching available. ClearFire, xviii:Cosmic Existence, Whom we call, for lack of a better term, a Solar Logos. [4] This Solar LogosFire, 15:sacred Stone went down. This time the work was better done, and the product more perfected. At theFire, 60:as yet but little recognized. It is perhaps better expressed by the term "animal magnetism." It isFire, 66:will only enumerate somewhat briefly some of the better known groups, as contacted in the threeFire, 78:of those rays of the sun which (for lack of better expression), we will call "solar pranicFire, 100:practical interest, and when its importance is better realized, men will attend to the distributionFire, 103:The more refined and rarefied the form, the better a receiver of prana will it be, and the lessFire, 104:medicine may later take when occult laws are better understood. One fact must here be brought out -Fire, 106:dwellers in such localities as the South Seas, better etheric conditions will be found; the lifeFire, 106:The cure is apparent - the bringing about of better living conditions, the [107] employment of moreFire, 108:When the nature of the etheric body is better understood, and its wise care followed, both theseFire, 146:other constellations. When this first aspect is better understood (in the next mahamanvantara) theFire, 172:periphery to all sides so that the center is better described as a sphere of fire than as a wheel.Fire, 296:the electrical interplay between the planets is better ascertained (and by this I mean theirFire, 303:In due course of time the astral cycles will be better comprehended and their relation to theFire, 319:and the spiritual man. It is the seat of that better and wiser consciousness behind the outwardFire, 319:in the forward part of the head; that better and wiser consciousness of "the back of the mind,"Fire, 329:Men in the cosmic etheric spheres will be better comprehended, and assisted intelligently by thoseFire, 332:thus in a threefold manner, might (for lack of a better term) be called the Law of Being, and is ofFire, 336:of logoic active intelligence. For lack of better terms we call Them the Lords of the four minorFire, 396:the Lipika Lords govern all Their action) is better comprehended, then - and then only - will theFire, 397:rich reward of knowledge. Until the intuition is better developed in the average man, the veryFire, 413:and the three Kumaras (so called for lack of a better term) are vitally intelligently active; three
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