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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BETTER

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Fire, 463:of sound and color, the animal kingdom will be better understood, and better trained, consideredFire, 463:animal kingdom will be better understood, and better trained, considered and utilized. IndicationsFire, 465:and permit the escape of the life, to newer and better forms. Our subject for immediateFire, 496:of existence. Only when atomic energy is better understood and the nature of the fourth etherFire, 548:body and egoic groups. This will produce later a better comprehension of the effect of oneFire, 588:way too (I use the word subtle for lack of a better, meaning a statement of actuality that seems anFire, 589:shattering of the old in order that newer and better chalices of life may be constructed. The RayFire, 606:an inner conscious subjective life. When this is better apprehended, bodies on the physical plane,Fire, 638:come to the fore, and when the laws of being are better understood. Magic concerns itself with theFire, 683:action upon his own dense physical body, is better understood, he will pass to a fullerFire, 749:these methods of manifestation will perhaps be better understood by the student if he interpretsFire, 795:freedom from evil impulse of the sons of men. Better conditions among the animals will be anotherFire, 796:all bodies from a lower state into a higher is better comprehended, the true mystery of theFire, 803:him incomprehensible. This has been at no time better illustrated than in the event of the late warFire, 808:on the inner side that the main principles had better be given out at once in view of theFire, 809:economic and social endeavor will take a new and better direction. These facts might be summed upFire, 812:Then will come the time when finer and better human beings will manifest on earth. When alsoFire, 812:of obsessions, and of wrong mental conditions be better comprehended, and the results moreFire, 812:brain as the transmitter of egoic intent is better comprehended, then the coordination of man'sFire, 833:The problem of the devas may be somewhat better understood if it is remembered that they inFire, 849:may be. The basic truth here involved may be better grasped if the following occult phrases areFire, 893:or serpent fire, is known, this relation will be better understood, and the history of the secondFire, 973:task of lifting humanity to a clearer, purer and better atmosphere, and how easy it is for theFire, 995:I seek to impart, but it suffices for need of a better. The student of magic who can safelyFire, 1041:and their relation to the sun are better understood, and as the effect of those wave lengths orFire, 1059:in the turning of the great wheel, suitable and better conditions may eventuate. Realize furtherFire, 1064:it still concerns what we might, for lack of a better term, call matter. The atom, therefore, hasFire, 1097:their evolution, they pass on and on to ever better forms, and eventually find their place withinFire, 1106:building in of new atoms of substance (ever of a better and more adequate quality) and theFire, 1184:of force is called "lunar" force for lack of a better term. They form the body of the raja Lord ofFire, 1209:subhuman - and only when the true psychology is better understood will the subject take on its trueFire, 1216:3. The Law of Service. This law, for want of a better name, concerns the identification of an atomFire, 1235:atomic aspects which we call - for lack of a better term - the electrons; these electrons areFire, 1244:in nature. This sevenfold process for lack of a better term we call the sevenfold cosmic Path. Glamour, 13:more intelligently with the Plan and become a better helper of your fellowman? What is there inGlamour, 44:student with the realization that he understands better the subtle world of thought currents and ofGlamour, 44:of forces in which he dwells; and that he knows better the means he must employ and the techniqueGlamour, 64:higher interpretations of the Hindu aphorism: Better one's own dharma than the dharma of another.Glamour, 68:of the world glamor, you have to understand better and master more definitely the glamorous andGlamour, 102:Identity, a living Unity, which - for lack of a better word - we call the PRESENCE. He thenGlamour, 114:the word "handicapped" advisedly for lack of a better term. I would like, however, to point outGlamour, 165:to lay those foundations which will guarantee a better and more spiritual way of life. TheseGlamour, 169:the spiritual realities, who seek for a new and better way of life for all, who desire the good ofGlamour, 184:determination of the intelligentsia to create better living conditions for the entire populationGlamour, 188:effort to heal humanity's sores and build a better and happier world. Glamour, 189:may emerge in the immediate future will be better "protected by the spirit of understanding" thanGlamour, 259:entirely astral in nature. There is a higher and better mode of song, actuated by a difference inGlamour, 266:(I use this inadequate word for lack of a better one) is away from the soul and the Angel of theHealing, 11:idea of what constitutes divinity? It is surely better for us to admit that it is not possible forHealing, 14:order to conserve force and give to the soul a better instrument of manifestation. For this libertyHealing, 91:When they do, the result is inevitably a better average of health, because there is betterHealing, 91:a better average of health, because there is better integration, and as a result a freer play ofHealing, 92:about improvement and laying the ground for better functioning in another life cycle. It isHealing, 109:life. The laws of electrical energy will also be better understood in this connection. By theHealing, 159:established, and the effects of this gland are better known from their psychological angle thanHealing, 222:synthesis of humanity which will be - in its better form - so strikingly significant of the nextHealing, 229:that sinneth, it shall die." This law could be better expressed by saying, "He that misuses thatHealing, 253:pure food laws, legal requirements and better housing conditions are all brought into this battleHealing, 259:use of the word "liberty" but is far wiser, better and deeper in its connotation. Liberty, in theHealing, 263:seed which will (let us pray and hope) produce a better harvest. The outstanding evidence of theHealing, 267:all opportunities away from other people, and so better himself and his own people at the expenseHealing, 280:of the future can enrich itself and become better adapted to man's need. They are too experimentalHealing, 288:Dates, incidental phenomena, changes for the better or the worse should be rioted, along withHealing, 291:karma oft forgotten, but one which will become better known in the coming world cycle. Humanity hasHealing, 306:unasked if he had more patience and understood better what he was studying. Beginners need to awaitHealing, 314:until such time as the causes of fevers are better understood and physicians can work with theHealing, 322:same exaggerated emphasis upon form life. When a better sense of proportion has bee developed, andHealing, 326:principal factors in re-establishing or making a better etheric control are: Sunshine. CarefulHealing, 327:life is the best means for establishing a better measure of vitality. This is, I presume, what youHealing, 350:not necessarily an unhappy occurrence. A new and better attitude to the phenomenon of death isHealing, 353:modes of living, with their resultant effects of better health and a more correct comprehension ofHealing, 353:to change your point of view when a higher and a better way is presented to you. Above everythingHealing, 358:who are yours to work with. You will then be the better and wiser for past experiences, and used asHealing, 373:and fundamental good in all the schools and a better grasp of the principles which underlie theHealing, 383:only be possible when the Science of the Rays is better understood and when the evidenceHealing, 387:disease and healing and to train humanity in a better and happier sense of proportion where diseaseHealing, 399:of the ancient fear, of an unconquerable hope of better conditions to be found elsewhere, and thisHealing, 450:of release" and as the signal for that which is better, new and more suitable for the evolvingHealing, 451:is good and desirable; it marks the prelude to a better building of a better world, and theHealing, 451:it marks the prelude to a better building of a better world, and the construction of more adequateHealing, 512:words, it is friction. You will, therefore, better understand the meaning of the statement that theHealing, 541:New Age to be either clairvoyant or - far [541] better still - to have true spiritual perceptionHealing, 543:up into its various statements, and thus gain a better idea of its implications: Disease is aHealing, 574:has been accomplished and the patient is either better or the work has not been successful. In thisHealing, 601:colleges, you will then have a new and much better treatment of the human vehicle than is now [602]Healing, 606:of being ineffectual and unsuccessful. It is better to have no effect upon the patient and hisHealing, 611:is simply common sense and the part of wisdom to better conditions for all men everywhere. This isHealing, 661:the angle of the Hierarchy - and will return in better bodies to a civilization and a culture moreHealing, 664:whether the world of men would choose (and had better choose) the slow but safe method. It is aHercules, 51:as this may sound, one feels that it would be better [52] for them to be ridden by the bull ofHercules, 71:that the overburdened Guides of the Race have no better occupation than to tell them personally howHercules, 133:only be an encumbrance; therefore, it is often better to allow a person to fashion his spiritualHercules, 170:a dim and misty region where the shades, or better said, the shells of those departed flitted by.Hercules, 187:who are letting them go in order to get the better things; between those who grab possessions forHercules, 188:think it will be in a week or a year! We may get better conditions, improvements here, there andHercules, 204:emoting, hoping that you will get up feeling better. Meditation when rightly carried forward isInitiation, 38:be set free and build for itself a newer and a better vehicle. Much that is stated here is alreadyInitiation, 53:and thus cease from stimulating that which had better die. Forms may come and go, and the interestInitiation, 73:in each incarnation a body which will serve better as a vehicle for force. Hence there is nothingInitiation, 102:definite decision by the Ego. A man may be able better to work off certain karma and to carry out
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