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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BETTER

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Initiation, 135:body undesirable matter, and building in new and better material; he will find that his powers forInitiation, 142:away within his consciousness in order the better to carry out that portion of the plan whichInitiation, 168:has taken the oath. This we might, for lack of a better term, call "the secret of electricity." ItInitiation, 197:who can stand it, eggs and cheese are sometimes better eliminated from the diet, but this is not inIntellect, 3:something which we call the "Soul" for lack of a better term. The purpose of this book is to dealIntellect, 5:when he says: "There seems reason to hope for a better physical future of the race by the aid of aIntellect, 13:point to note) that "the world would have been a better place if more persons had made sure theyIntellect, 23:"But, alas, none of these achievements makes us better men. There is no equation between bankIntellect, 123:manifesting Factor which we call (for lack of a better term) the Mind of God, the Universal Mind.Intellect, 143:the world and of the Kingdom of God. I cannot do better than close this chapter with some words ofIntellect, 150:he adds, "they experienced what, for want of a better term, we may call 'illumination'." He goes onIntellect, 200:Most of us are bigger and wiser, and better equipped than we realize. We can all begin toIntellect, 207:in a shorter time than heretofore and to get better results from his efforts. People who areIntellect, 208:all they have hitherto done and more, and do it better. The trained executive, with a busy and fullIntellect, 233:state upon my emotional nature. I feel [233] better. This way involves too much hard work." WhyIntellect, 253:the pale; they will not [253] regard one race as better than another, though they may recognize theMagic, 5:and giving practical suggestions for the better development of soul contact and soul manifestation.Magic, 6:this treatise in order to understand themselves better and because they seek to help their brotherMagic, 10:proceeds, matter becomes increasingly a better conductor of the light, thus demonstrating theMagic, 35:working as a whole towards something higher and better. [36] Therefore the soul is that which givesMagic, 65:dealing with all who must, for lack of other and better material, be utilized. Some physicalMagic, 79:Orient and the Occident have reached a point of better understanding and interplay theirMagic, 178:To this must be added the fact that the better educated a man may be, the wider his range ofMagic, 187:on other chelas in the same group. It is better to wait and work gradually and intelligentlyMagic, 215:constituting that body are "driven forth" and better and more adequate atoms or lives are built in.Magic, 245:the mind. The aspirant decides that to be is better far than to do. "Can these dry bones live?" heMagic, 262:incarnation builds for himself ever a newer and better vehicle, and the more progressed he is theMagic, 336:of the race and carry them forward to a better manifestation, and a truer expression of themselvesMagic, 370:about those conditions which lead to the better expression of the souls of those we contact. ThisMagic, 370:in order to produce conditions in which they may better express themselves may have a physicalMagic, 370:may have a physical effect as we seek to better their material conditions, or an emotional effectMagic, 440:their usefulness, when the nature of time is better understood. Sagittarius governs humanMagic, 523:In the next century, when man's equipment is better developed and when a truer meaning of groupMagic, 556:of today will at a later date be deemed no better than a child's rough scrawl. A new picture willMagic, 590:perhaps even this estimate is too optimistic. Better far that the aspirant serves and loves andMagic, 608:which we call the Will of God, for lack of better understanding. They know far more of the planMeditation, 26:of the physical body and each life he builds a better; he has a desire body of more refinedMeditation, 41:no time in the history of the race has this been better shown than in the present half century. TheMeditation, 46:bodies are of equal accomplishment to the better known Eastern Adepts. Ponder on this. It needsMeditation, 48:doing and how best be may be qualified to serve better in that group. The type of a man's work, andMeditation, 93:The world will see the effects and be a better [94] judge than the student himself. Above all, theMeditation, 161:at the acquirement of healthy vehicles for the better carrying out of the plan of the Great Ones,Meditation, 199:When the secret of causal alignment is better grasped, and when groups of people in physicalMeditation, 204:brought in contact with the children's need is better still. One of those maxims I can here giveMeditation, 235:As the bodies are refined they provide better mediums for incoming forces, and the quality of anyMeditation, 241:you, but to understand fundamentals is far better than to have formulas for experimenting given toMeditation, 243:vibration holds the key to the establishing of better conditions of living, and of sound bodies onMeditation, 254:before; the significance of approach to Them be better comprehended and the method more simplified;Meditation, 345:food, well chosen and well masticated, is far better than a heavy meal. The human race [346] eatsPatanjali, 92:and purposes. He knows his brother, and the better he knows himself and his own soul, the deeperPatanjali, 188:among students of yoga in the west. There is no better basis for the work of Eastern occultism thanPatanjali, 203:the rules [203] of magnetic purification are better known and when the two systems are synthesizedPatanjali, 423:duty, deign not to shrink back. For nothing is better for a warrior than a righteous [424] battle.Problemswe have had to consider whether it would be better to cut the original text to the bone and graftProblems, 9:history, this urge showed itself in a desire for better material circumstances and surroundings;Problems, 14:along with their outer efforts to bring about a better and more habitable world. It must be a worldProblems, 14:lines; thousands are occupied with planning a better world and thousands are talking about theProblems, 34:educational institutions and thus inaugurate a better way of preparing their youth for totalProblems, 40:youth of the world and thus guarantee a new and better world? What basic plans must be laid whichProblems, 40:tide which will turn the entire world to better things and which will ensure that our materialisticProblems, 45:the futility of hate and war, there is hope of a better and happier as well as of a safer world.Problems, 51:under sixteen years of age, and the younger the better and, secondly, we must begin with what weProblems, 51:should only be regarded as the foundation for a better system and a wiser approach to the goal ofProblems, 57:hitherto included need be excluded, only a better motivation will be obvious and a nationalistic,Problems, 60:time will elapse as we grope for the new and better ways, develop the new textbooks and find theProblems, 60:new emphasis. Now is the day of opportunity. A better educational system should therefore be workedProblems, 60:together and discussing the formation of a better system which will guarantee that the children ofProblems, 64:to the human demand - urgent and right - for better conditions, for more light and understanding,Problems, 64:glory to glory. We are today on our way to a far better civilization than the world has ever knownProblems, 65:in our schools, thereby guaranteeing the new and better civilization. Loving understanding,Problems, 71:except in so far that the public demand for better living conditions will enable them - under theProblems, 75:this came the demand by the laboring classes for better living conditions, higher pay and moreProblems, 76:wrest from the monied interests decent wages, better living conditions and that greater leisureProblems, 76:gains are steadily being made; shorter hours and better pay are constantly being demanded and whenProblems, 77:of the race, it might well appear that new, better and different methods may now be used toProblems, 81:will be the basic characteristic. This new and better way of life will be developed for two mainProblems, 81:force which will inevitably bring in a new and better way of life, but also a terrible weapon,Problems, 85:and are struggling towards a higher and better existence, towards more wholesome living conditions,Problems, 94:the poor are fighting for their rights and better living conditions; the tyranny of selfishProblems, 94:being. In every nation there are those who see a better vision of a better world, who are thinkingProblems, 94:there are those who see a better vision of a better world, who are thinking and talking andProblems, 99:hope of humanity, the guarantee of the new and better world for which we all wait; their numbersProblems, 108:scheme of modern history; the new world with its better ways of living is as much for the Negro asProblems, 111:northern states, where conditions are somewhat better but where there is still no equality ofProblems, 112:and block every move made to bring about a better and cleaner situation which would be in line withProblems, 116:peace and ready to move forward into a new and better era. Though a platitude is, in the majorityProblems, 129:the truths given out have not sufficed to better the daily life of the believer or to anchor theProblems, 138:are taking an active lead in producing a new and better world. And still humanity waits. HumanityProblems, 167:II came the opportunity to inaugurate a new and better way of life, and to establish that securityProblems, 169:everywhere efforts are being made to bring about better human relations. This, in the eyes of theProblems, 169:man and man to God and which demonstrates in a better world and the expression of the Four FreedomsProblems, 177:task but it will be possible when world need is better appreciated. An enlightened public opinionPsychology1, 6:forms and on that which can (for lack of [6] a better word) be called the soul or self. ThisPsychology1, 38:forms into one coordinated whole, in order the better to control them. [39] Thus the Personality ofPsychology1, 120:with greater intelligence. We shall comprehend better the nature of the forces which constitute onePsychology1, 127:cause of or dissociation is better understood, the secondary colors will be made to actPsychology1, 160:mental processes - normal and abnormal - are far better understood than they were twenty-five yearsPsychology1, 172:has been going on, and the results have proved better than had been anticipated. The war, whichPsychology1, 179:towards life which will evidence itself in a better sense of values, for life will have a meaningPsychology1, 189:of that new light and new information, and so be better able to point the way and clear the path
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