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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BETTERMENT

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Astrology, 459:or personality selfishness, but the urge towards betterment will inevitably triumph. Atom, 148:to cooperate with His plans, to work for the betterment of their group; and the difference betweenBethlehem, 89:processes of modern living. The will to betterment can be seen working in many fields whereDestiny, 18:expressive of the values which embody human betterment; it demands peace and understanding betweenDestiny, 20:thought, particularly in the realm of human betterment and uplift. Through them, the potency ofDestiny, 94:personality selfishness, but the innate urge to betterment will inevitably triumph. Discipleship1, 414:and this spiritual energy must be used for group betterment and for the meeting of groupDiscipleship1, 487:future - no joy, no optimism and no hope of real betterment of conditions. Yet you do go on. YouDiscipleship2, 42:are seeking to use them in the service of world betterment; there is a more definite recognition ofDiscipleship2, 197:will later condition his life and lead to a betterment of his daily life in a material sense, orDiscipleship2, 226:of the world in the many fields of human betterment and uplift, the Christ will be enabled to "seeDiscipleship2, 232:to truth but strictly with the angle of the betterment of human relationships. The Christ himselfDiscipleship2, 592:of the groups which wrought for human betterment, aided in the founding of the labor movementsEducation, 44:step by step, to his present struggle for world betterment, group elevation and naturalEducation, 102:person whose major objective has been self-betterment in a material sense. This has been strikinglyEducation, 103:and hierarchical effort. The goal is not for betterment of material conditions. These willEducation, 106:organizations and mass movements for the betterment of humanity everywhere. The growing interest ofEducation, 114:step by step, to his present struggle for world betterment, group evaluation and naturalEducation, 123:their basic foundation upon some idea of human betterment and their unity of goal. Their manyExternalisation, 49:beings, with an awakening conscience, an urge to betterment, and an embryonic mind of such a natureExternalisation, 127:are fostered by the desire of the masses for the betterment of the condition in which the populaceExternalisation, 143:are pledged to some form of effort towards human betterment, of goodwill effort, and of endeavor ofExternalisation, 339:- it matters not. It is the theme of betterment, of universal welfare, of general security, ofExternalisation, 378:many suggestions, plans and schemes for world betterment, and by a sense of his own utterExternalisation, 462:of thought, working in every field of human betterment; they work upon and through all who trulyExternalisation, 465:organizations and groups dedicated to human betterment, and by representative [466] unselfishExternalisation, 498:use of this energy and its harnessing for the betterment of humanity is its real purpose; thisExternalisation, 586:are directed entirely to the cause of human betterment. In this attitude he is coming to resembleExternalisation, 624:Little of it is yet spent in reality for the betterment of human living, or for the inculcation ofExternalisation, 664:called middle class and lower class) to general betterment, and thus set up a momentum which would,Externalisation, 669:type of energy and draws men together for betterment and for right understanding. It is alsoExternalisation, 670:own free will, and thus produce the demanded betterment of the environment, consistent with theHealing, 297:activity, leading steadily and always towards betterment. The comprehension of the seven stanzasHealing, 568:he is constantly aware of an urge to betterment. These urges are not related to the expression ofHealing, 609:the will of the personality is towards spiritual betterment and a cleaner, purer life that the soulIntellect, 241:all organization of general welfare and of group betterment; all religious concepts and all outerMagic, 79:occupies Himself with the Labor Movement or the betterment of social conditions. They are aided byMagic, 94:suffering, and in world wide efforts for the betterment of the internal relations of nations,Magic, 168:isms, new modes of living, new dreams for race betterment. He will take up one cult after anotherMagic, 414:it to mean an inclusive endeavor towards human betterment, uplift and understanding; they give itMagic, 531:agony, rebellion and the conscious urge towards betterment and the changing of conditions are onlyMagic, 589:and there is consequently a steady drive towards betterment. All has been brought to the surface,Meditation, 117:(even when misguided and unbalanced) for the betterment of the condition of the masses. Thus on theProblems, 9:are already striving towards individual betterment; groups in every nation are similarly motivated;Problems, 90:to the same appetites and the same urges towards betterment, to the same mystical aspiration, toProblems, 135:are not couched in terms of material betterment only, but in terms of a spiritual vision, trueProblems, 143:explains the urge at the heart of every man for betterment, for experience, for progress, forProblems, 146:citizenship) and a science, dedicated to human betterment, are all deeply spiritual and in theirProblems, 174:who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of human living; there are churchmen in all thePsychology2, 24:of desire, and to a heavy subconscious urge to betterment. Life after life passes, and slowly thePsychology2, 96:in the human family. The instinct to betterment, the urge to progress (physical, emotional andPsychology2, 99:and of divine discontent. The instinct to betterment, based on discontent, has necessarily involvedPsychology2, 100:upon the at-one-ment. This instinct towards betterment through sacrifice is itself diverse. TherePsychology2, 100:first of all, the instinct towards individual betterment, which leads to selfishness, to aPsychology2, 134:last analysis, only the personality urge towards betterment, and in its right place and time is aPsychology2, 495:urge, either to selfish satisfaction or group betterment and group welfare. These dreams can embodyPsychology2, 636:to the amelioration of human conditions, and the betterment of world affairs along certain linesPsychology2, 637:either for the best in the old order or for the betterment of world conditions. They consider thatPsychology2, 640:by some ideal for human, racial and national betterment. Sincerity and insincerity, hatred andPsychology2, 642:membership of every group which exists for world betterment, and constitutes an unused power whichPsychology2, 646:and the brotherhood of nations. The betterment of human conditions by groups, churches andPsychology2, 664:are many, but self sacrificing work for the betterment of human living and love of their fellow menPsychology2, 714:The pressure is created by man's desire for betterment as well as by the spiritual downpouring ofPsychology2, 714:of men shows itself in three ways: The urge to betterment already noted. The organization of theRays, 59:of an inner reality) is the driving urge to betterment which is the outstanding characteristic ofRays, 86:will aid in stiffening the will of humanity to betterment. The energy of destruction has its sideRays, 171:their own self-will, the will to individual self-betterment - selfish and misunderstood at firstRays, 500:In every case the motivating power must be betterment; it must be carried forward by extremeRays, 652:it is basically the story of the will to self-betterment, the will to human service, goodwill, andRays, 758:the extension of science along the lines of the betterment of mankind, and not for its destructionReappearance, 22:lovers of humanity, by groups dedicated to human betterment and by representative unselfish people.Reappearance, 71:their own self-will, the will to individual self-betterment. This type of will is selfish andReappearance, 76:on; it is responsible for the trend towards betterment everywhere to be sensed, for the growth ofReappearance, 77:men everywhere, fostering the urge to a general betterment. His activity is necessarily a massReappearance, 143:are not couched in terms of material betterment only, but in terms of a spiritual vision, trueReappearance, 172:unions matters not. Little of it is spent in the betterment of human living or for the inculcationTelepathy, 114:and organizations which are dedicated to the betterment of human living.
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