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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BIBLE

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Astrology, 63:the outstanding instance is the statement in the Bible that the prime date of creation is 4004 B.C.Astrology, 103:"turning upon itself" (as it is expressed in the Bible) [104] which leads to the conflict carriedAstrology, 167:upon the various mountain tops as related in the Bible have all to do with Capricorn. Moses, theAstrology, 231:in this way the old prophecy, repeated in the Bible, that "there shall be no more sea" will beAstrology, 253:Desire of all nations, as it is called in the Bible) has taken place and Isis consequently standsAstrology, 314:somewhat inaccurately in the Christian Bible, there are three meanings or true significances. TheAstrology, 538:and the great Flood eventuated to which the Bible bears testimony. It brought about the destructionAtom, 56:Atom - The Evolution of Form In the Christian Bible the same thought is borne out by St. Paul in aAtom, 87:stages which are pictured in the Christian Bible where man makes the discovery that he is not theAtom, 89:This triple idea can be found summed up in the Bible in a rather interesting phrase, where JehovahAtom, 156:possible for us to say, but even our Christian Bible recognizes it, and Job speaks of "the sweetAutobiography, 1:much by discovering how a theologically minded Bible student could come to the firm conviction thatAutobiography, 20:Conn., where we then lived, and with it went my Bible and a broken rocking-chair. It was the mostAutobiography, 20:things to steal of which I have ever heard. The Bible was the greatest personal loss. It was aAutobiography, 20:was the greatest personal loss. It was a unique Bible and had been my cherished possession forAutobiography, 25:sat the head of the household with the family Bible in front of him and the family and guestsAutobiography, 43:souls. I had a really deep knowledge of the Bible, good taste in clothes, really good looks and aAutobiography, 51:the rest of the unregenerate world to hell. The Bible said so and the Bible was always right. ItAutobiography, 51:world to hell. The Bible said so and the Bible was always right. It could not possibly be wrong. IAutobiography, 51:at that time with the pronouncement of a famous Bible Institute in the United States that "theyAutobiography, 51:the original, autographed manuscripts of the Bible." How I would today like to ask them where theseAutobiography, 52:not exactly the same thing. Translations of the Bible have passed through many hands; they are theAutobiography, 52:all this now but in those days the English Bible was infallibly [53] correct and I knew nothingAutobiography, 55:meeting I took. I had been accustomed to a small Bible class of my own and to expressing myself atAutobiography, 56:gradually I became accustomed to expounding the Bible to a crowd of men. The process was painful,Autobiography, 56:over the tremendous success of my Sunday night Bible class held at Lucknow, India, several yearsAutobiography, 58:a quiet hour under a tree in the fields with my Bible, was to bake buns - hundreds of buns - oftenAutobiography, 59:her mental strength, for her knowledge of the Bible, for her understanding of humanity and also forAutobiography, 63:presiding at daily prayer meetings, studying my Bible assiduously and being very, very good. IAutobiography, 66:but had strutted about the deck with my large Bible under my arm. There was one man on the ship whoAutobiography, 73:hangs a tale. I was speaking to my Sunday Bible class in Quetta one afternoon and telling theAutobiography, 77:top of the tree. My mornings would be given to Bible study for I was taking an average of fifteenAutobiography, 85:minded soldiers (irreverently called "Bible thumpers" by their comrades). They were members of theAutobiography, 85:time I did not understand. I believed that the Bible taught the fact of hell and all my values wereAutobiography, 111:parishioners and I let them know it. I started a Bible class, however, and that was a huge success.Autobiography, 120:and only because the literature is found in the Bible does it pass the post-office regulations. IAutobiography, 120:must be preserved, one or two of the Bible stories such as the love of David and Jonathan, the 23rdAutobiography, 124:He died, we can die too - and triumphantly, the Bible says so. The churches will have to begin withAutobiography, 126:an interpolation - there are many such in the Bible. Then came the question in my mind: Why did GodAutobiography, 126:would have been regarded as obscene, but in the Bible they were all right. I began to wonder if myAutobiography, 126:I remember pondering one day on the verse in the Bible, "The very hairs of your head are allAutobiography, 134:took my date of the evolutionary cycle from the Bible and the Bible places the date of creation asAutobiography, 134:of the evolutionary cycle from the Bible and the Bible places the date of creation as havingAutobiography, 138:at night and began to [138] neglect reading my Bible, which I had been in the habit of doing. IAutobiography, 142:or teacher six hundred years ago interpreted the Bible in one way (probably suitable for his timeAutobiography, 162:high Spiritual Sources. Again and again in the Bible the words come "And the Lord said," whereuponAutobiography, 183:to hide and not be seen and the verse in the Bible that has always seemed to me to be so importantAutobiography, 233:of the scapegoat in Jewish history. We have the Bible story of the ram caught in the thicket andAutobiography, 278:great Rays or Energies (the emanations that the Bible calls "the seven spirits before the throne ofBethlehem, 59:called Myrrha and Maria, as well as Mary... " - Bible Myths, by T. W. Doane, p. 332. In theBethlehem, 64:to interpret. Prophecy is not confined to the Bible, but has ever been held before men's eyes inBethlehem, 65:like the virgin Maya, gave birth to her son." - Bible Myths, by T. W. Doane, p. 5. We are told inBethlehem, 65:of the significances of the names we meet in the Bible and in tradition, we can throw much light onBethlehem, 65:some of its hidden meaning. In the study of the Bible story, I have used only the Bible itself andBethlehem, 65:study of the Bible story, I have used only the Bible itself and Cruden's Concordance. TheBethlehem, 66:hungry, and in this connection two verses in the Bible convey light upon His task and itsBethlehem, 68:as full of symbolism as any to be found in the Bible. The long and trying journey ended in a darkBethlehem, 77:(for no account of this is given to us in the Bible), and after the revelation in the Temple andBethlehem, 104:of discipleship, or - in the terminology of the Bible - we begin the long journey to Bethlehem.Bethlehem, 106:of existence are typified for us in the Bible. The Old Testament stands for the natural lower man,Bethlehem, 117:Christ meant something much deeper than "The Bible says." He meant that the signature of God wasBethlehem, 123:earlier distinction that such passages in the Bible are interpreted from the angle of the soulsBethlehem, 154:in the various triplicities which we find in the Bible, we discover a symbolism which is vitallyBethlehem, 182:four signs are to be found unequivocally in the Bible, and are regarded in our Christian belief asBethlehem, 201:let us look at the words which are used in the Bible and in theological works and commentariesBethlehem, 214:to Christ Himself. We have always read the Bible in this manner, with the personal significance inBethlehem, 276:universal salvaging. Promise is held out in the Bible that "he that doeth the will [277] of GodDiscipleship1, XIII:The same teaching can also be traced in the Holy Bible. Upon one or other of these seven Rays, theDiscipleship1, 603:and become "the little child," spoken of in the Bible. It is not for me or any teacher to tell youDiscipleship2, 87:They must not be permitted to become a Bible of a sect, as has been the case with The SecretDiscipleship2, 174:Earth; this is symbolically referred to in the Bible as the Garden of Eden; the Angel with theExternalisation, 86:of Days (as He is called in the Christian Bible), the Lord of Shamballa, Who is the embodiment ofExternalisation, 123:who survived are symbolically spoken of in the Bible as those who were saved in Noah's ark, and inExternalisation, 158:planets Who are spoken of in the Christian Bible as the "seven Spirits before the Throne of God."Externalisation, 201:seated unvoiced recognitions. They look to no bible or system of so-called inspired spiritualExternalisation, 300:of Avatars or of divine Appearances. The Bible is full of such Appearances, but little is reallyExternalisation, 419:have ever recognized this relationship, and the Bible has testified to it. "The stars in theirExternalisation, 507:healing angels, such as those referred to in the Bible, cooperate with Him. The Master Who works inExternalisation, 511:to church usages. Teachers must be trained; Bible knowledge must be spread; the sacraments must beExternalisation, 587:his world service develops. The statement in the Bible (or rather injunction) to "take rootExternalisation, 601:the Christ Himself. You will recall how, in the Bible story, Christ symbolically evoked theExternalisation, 638:once before it was destroyed, according to the Bible and the other world Scriptures and theFire, 79:with golden light. It is spoken of in the Bible as the "golden bowl." [80] It is a composition ofFire, 98:time of death. The silver cord is loosed, as the Bible expresses it, (Ecc: XII, 6.) and this is theFire, 151:is the most occult statement in the Christian Bible, for it not only refers to the union of a manFire, 166:This body of fire is "the body incorruptible" (Bible, I Cor., XV, 53.) or indestructible, spoken ofFire, 167:of the words "Our God is a consuming Fire." (Bible, Deut. IV, 24; Hebrews XII, 29.) Three of theseFire, 211:Sanat Kumara, the One Initiator, called in the Bible, the Ancient of Days. This Rod lies hidden "inFire, 230:grown man," as it is expressed in the Christian Bible (Ep., 4:13). Expanding His consciousness.Fire, 493:such as are hinted at by the prophet of Israel (Bible, Isaiah 11:6) when he speaks of "the wolfFire, 524:race by fire. At that great cataclysm - as the Bible says "the Heavens will melt with ferventFire, 524:says "the Heavens will melt with fervent heat." (Bible. II Peter, 3:10) This will be seen in aFire, 542:or the wheels "turn upon" themselves. (Bible. Ezekiel, 1:15:21.) In the midst forming a certainFire, 563:same historical fact is hinted at also in the Bible in Genesis VI, 2:4. "They (the sexes) hadFire, 611:ever more and more until the perfect day." (Bible. Proverbs IV, 18.) At that perfect day ofFire, 707:See S. D., III, 510, 521, 528, 529. 36 Bible. Rev., 20:6-7. Matt., 25:32. Fire, 788:- man takes to himself a coat of skin, as the Bible expresses it, and puts on (over his ethericFire, 795:and present distress in the animal kingdom. (Bible. Romans, 8:22.) A further factor in cyclicFire, 875:Father, for I and my Father are One," He said. (Bible. John XIV, 8.) The Mother, or the negativeFire, 878:it - "Satan is bound for a thousand years," (Bible. Rev. XX, 2.) this meaning only that pralayic
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