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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BIBLE

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Fire, 894:thought is frequently conveyed in the Christian Bible, in the Hebrew and Christian recognition ofFire, 895:This truth is hinted at in the Christian Bible and Christian religious representations by angels orFire, 900:shall be no more sea" found in the Christian Bible. When meditating upon these thoughts, studentsFire, 900:of God moved upon the face of the waters," (Bible. Gen., I, 2.) and the ordered lawful activity ofFire, 957:the Lord" is much referred to in the Christian Bible, and occultly understood, the eye is thatFire, 977:the multitude of words there wanteth not sin," (Bible. Prov. 10:19.) because in a tide of words atFire, 980:speech or the Word. We have it in the Christian Bible, "In the beginning was the Word, and the WordFire, 980:Him was not anything made that was made." (Bible. John I.) Thus, according to the ChristianFire, 991:are spoken of, for instance, in the Christian Bible as having the number 666. (Rev. 13:18.) TheyFire, 1089:Who permeates and animates all lesser lives. (Bible. I Peter 2:4.) Certain of these cycles coverFire, 1117:the "glory which shall some day be revealed." (Bible. I. Peter, 5:1.) All these forces form theFire, 1123:Righteousness arise with healing in his wings." (Bible. Malachi, 4:2.) There are, in connectionFire, 1155:from the same word as corn. Compare the words in Bible: "Except a corn of wheat fall into theFire, 1221:directions. This symbolism is held true in the Bible where the Angel guards the treasure, andGlamour, 193:I would like to take some words out of the Bible, substituting the word "light" for the wordGlamour, 260:real, of the music of the spheres. Then, as the Bible says, 'the Sons of God, the planetary Logoi,Healing, 155:in manifestation, "over-shadowing" (as the Bible expresses it), the Mother, the Virgin Mary. TheHealing, 157:into a close contact and relationship. As the Bible says: "the love of God is shed abroad" in theHealing, 362:of the nations" as it is expressed in [362] the Bible. This is a true statement of an imminentHealing, 406:is then the "second death" spoken of in the Bible, which is in this present planetary cycleHealing, 471:God is a consuming fire" is the statement in the Bible which refers to the first divine aspect, theHealing, 545:towards good, towards righteousness, as the Bible expresses it, and when the bulk of human beingsHercules, 31:and this thought underlies the words in the Bible, "The Lamb slain from the foundation of theHercules, 69:told (in the appendix, p. 1518, of the Companion Bible) that the brightest star in Canis Major isHercules, 106:truth can be expressed in the words of Christian Bible, "As a man soweth, so shall he also reap."Hercules, 108:Labor Two thoughts, taken out of the Christian Bible, summarize the lesson of this labor. In St.Hercules, 135:vibration, that of Uranus. The statement in the Bible which describes this impulse is expressed inHercules, 182:have been put upon the symbolism of the Bible. It has been thought that the sheep went to heavenHercules, 205:the writings of Fénelon and Augustine. The great Bible of God is ever open before mankind. - AlbertInitiation, 40:of the book," as it is called in the Christian Bible; they are known in the Christian world as theInitiation, 44:as related with approximate accuracy in the Bible story (though with much error in detail) has heInitiation, 56:of the World Teacher. He is well known in the Bible history, coming before us first as Joshua theInitiation, 106:the One Initiator, he who is called in the Bible "The Ancient of Days," and in the Hindu ScripturesInitiation, 116:(as it is rather inaccurately called in the Bible, where the description of its loosing of theInitiation, 196:home within the sun. Two verses in the Christian Bible hide something of this idea withinInitiation, 215:fire is the essence of the solar system. The Bible says: "Our God is a consuming fire." It is alsoIntellect, 93:on Christian mysticism, and many passages in the Bible of a similar nature will come readily toIntellect, 94:This is beautifully pictured for us in the Bible in the story of Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego.Intellect, 147:Let there be light! And there was light." - Bible We have laid down the general premise that modernIntellect, 225:by the "silver cord" mentioned in the Christian Bible, the sutratma or thread soul of the EasternMagic, 49:body. It [49] is called the "golden bowl" in the Bible and is distinguished by: Its light quality.Magic, 328:authority, whether that of a prophet, a bible or a theology. These are those who prefer obedienceMagic, 365:of things in the Heavens" as it is called in the Bible. He [366] must begin to work with the blueMagic, 414:It is a group therefore without a terminology or Bible of any kind; it has no creed nor anyMagic, 479:will come, as we are assured in the Christian Bible, when there "will be no more sea". Then theMeditation, 164:the Throne" as They are called in the Christian Bible. One of these mantrams, which causes contactMeditation, 193:for certain ends. You have in the Christian Bible the remnant of a tale which has descended to usMeditation, 266:which John, the beloved disciple, held in the Bible story. All these stages are governed by twoMeditation, 349:fire is the essence of the solar system. The Bible says: "Our God is a consuming fire." It is alsoPatanjali, 49:the Lord of the World, Who is mentioned in the Bible as the Ancient of Days, this "germ of allPatanjali, 59:that magnetic link, spoken of in the Christian Bible as the "silver cord," that thread of livingPatanjali, 182:correspondence to the ten Commandments of the Bible and cover the daily life of the aspirant, as itPatanjali, 273:Him..." (John I, 1, 2.) Here, in the Christian Bible, is the substance of the entire teaching, andPatanjali, 291:frequently to what is called the "Light." The Bible has many such passages as have all thePatanjali, 292:in the three temples found in the Christian Bible: The transitory ephemeral tabernacle in theProblems, 15:a scientific basis for the old statement in the Bible that "where there is no vision, the peopleProblems, 126:(deemed particularly applicable to the Christian Bible) is today completely exploded and with itProblems, 128:and the authenticity and historicity of the Bible. Problems, 145:Wisdom, those "just men, made perfect" (as the Bible calls them); Christ demonstrating for us theProblems, 154:Informing Life of our planet (called in the Bible the Ancient of Days) will stand finally revealedPsychology1, 276:the fact that God says thus and so, or the Bible ordains this, that or the other, does not satisfyPsychology2, 77:of material need. The period called in the Bible, that of "riotous living" on the part of thePsychology2, 97:as given to us under the symbolism of the Bible. But the theme in all the world Bibles is the same.Psychology2, 170:one thing at a time, - a person or a truth, a bible or his picture of his God, an appetite, aPsychology2, 184:necessitates a frank handling. We find in the Bible the words: "In Him we live and move and havePsychology2, 320:of God came in unto the daughters of men". (The Bible) The "corn of wheat falling into the ground".Rays, 64:as if drowning in the ocean. We are told in the Bible, and the thought is based on information toRays, 94:Shamballa in clearer terms. We are told in the Bible that Christ will come in the air, and that HeRays, 100:which bring about what is called in the Bible "the second death." It is not detachment as theRays, 130:the Ancient of Days (as He is called in the Bible), flows the unknown energy of which the threeRays, 192:noted. They are symbolically referred to in The Bible, though their essential meaning has not beenRays, 258:any of the world Scriptures and is found in The Bible. It has no reference to humility as usuallyRays, 696:nature, its last "three hours" according to the Bible story, typifying the three planes of [697]Reappearance, 67:the way for "the coming of His feet," as the Bible puts it (Heb., XII, 13.) Seeing life and eventsReappearance, 153:the churches have ever recognized this and the Bible has testified to it. "The stars in theirTelepathy, 20:is the basis of the condition spoken of in the Bible in connection with the greatest SensitiveTelepathy, 76:or have heard from Christian sources and the Bible. It is really the content of their rightTelepathy, 147:their agents, the glands. Hence the words in the Bible that "the blood is the life." As the race of
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