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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BIGGER

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Autobiography, 59:her eyes to keep the light out. She was so much bigger and broader in her views than were herDiscipleship2, 488:next life cycle, and their realization is often bigger than the present equipment of brain cellsExternalisation, 244:Thus the individual can play his part in the bigger whole, and his help is needed, and thus theFire, 987:cooperators, that is, he works (as far as the bigger purpose is involved) blindly andGlamour, 131:there can be no illusion. The idea is so much bigger than the idealist that humility saves him fromGlamour, 147:in the consciousness of the race that it is far bigger than the individual can possibly vision; theHealing, 92:many people habitually suffer. Their vision is bigger than their accomplishment, and this causesIntellect, 104:It is caused by the expulsive force of a new and bigger interest, and by the one-pointed attentionIntellect, 200:the needed qualifications. Most of us are bigger and wiser, and better equipped than we realize. WeMagic, 490:be so convinced of their correctness that the bigger whole is forgotten and he builds aProblems, 157:is likewise causing a revolt. Something bigger and larger than individual desire and liberation isPsychology1, 242:in the vegetable or the animal kingdom) is a far bigger one than we know, and should be approachedPsychology1, 273:of partisanship. The whole question is wider and bigger than any religious view or the moralPsychology2, 7:understanding and interpretation. With the bigger questions we will not deal. With the
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