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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BIRTH

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Bethlehem, 53:the Heavens. (St. Matt., XXIV, 30.) Just as the Birth at Bethlehem was ushered in by a Sign, thatBethlehem, 53:in by a Sign, that of the Star, so shall that birth towards which the race is hastening be likewiseBethlehem, 54:himself. By passing through the gate of the new birth, he can redeem the flesh in which thatBethlehem, 54:- Chapter Two - The First Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem IV. "And so it was, that, while theyBethlehem, 57:Mysteries to pass through the gateway of the new Birth into light, and walk thenceforthBethlehem, 57:the name Mary), the similarity in detail of the birth story, all indicate to us the constantBethlehem, 58:for the firm establishing of the law I come to birth in age after age. "He who thus perceives MyBethlehem, 58:in age after age. "He who thus perceives My birth and work as divine, as in truth it is... he goesBethlehem, 58:of a virgin mother. "In regard to the Virgin Birth it is significant that there is no reference toBethlehem, 58:is silent on the subject, though had the Virgin Birth then been an important tenet of the faith itBethlehem, 59:- Chapter Two - The First Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem Isis was often represented standingBethlehem, 59:study of the initiatory process and of the new birth could be made if the many references in theBethlehem, 59:the heights. The first and last initiations (the Birth into life and the Resurrection into "lifeBethlehem, 60:Let us enumerate some of these. There are (1) birth from a Virgin mother; (2) the birth in a stableBethlehem, 60:are (1) birth from a Virgin mother; (2) the birth in a stable (cave or underground chamber); andBethlehem, 61:Mid-summer Day, the 24th June, dedicated to the birth of the beloved disciple John, andBethlehem, 61:and Zarathustra were all of divine and human birth." - Esoteric Christianity, by Annie Besant, p.Bethlehem, 62:December is now the recognized festival of the birth of Jesus, but few are aware that this has notBethlehem, 62:says: 'On this day (i.e. 25th December) also the birth of Christ was lately fixed at Rome, in orderBethlehem, 62:and she remains a virgin after she has given birth to her Sun-child as the celestial Virgo remainsBethlehem, 62:- Chapter Two - The First Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem It is also interesting to rememberBethlehem, 63:it is clear that they were connected with the birth of the Sungod. At the time when the EnglishBethlehem, 63:Arthur Weigall, pp. 236, 237. At the time of the birth of Christ, Sirius, the Star in the East, wasBethlehem, 64:was started and had its being in Virgo (the birth of the Christ Child) is consummated in PiscesBethlehem, 64:to the fulfilment which shall come through birth and human incarnation. Truly the picture book ofBethlehem, 65:be noted here that the journey, preceding the birth, is also a part of the life-story of otherBethlehem, 65:would be on a journey at the time of her child's birth.' Therefore, 'that it might be fulfiledBethlehem, 65:was on a journey to her father, when lo, the birth of the Messiah took place under a tree. OneBethlehem, 65:a tree, and there, like the virgin Maya, gave birth to her son." - Bible Myths, by T. W. Doane, p.Bethlehem, 66:to submit Himself to the ordinary processes of birth and childhood. Christ came forth fromBethlehem, 66:was the destiny awaiting Him when He came to the Birth in Bethlehem. Then He entered upon theBethlehem, 66:- Chapter Two - The First Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem According to the concordance, theBethlehem, 67:the third Person of the Trinity, brings to the birth the second Aspect of the Trinity, in theBethlehem, 67:its true function, which is to bring to the birth the Christ in every form. When the turning of theBethlehem, 67:and journey to Bethlehem, there to give birth to the Savior. Finally there is Andromeda, the WomanBethlehem, 67:beauty and reality, ready to bring them to the birth. Finally, matter as the servant of that whichBethlehem, 68:[68] routine is the same - the journey, the new birth, the experience of life, the service to beBethlehem, 68:the point of entering the cave wherein the new birth can take place, and therefore one stage ofBethlehem, 68:and passing through the experience of the new birth, is ever one of the utmost difficulty andBethlehem, 70:- Chapter Two - The First Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem When Christ was born in Bethlehem, aBethlehem, 70:the significance of the Word spoken at the birth of Christ. Let us paraphrase the message of theBethlehem, 71:in every human heart, Who must be brought to birth. None of the Epistles in the New Testament makeBethlehem, 72:of men and causing them to move towards the birth chamber. From there they will pass into a newBethlehem, 72:- Chapter Two - The First Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem When they saw this star shine forth,Bethlehem, 73:to present to the Christ, at the time of the new birth, gifts which will be symbolic ofBethlehem, 74:to Christ. Pain is ever the accompaniment of birth. Suffering is found. within every birth chamber.Bethlehem, 74:of birth. Suffering is found. within every birth chamber. The realization of this awakens theBethlehem, 74:suffering and agony. May it not indicate the birth pangs which precede the revelation of theBethlehem, 75:- Chapter Two - The First Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem V. The account of Christ's childhoodBethlehem, 77:the place of duty. In this case, and after the Birth initiation, for a period of thirty years, weBethlehem, 79:- Chapter Two - The First Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem Through love and loving practice weBethlehem, 80:us, when we take the first step toward the new birth? What is a holy man? Wholeness, unity,Bethlehem, 81:of the man who knows that, in himself, the new birth has not yet taken place, but who feels inBethlehem, 81:relative and temporary uncertainty. This new birth is no mystical dream; neither is it a lovelyBethlehem, 81:through the experiment of initiation. The new birth is as much a natural event and as much a resultBethlehem, 81:a result of the evolutionary process as is the birth of a child into the world of physical life.Bethlehem, 82:known through the process of bringing it to the birth upon the plane of daily living; and,Bethlehem, 82:soul. How can this truth of the soul and the new birth be experienced, so simply and so practicallyBethlehem, 83:living whole. The Virgin Mary is ready to give birth to her Son. The long journey draws to a close,Bethlehem, 83:by W. R. Inge, p. 66. We are summoned to the new birth. Our personalities are now alive withBethlehem, 93:our seeing all that there is to be seen. The new birth brought us to the point where we becameBethlehem, 93:consciousness of men; we pass through the new birth into a world which is governed by a higherBethlehem, 95:begins to germinate in him, and at the [95] birth at Bethlehem this awareness becomes manifestedBethlehem, 95:a higher spiritual factor and brought to the birth another kingdom in nature, the fifth. Christ,Bethlehem, 99:higher values, of the deeper truths, and of the birth unto life, leads to Jordan, and so ChristBethlehem, 100:endless pairs of opposites. We pass through the Birth initiation somewhat unconsciously. The fullBethlehem, 105:first step into this kingdom is through the new Birth. The second step is through the baptism ofBethlehem, 106:spiritual man, for God made flesh, and for the birth of that which the material nature carried andBethlehem, 107:entered by those who have passed through the new birth, and gone down to Jordan. The citizenship ofBethlehem, 132:- through it my delusion is gone. "For the birth and the passing of beings have been heard by me atBethlehem, 136:mean the most to the seeker after truth, are the birth into the kingdom, that august moment whenBethlehem, 136:three mentioned above stand out clearly. At the Birth in Bethlehem we have the appearance of God,Bethlehem, 137:episodes the whole story of initiation is told; birth, subsequent purification in order that rightBethlehem, 137:the process as follows: 1st Initiation New Birth Initiation Beginning Appearance 3rd InitiationBethlehem, 145:the "Mother aspect." We saw, when studying the Birth initiation, that the Virgin Mary (even whenBethlehem, 150:faces. Three kneeling kings or magi attended the birth initiation. At this crisis there were threeBethlehem, 158:have not yet, as a race, passed through the new birth; the Jordan experience is only attained asBethlehem, 159:More and more men will pass through the birth chamber, enter the stream and climb the mountain,Bethlehem, 161:and St. John tells us in his Gospel that the new birth is [162] dependent upon belief in Christ,Bethlehem, 162:of the world," (Rev., XIII, 8.) then the new birth becomes possible, for the life of that universalBethlehem, 162:tense, and does not relate the blood to the new birth or to the Crucifixion, or make it a factor inBethlehem, 163:reality. It is the Christ life which, at the new birth, comes to fuller expression, and from crisisBethlehem, 180:there will never be a time when the story of the birth and the death of the world Savior will notBethlehem, 183:the times and the seasons. We saw how in the Birth at Bethlehem the date was fixed astronomicallyBethlehem, 183:factors determining the doctrine of the Virgin birth. [184] Another instance can here be given toBethlehem, 184:called the Assumption of the Virgin and the Birth of the Virgin Mary. One is celebrated on AugustBethlehem, 184:the rays of the sun. This is spoken of as the birth of the Virgin. Easter Day is always decidedBethlehem, 198:be an historical character) is guilty from his birth of original sin, in addition to later sinsBethlehem, 201:the Way that they must go - from the cave of Birth to the mount of Transfiguration, and on to theBethlehem, 211:for the theological doctrine of the Virgin Birth. We have fought over the doctrines whereby menBethlehem, 217:might be regarded as the reward of the new birth, for it has a physical significance, and we areBethlehem, 218:which cherishes and nurtures the son and gives birth to him in Bethlehem. In these words Christ,Bethlehem, 218:says: Son, recognize who is to give thee birth at Bethlehem, the one who shelters and guards theBethlehem, 218:mother, the material form which has given Him birth. Christ stands midway between the two - theBethlehem, 237:pass through the five great experiences from the Birth to the Resurrection. The uniqueness ofBethlehem, 243:is the death of what is born, and certain is the birth of what dies; therefore, deign not to grieveBethlehem, 249:the eternal career of the soul, which precedes birth and proceeds after death. Life in the flesh isBethlehem, 254:achievement, The Great Expectation then is that Birth into the Deathless Race may be realized hereBethlehem, 254:of great crisis for the race. We are seeing the birth of a new and deathless race - a race in whichBethlehem, 259:process of initiation from the moment of the new birth into the kingdom to that of the final
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