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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BIRTH

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Hercules, 21:episode in his career is his marriage and the birth of three children, a symbolic way of expressingHercules, 33:spiritual activity, which later leads to the birth of the Christ child, in Virgo, to that of theHercules, 35:the feminine aspect of the mind as it gives birth to ideas, to theories and to concepts. TheHercules, 35:of the infant Christ, the Virgin Mary gives birth to Jesus. In Pisces, at the close of the greatHercules, 37:illusion. Instead of these brood mares giving birth to ideas and concepts which have their originHercules, 81:the incarnating human being enters, through birth in Cancer, into the human kingdom. Cancer is aHercules, 86:means "only begotten"; it stands, therefore, for birth into incarnation, or, in relation to theHercules, 86:or, in relation to the aspirant, for the new birth. The month of June, in ancient Egypt was calledHercules, 87:refers. Capricorn, the fourth arm, again is birth, the birth of the world savior, birth into theHercules, 87:Capricorn, the fourth arm, again is birth, the birth of the world savior, birth into the spiritualHercules, 87:again is birth, the birth of the world savior, birth into the spiritual kingdom, birth out of theHercules, 87:world savior, birth into the spiritual kingdom, birth out of the world of matter into the world ofHercules, 88:of the individual and, in Capricorn, the birth of a world savior. Definitely, therefore, itHercules, 89:universal soul. Cancer was originally called the birth month of Jesus. Capricorn is, as we know,Hercules, 89:month of Jesus. Capricorn is, as we know, the birth month of the Christ, and on the twenty-fifth ofHercules, 89:twenty-fifth of December down the centuries the birth of the world savior has been celebrated; butHercules, 89:the story of the manger. In connection with the birth of Jesus two asses appear, the one on whichHercules, 89:the Virgin rode down to Bethlehem, prior to the birth, and the other on which she rode to Egypt,Hercules, 89:the other on which she rode to Egypt, after the birth. Close to the sign Cancer are two brightHercules, 90:on the summit of the mount in Capricorn, the birth not the consummation of the world savior.Hercules, 101:being. In Cancer, which is the sign of physical birth and of the identification of the unit withHercules, 115:before that in which the Child is brought to birth, the sign which will see many take initiation.Hercules, 119:laid the emphasis again and again on the new birth rather than on blood sacrifice. The esotericHercules, 123:into Christ births," which is the climax of the birth of the latent Christ-consciousness in Virgo.Hercules, 162:the completion of the prenatal period before the birth of the Christ in Capricorn in December. ItHercules, 164:it is the period immediately preceding the birth of the Christ. The Spirit of Truth Sagittarius, weHercules, 219:Approximately two thousand years before the birth of Christ, astronomers tell us, the sun passedHercules, 221:the Virgin, celebrated on August 15th, and the Birth of the Virgin on September 8th. Each year theHercules, 221:the sun and reappearing. This we speak of as the birth of the Virgin. Two other indications can beHercules, 226:is consummated in Capricorn, the tenth sign, the birth sign of all the sun gods. On the Path ofHercules, 227:the preparation for the first initiation, the birth of the Christ, called in Christianity the birthHercules, 227:birth of the Christ, called in Christianity the birth of the Christ in the heart. This is aInitiation, 63:life. The first initiation, corresponding to the birth hour. The Probationary Path corresponds toInitiation, 64:dormant. Now it is fostered and brought to the birth and the first initiation is attained. WhilstInitiation, 84:however: At the first initiation, that of the birth of the Christ, the heart center is the oneInitiation, 84:initiate Jesus. Many years elapsed between the Birth and the Baptism, but the remaining three stepsInitiation, 114:has eyes which are perfectly good and clear from birth, yet there comes a day wherein the consciousIntellect, 96:the surface and so contact the idea which gave birth to the form. Gradually, as he gains practiceIntellect, 167:Unfettered I of time, of habitude. I know no birth, I know no death that chills; I fear no fate,Intellect, 260:of concern among those who study our falling birth rate. Transmutation is not surely the [261]Magic, 273:ensue. The analogy is close - as you well know. Birth is preceded by the "breaking of the waters"Magic, 296:aspiration. Thus liberation from the wheel of birth is brought about and a man is freed from theMagic, 327:strengthen and grow until it, in its turn, gives birth to that (for us) [328] ultimate formulationMagic, 352:lain dormant. Now it is fostered and brought to birth, and the first initiation is [353] attained.Magic, 353:were spent by the disciple Jesus between the birth and baptism. The remaining three initiationsMagic, 353:the wheel of life. First initiation - i.e. the birth hour. The path is, therefore, a path on whichMagic, 435:in which the Sun is posited at the time of birth. The rising sign to which the man should respond.Magic, 436:of this intricate science may understand. The birth month indicates the day of opportunity. TheMagic, 438:a man has arrived at this point in evolution, birth months, mundane astrology, and the influencesMagic, 456:it is with the concepts and the ideas which give birth to a thought-form. These occult formulasMagic, 533:and some unconsciously, and this we call birth, appearance, incarnation, manifestation. ImmediatelyMagic, 568:the organs of elimination, of rejection and of birth, thus having special relation to the organs ofMagic, 625:those who can materialize the plan and bring to birth the new age and its attendant wonders. To doPatanjali, 112:(or samskaras) exist, their fruition will be birth, life, and experiences resulting in pleasure orPatanjali, 144:(or samkaras) exist, their fruition will be birth, life, and experiences resulting in pleasure orPatanjali, 145:no longer flows downwards. The three words birth, life and experience sum up human existence, itsPatanjali, 308:the natural physiological process and the birth of the Christ in the cave of the heart. Herein liesPatanjali, 329:the organs of elimination, of rejection and of birth, thus having [330] special relation to thePatanjali, 332:the four crises or points of control from the birth to the crucifixion. Thus the "udana" or upwardPatanjali, xiii:the Christ, "It is finished." The date of the birth of Patanjali is unknown and there is a goodProblems, 61:religious differences are largely a matter of birth; that if a man is born in Italy, theProblems, 96:in every country; within the nation of their birth, they preserved intact their own racialProblems, 127:Christian symbol, the teaching about the Virgin Birth and the picture of an angry Deity onlyProblems, 128:how far He was human, the nature of the Virgin Birth, the function of St. Paul as a teacher ofProblems, 147:experience, the Christ in them will come to the birth and they will become "new men". It will beProblems, 151:to take a great step forward and undergo the new birth. The method whereby a man could enter intoPsychology1, 122:of passing out. Simultaneously with the cyclic birth and emergence of a new ray is the slow returnPsychology1, 163:Venus. Indigo. Blue. Bronze. IV Conflict. Birth of Horus. Intensity of struggle. Hatha Yoga, thePsychology1, 169:karmic conditions demand it, for the moment of birth for every individual is fixed in accordancePsychology1, 187:religion in which they, by an accident of birth or by choice, are interested, regarding eachPsychology1, 206:outcome, when satisfactory, is spoken of as the "Birth of Horus," of the Christ, born from thePsychology1, 266:enact and re-enact, repeating the drama of birth, death and resurrection. In this ray activity willPsychology1, 283:This is due to the modern understanding of birth control methods and secondly to the increasedPsychology1, 291:of God," said the Christ. This is the second birth, and from that moment vision comes withPsychology1, 291:with those of the soul, resulting in the birth of the Christ. Great is the glory of man andPsychology1, 299:the informing Life of a solar system, with the birth of an animal, or with the appearance of aPsychology1, 299:always, therefore, relation, at-one-ment and birth. These three words deal with the truePsychology1, 313:We shall see what is called symbolically "the birth of the Christ," or the [314] second birth,Psychology1, 314:"the birth of the Christ," or the [314] second birth, taking place in many lives, producing onPsychology1, 314:through a period of gestation - is now giving birth to the Christ, within the animal stable and inPsychology1, 394:teaching about the virgin mother who should give birth to the Messiah. In every grouping, - whetherPsychology2, 303:broods over, guards and eventually brings to the birth the Christ aspect. Lives are changedPsychology2, 306:expressed these three stages for us at the Birth experience, the Transfiguration enlightenment, andPsychology2, 336:racial history. This primitive stage saw the birth of that religious direction to which we give thePsychology2, 357:walks with each human being from the moment of birth until death, embodying as much of thePsychology2, 421:The right culture of the body nature after birth and the development in the child of a positivePsychology2, 550:governments to offset the rapidly falling birth rate in their countries. The above summation of theRays, 6:the same one fact in nature: The bringing to the birth of the Christ within. The shining forth ofRays, 117:Climaxing on the Path of Initiation...the birth of the Christ. Producing intelligent activity.Rays, 279:and the two initiations of the threshold (the Birth and Baptism of the Christian Mysteries) hasRays, 333:are well-nigh over and the hour of the birth of the Christ as an expression of the fourth kingdomRays, 333:is at hand. This there is no gainsaying; the birth hour may be long and the form may be "in labor"Rays, 340:rays. You have, therefore: [340] Initation 1. Birth Sacral center 7th ray Physical plane BeginningsRays, 436:have already taken the first initiation, the birth of the Christ in the cave of the heart. ThatRays, 484:the first initiation. This simply connotes the birth of the infant Christ within the heart,Rays, 532:based on externalization. Initiation 1 - The Birth. Initiation 2 - The Baptism. SymbolicRays, 567:and the Major Initiations Initiation I - The Birth at Bethlehem - Ray VII The Energy of Order orRays, 569:can today pass through the experience of the Birth Initiation. Thousands of human beings canRays, 569:Thousands of human beings can experience the birth of the Christ within themselves and can realizeRays, 569:the Christ consciousness are theirs. This "new birth" initiation of the human family will take
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