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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BISHOP

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Autobiography, 109:been ordained and been given a charge under the Bishop of San Joaquin in California. This turnedAutobiography, 109:out to be a wonderful thing for me, for the Bishop and his wife became my true friends. I stillAutobiography, 114:in the face. She went back home and shortly the Bishop came down. I wish I could convey in theseAutobiography, 114:the kindness, goodness and understanding of Bishop Sanford. The first time I had met him he hadAutobiography, 114:women. To my amazement I discovered it was the Bishop and this act was just like him. MuchAutobiography, 114:color. I was closer to the city in which the Bishop and his wife lived and saw more of them. IAutobiography, 117:now confronted us. It was impossible for the Bishop to give Walter Evans a charge. The only fundsAutobiography, 121:treat me with ordinary decency eventually the Bishop would endeavor to get him another charge inAutobiography, 121:would not be handicapped by his past, though the bishop of that diocese would, of course, have toAutobiography, 121:to Walter, after having a long talk with the Bishop. I made him see that his fate [122] did lie inAutobiography, 123:to be so mediocre, with the exception of the Bishop. He was a saint but then, I argued, he wouldAutobiography, 124:kind of life, if I remember correctly, I saw the Bishop again and told him that Walter had behavedAutobiography, 124:told him that Walter had behaved himself. The Bishop then very kindly set in to find a place whereAutobiography, 125:country to whom I could go and (apart from the Bishop and his wife) no friends to whom I cared toAutobiography, 125:let them know how serious the situation was. The Bishop wanted to write to my people and let themAutobiography, 144:with the Y.M.C.A., to France and my friend, the Bishop, arranged that I should have an allotment ofAutobiography, 201:said he would have to get permission of the Bishop and this permission was refused and the rectorAutobiography, 201:I got a divorce with the full approval of the Bishop and clergy in the diocese because they knewAutobiography, 201:wrong with the Episcopal Church here because a bishop of this [202] church said to me once, "Don'tBethlehem, 76:Jerusalem which John saw, and her 12 gates." - Bishop Rabanus Manrus, A.D. 857. All these
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