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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BIT

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Atom, 19:integral part of the whole. [19] We see a little bit of it here, and another little bit there, butAtom, 19:see a little bit of it here, and another little bit there, but the whole grandeur of the idea isAutobiography, 54:hard work it was, though I found I loved every bit of it. The first months were the hardest. It isAutobiography, 68:bluntly, one night at dinner, that I was not a bit as smug and holy as I looked and that he had anAutobiography, 103:hat. He had known me ever since I was a little bit of a girt and when we got to the station, he gotAutobiography, 110:helped me. I have an idea that I was not a bit charming. I was rather " 'igh and 'aughty," veryAutobiography, 114:of fury, life was beginning to take on a little bit more color. I was closer to the city in whichAutobiography, 144:results and I was beginning to get a little bit known as a student. It was suggested to me that inAutobiography, 146:from my purpose; I really love people; I'm not a bit proud. I have a reputation of pride but IDiscipleship2, 714:with your group service. You work a little bit in some department of the group activity, and thenDiscipleship2, 726:and have had them both. That was the one clear bit of spiritual thinking you have done in thisGlamour, 44:(for his strengthening and cheer) that every bit of glamor dissipated and every illusion recognizedHercules, 128:wise are too often full of solemnity and a bit stodgy, but wisdom should be "enthusiastic".Hercules, 164:and the other. One-pointed, yes. But a little bit of the truth. Just so much of the truth as yourHercules, 164:mountain until you have seen where your little bit of truth forms part of the group mosaic. That isInitiation, 125:but he knows what is to [125] be the immediate bit of the plan - involving maybe several of hisInitiation, 183:- the next point to be reached, and the next bit of work to be accomplished is pointed out by theIntellect, 232:it is too intellectual and mental and not a bit spiritual." What they really mean is something likeMagic, 527:to learn to seize his midway points in the tiny bit of magical and creative work which he isMagic, 633:the new age, they are not truly so. They see a bit of the vision and have grasped the theory butPatanjali, 326:as a man born in misery considers even a small bit of wealth a pile of wealth. But a yogin whosePsychology2, 360:weaves for the future, forgetting that his tiny bit of weaving is an intrinsic part of a greatPsychology2, 722:Servers will (metaphorically speaking) take the bit between his teeth, and this will producePsychology2, 746:you. It is for us, who perhaps know a little bit [747] more about the Plan than they do, to do theSoul, 19:interesting book as follows: "The most precious bit of knowledge we possess today about Man is thatSoul, 98:Prana must not be confounded with the Ego - that bit of Divine Spirit in every soul, around which
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