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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BITTER

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Astrology, 82:- a Cross of blinding light, of fiery pain, of bitter woe, and yet the Cross of liberation. It is aAutobiography, 91:am today what many, many lives of experience and bitter lessons have made me. I'm sure that theAutobiography, 208:to keep up certain appearances is a far more bitter experience than many other types of poverty.Bethlehem, ix:When, at Gethsemane, I prayed alone That a more bitter cup might be withdrawn, Ye could not watchBethlehem, 228:subjection: in the case of Jesus it meant the bitter suffering of death. Both count as serving,Discipleship1, 156:and be not influenced by those whose hearts are bitter or whose tongues are cruel. Life isDiscipleship2, 189:is prepared always to accept, for he knows from bitter experience how true it is; he lives in theDiscipleship2, 644:his life experience. It is ever a hard and bitter test, going to the very roots of his life, andDiscipleship2, 649:of the varied experiences which they convey, the bitter piling up of pain and distress, and theExternalisation, 483:and express the enlightenment gained by the bitter experience of the past, then humanity will riseFire, 472:utilized, much suffering will eventuate and much bitter experience will be undergone. When it isHealing, 215:in [215] the earlier stages, and as a result of bitter experience and of conscious effort in theHealing, 512:developing their characteristics and buying the bitter experience of blindness and ignorance. ThisHealing, 596:forces - of a general nature or confined to a bitter fight in a particular area - produces so muchHercules, 75:and gave up satisfying himself. He had had two bitter lessons in this sign and for this particularHercules, 126:tracks of the fierce boar; up to the heights and bitter cold he followed it, and yet he saw it not.Hercules, 133:fashion his spiritual certainties out of his own bitter conflicts. The constant weighing andMagic, 264:comes of even that masterpiece of many lives, bitter indeed is the cup to drink, and unutterablyMagic, 350:in every possible way and taught much through bitter experience. They are taught to attach noMeditation, 41:of the idealists (right or wrong) and their bitter warfare. What was the world war but theMeditation, 60:result of self-effort, of hard struggle and of bitter experience is of permanent and lasting value.Meditation, 60:success, through hardly won victories, and the bitter hours that succeed defeat - adjusts himselfProblems, 96:at the situation of the Jews, prior to the bitter and unpardonable attack made upon them by HitlerPsychology2, 619:with love when occasion occurs; refuse to become bitter over the pain which the group occasions andRays, 626:conditions have been assured. Germany has a bitter price to pay because her immaturity and childishRays, 762:dregs. The contents of the cup are changed; the bitter now becomes the sweet; the fiery essence
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