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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BLACK

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Healing, 229:sacral center, artificially brought about by the Black Lodge, and which produced many unholyHealing, 486:evil and the disastrous setback suffered by the Black Lodge), the astral plane will slowly become aHealing, 669:the source of evil (not of imperfection), the Black Lodge. Energy follows thought, and the spokenHealing, 669:and far-reaching effects, upon humanity. The Black Lodge is the problem of the White Lodge, and notHealing, 705:work real damage. May I remind you here that the Black Lodge initiates likewise heal or produceHealing, 705:as effective physically. The members of the Black Lodge, or healers working under its influence,Healing, 706:unthinking man is concerned, the danger of "black" interference is nil; the dark forces do notHealing, 706:path of pure selfishness. This path leads to the Black Lodge. Some disciple in the early part ofHercules, 35:Christ comes forth riding upon a white horse. Black horses represent the lower mind, with its falseHercules, 131:that there are innumerable gradations between black and white, he is seldom inclined to be anHercules, 152:of the soul through the medium of the form. Black magic is the use of form in order to gain what weHercules, 152:form in order to gain what we want for the form. Black magic is unadulterated selfishness. WhiteHercules, 170:with threatening mien, sat stiffly on his jet black throne as Hercules approached. "What seek you,Initiation, 56:is tall and spare with rather a long thin face, black hair, pale complexion and piercing blue eyes.Initiation, 58:He is rather a small, spare man, with pointed black beard, and smooth black hair, and does not takeInitiation, 58:spare man, with pointed black beard, and smooth black hair, and does not take as many pupils as doInitiation, 219:The Kali-yuga is the present age. It means the "Black Age," a period of 432,000 years. KarmaMagic, 76:word in gold superimposed over three symbols in black, rose and green. Thus are the secrets guardedMagic, 126:consummation. You ask, whether workers in black magic possess not an equal power? I answer, no.Magic, 126:destruction and disaster in their wake, and the black magician is eventually submerged in theMagic, 229:activity. On one path, he becomes proficient in black magic, which is only the developed powers ofMagic, 231:all the above enumerated factors, plus the black forces arrayed against the Elder Brothers, canMagic, 239:destroyed will dominate him and turn him into a black magician. You oft have been told that fear isMagic, 303:struggle. The vista he sees before him appears black and forbidding and full of cataclysmicMagic, 381:naturally physical polarization. The work of the black adepts and the followers of the left handMagic, 382:have one of the causes of the appearing of [382] black and white magic, and one of the reasons ofMagic, 472:will, if he follows them, escape the dangers of black magic, and learn to build in line with theMagic, 481:the use of thought, that the difference between black and white magic can be seen. Selfishness,Magic, 518:so carefully guarded? Because the efficacy of black magic is found right here. There is a pointMagic, 518:is found right here. There is a point where both black and white magic employ necessarily oneMagic, 519:is all that concerns them. Both white and black magicians, as you see, employ the lower interlude,Magic, 519:seeks to carry out the divine plan, whilst the black magician works from the level of the intellectMagic, 543:to a group of workers in matter whom we call Black Magicians; they are highly developedMagic, 544:final break or division between the so-called black and white forces, for this particular worldMagic, 544:ours and those who will differentiate into the black and the white forces will be so unlike what weMagic, 544:problem. Let it be remembered that the true black magician (I refer not here to a person with aMagic, 544:(I refer not here to a person with a tendency to black magic) is a soulless entity. He is a beingMagic, 545:and self-centeredness. What the ignorant call a black magician on the physical plane is only someMagic, 545:or woman sensitive to or en rapport with a true black magician on the astral plane. ThisMagic, 552:material element. They will be of the nature of black magic. Again the four appear: The thinker.Magic, 610:to work as magicians but on what is called the black side, for the same rules of magical work holdMagic, 610:impulse differs. But with the work of the black magician we have naught to do. That which they doMeditation, 71:the universe. We seek not to develop Masters of Black Arts and specialists in ruthlessMeditation, 92:to the hindrance of spiritual growth, - the black magicians, the dark brothers, and other forcesMeditation, 132:and often falls. It may take the form of a black cloud of emotional matter, of some dark emotionMeditation, 192:of this knowledge that much of what we call black art or evil magic is based. By means ofMeditation, 353:The Kali-yuga is the present age. It means the "Black Age", a period of 432,000 years. [354] KarmaPatanjali, 140:or the matter (mother) aspect. The basis of black magic. True mahayoga [141] has to do with thePatanjali, 200:so-called occult schools. The latter are on the black path and do not lead to the portal ofPatanjali, 222:magician or occultist. They are dealt with in black magic, and consist of the brain, the lungs, thePatanjali, 222:heart, the spleen and the generative organs. The black magician definitely utilizes these physicalPatanjali, 223:of men and women who obstruct the path of the black magician or are regarded by him as enemies.Patanjali, 347:is the distinguishing characteristic of the black and the white magician alike. It necessarilyPatanjali, 380:power or mantric incantations are the tools of black magic and concern the lower powers. ThePatanjali, 390:is evil, wicked and depraved. This is called black. This class of action is the product of thePatanjali, 390:to the left hand path, and the practice of black magic. Though this condition involves the severingPatanjali, 391:all good nor all bad, which is spoken of as the black-white. It concerns the karmic activity of thePatanjali, 391:and the result of hate. Vyasa says: "The black-white is brought about by external means, as inPatanjali, 392:The final type of karma is described as neither black nor white. No karma of any kind isPatanjali, 393:and come to completion. If the karmic seeds are black, the man will be grossly selfish, material,Patanjali, 393:material, and inclined to the left hand path; if black-white, they will carry him into a formProblems, 106:though much good also came out of it for the black race. The story of these relationships is stillProblems, 107:man, the impact of the white races [107] on the "black continent" has brought great evolutionaryProblems, 108:they do in the midst of an overpoweringly vast black population. In the West and in America, theProblems, 108:the antagonism between the white people and the black races is ended; between the two of themProblems, 110:within a civilized land. Unless both races, the black and the white, approach the problem of theirProblems, 113:best and soundest thinkers in both the white and black races at this time deplore mixed marriages.Psychology1, 9:of thought that the cleavage comes between black and white magic. It is in the use of thought powerPsychology1, 9:and therefore it is true that there is no black magic, per se, until one reaches the realm of mind.Psychology1, 9:one reaches the realm of mind. No one can be a black magician until the will and the thought workPsychology1, 9:mind can be seen. It has oft been said the black magician is rare, indeed, and that is verily true,Psychology1, 10:becomes organized) to the left hand path of black magic. Psychology1, 74:But the work of the destroyer is not the work of black magic, and when ignorant humanity regardsPsychology1, 74:humanity regards Antichrist as working on the black side, their error is great. His work is asPsychology1, 75:makes him regard the work of the destroyer as "black," as being against the divine will, and asPsychology1, 75:representatives, is indeed worthy of the word "black"; but it is not applicable to the work ofPsychology1, 75:It might be added that the work of the black forces wells up from below, whilst the work of thePsychology1, 359:predominance was on the side of selfish [359] or black magic). The white magician works with thePsychology1, 386:concerns only the soul or subjective aspect. The black forces, so called, are nowhere rampant inPsychology1, 419:Planet: Saturn. Day: Saturday. Exoteric Color: Black. Esoteric Color: Green. Human Principle: LowerPsychology2, 43:good of the Whole and not the part. Ray Seven Black magic, or the use of magical powers for selfishPsychology2, 60:and who are called (by those who know no better) Black Magicians, Evil Forces and Devils. DivinityPsychology2, 167:all beauty is followed by the rain. The sky is black. Ruin is seen. Then death... Later, anotherPsychology2, 377:of the lower kind - sex magic and many forms of black magic. He is glamored by the beauty of hisPsychology2, 389:activity into what is called (by esotericists) black and white magic. It is interesting also toPsychology2, 389:indeed who swings into the field of so-called black magic. This indicates, does it not, my brother,Psychology2, 471:as a curious attempt of what are called the "black forces" to deceive and hoodwink well-meaningPsychology2, 471:of discipline has been so good that the black forces are interested sufficiently to attempt toPsychology2, 723:and lack of perspective), may call evil or black forces. In worldly parlance, these forces arePsychology2, 723:are connected, with what is regarded as the black side of nature and of energy. They are wielded byRays, 14:struggle the Great White Lodge and the Black Lodge and opens the door to great contending energiesRays, 155:life a definite control of energy (and this the black adept also possesses), purity of motiveRays, 155:also possesses), purity of motive (which the black adept can likewise have, if by purity of motiveRays, 155:intent), deep love of humanity (which the black adept never has), selflessness, willingness toRays, 156:perhaps, in rare cases, finding his way into the Black Lodge. The major liability of the averageRays, 186:distortion of the will or first aspect. Thus the Black Lodge was founded. It fed upon human desireRays, 187:power of material desire, focused in the Black Lodge, both feeding human desire and drawing a formRays, 187:Both the great White Lodge and its opponent, the Black Lodge, increased steadily in potency.Rays, 188:and implemented, fed and sustained by the Black Lodge, was the appearance of glamor upon the astralRays, 188:became active and instructed opponents of the Black Lodge and intelligent wielders of energy as it
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