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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BLAZES

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Astrology, 104:for this is that when the Sun is exalted and blazes forth in all its glory, [105] the other lesserDiscipleship1, 308:done this, seek then to see the symbol which blazes forth from the brow of each of them. EachDiscipleship1, 652:gold untouched." 4th month - "The burning fire blazes forth in all three worlds and all threeDiscipleship2, 15:Behind the warriors - twixt the light and dark - blazes the light of Hierarchy." I have beenFire, 231:are fused, and the consequent solar fire blazes forth in radiant glory. Extend this idea from man,Fire, 315:phenomena are demonstrated, and the light blazes forth, irradiating the causal body, and lightingFire, 479:light temporarily, until it again emerges and blazes forth. More detailed elucidation will not beFire, 523:there is a similar [523] condition. Solar fire blazes forth in its electrical aspect on the secondFire, 528:space - that illusion or maya which temporarily blazes forth, and attracts attention, creating theFire, 542:when the electric spark at the innermost center blazes out and can be seen, the [543] entire causalFire, 697:place on the atmic plane; the five-pointed star "blazes forth from within itself" as the esotericFire, 731:and rendered radiatory by the fire of mind) blazes forth in perfected glory, so that naught is seenFire, 1119:seen at the final Initiation. The Jewel of fire blazes forth as seven jewels within the one, or asFire, 1271:fire of God, He treads the burning-ground, and blazes forth to those who watch as a radiant flamingHercules, 68:we are told, there comes a moment when a star blazes forth before the initiate, signifying hisInitiation, 16:buddhic and atmic planes; the five-pointed star "blazes forth from within Itself," as the esotericMagic, 397:obliterated in the light of the soul when that blazes forth in all its glory. When this stage ofMagic, 567:the medium of the vital body, then a fire blazes forth when the gaseous energy of the densePsychology1, 70:that point of high attainment, a higher vision blazes forth before the opened inner eye. The threePsychology2, 270:personality perfectly blended so that the light blazes forth and the great Approaches between soul
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