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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BLEND

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Fire, 143:Ray, the great principle of Buddhi seeking to blend with the principle of Intelligence, isFire, 148:desired period, and later to abstract them, and blend them again with their spiritual source. HenceFire, 164:sixth and seventh subraces will synthesize and blend that which the earlier five have wrought out.Fire, 184:of matter and the fire of mind have begun to blend (a slow and gradual process), the web itself isFire, 198:is attracted and repulsed. When the two [198] blend, the stimulation is greatly increased and theFire, 232:beyond their own immediate spheres. Fuse and blend the two fires so as to produce perfectly theFire, 232:produce perfectly the central fire, solar fire. Blend Spirit and matter so that a body is producedFire, 236:Men find Their magnetic opposites, and fuse and blend. First this takes place between Themselves,Fire, 258:His polar opposite; thirdly to [258] merge and blend with that polar opposite. This is the cosmicFire, 276:matter. The tendency of Spirit is to merge and blend with Spirit. Form repulses form, and thusFire, 311:and the electric fire of spirit meet and blend, and form appears. Form is the result of the desireFire, 328:buddhic plane, and portions of both hierarchies blend and merge so as to form the body of theFire, 360:[360] then will the Logos of our system begin to blend and merge and coordinate all His vehicles;Fire, 405:of its opposite pole, intelligent substance, to blend with it. The meeting of these two polarities,Fire, 476:forces of the Agnishvattas, that emanate, that blend, and thus produce the needed warmth. He whoFire, 514:form of five rays of parti-colored light which blend with the intensely vivid hue of the astralFire, 514:positive center - also approach each other, blend, merge, and dissolve. The center of positive lifeFire, 538:of his own particular Heavenly Man, they all blend and merge. The [539] inner three which completeFire, 566:forth by those who are self-conscious and are a blend of mind, spirit and objective form. Only theFire, 690:that plane and the egoic groups appear. They blend in latency the three types of electricity, andFire, 697:where the three, the four and the five blend and merge perfectly. Confusion on this point arisesFire, 698:type of electrical force; their work is to blend and fuse, and above all else they are theFire, 740:period wherein the lesser four Rays merge and blend, seeking duality, and their polar opposites.Fire, 876:of form, and the electricity of Life itself must blend and meet before the true Man (whether Logos,Fire, 890:literal sense, for they all interpenetrate and blend, in the same manner as man's physical body isFire, 912:the two planes, astral and physical, merge and blend, and continuity of consciousness isFire, 1002:RULE IV Sound, light, vibration, and the form blend and merge, and thus the work is one. ItFire, 1016:are three in number: [1016] First, those which blend the two notes, add a third, and thus call intoFire, 1026:completed. Let the magician chant the words that blend the fire and water. Little can here be saidFire, 1026:subplane, the liquid, is near. The two must blend. This is the moment of the greatest danger, asFire, 1038:the seventh at this time. When students learn to blend the one hundred year cycles of the firstFire, 1044:is the basis of the spiral-cyclic activity, blend and merge. The ring-pass-not of the confiningFire, 1158:of a positive fire. As the various types of fire blend, merge, and circulate, they gain thereby andFire, 1178:the words: "The points of golden flame merge and blend with the four-leaved plant of tender green,Fire, 1241:of energy are indicated, - seven streams which blend and merge to form one Path. It should also beGlamour, 32:and the surrounding aura which they constitute blend and merge with the world glamor and fog andGlamour, 184:are many natural intuitives whose work is a blend of the higher psychism with flashes of trueGlamour, 196:of the soul. Later still, he learns to fuse and blend soul light and material light. Then he shinesGlamour, 260:of sound and this myriad of chords and notes blend with the music of the Hierarchy itself and thisHealing, 6:integrates and the auras of the group members blend. It takes a little time for people to learn toHealing, 126:for many lives - until he learns to fuse and blend the two expressions. Then the dual life of theHealing, 139:five stages above mentioned. These all merge and blend into each other, and often constitute aHealing, 180:impulse towards fusion, and this urge to blend we call sex. Sex is, in reality, the instinctHealing, 183:and can arouse the basic center, and with it blend, unify and raise the three fires. [184] One ofHealing, 308:has been rightly trained in its use. It is a blend of mental and spiritual perception and isHealing, 312:remind you, as well, that today people are a blend of the three states of energy which we callHealing, 314:only method (which I may later elaborate) is to blend the directed will of the patient and of theHealing, 317:the first and the fourth groupings and is a blend, usually, of the factors descriptive of both. ItHealing, 329:(true mental healers who are rare indeed) blend soul energy with the two above mentioned forces andHealing, 331:to two streams of energy, which merge and blend to form one stream when detached from the body, andHealing, 413:the nature of the fourth dimension, and will blend the subjective and objective worlds togetherHealing, 509:integrating thread which will enable them to blend the three bodies and thus truly merit the nameHealing, 712:and sound in ordered sequence must meet and blend and thus the work of magic can proceed. SubstanceInitiation, 143:initiation, and only when the individual signs blend and coincide with the ceremonial chart byInitiation, 157:as a separate Word. Then he is shown how to blend these seven so as to make a threefold sound andInitiation, 158:degree or initiated grade. The three Words which blend the seven are seldom used except under theInitiation, 202:circle of his other selves. Let but one color blend them and their unity appear. Only when theIntellect, 5:and it would seem as if the two ways could blend and that it should be possible for each -Intellect, 210:of the soul and the life of the body merge and blend. The man who can train himself to beMagic, 50:body of freely flowing force, that force being a blend or unification of two types of energy inMagic, 98:plexus which eventually must do two things: Blend and fuse the energies of the lower two centers ofMagic, 121:RULE FOUR Sound, light, vibration, and the form blend and merge, and thus the work is one. ItMagic, 163:only desire and aspire. They look for those who blend with their desire the determination to learnMagic, 289:of the head and heart and all the nether aspects blend. Then let the soul look out upon an innerMagic, 303:Fear of the future is therefore a distressing blend of instinctual memory and anticipatoryMagic, 320:thus created enter thy brother's mind and blend with his. Yet keep detached thyself, for none haveMagic, 320:thus to speak. Learn thus to think. Rule III. Blend with thy brother's soul and know him as he is.Magic, 358:as fire upon the waters. Water and fire together blend and cause the great Illusion. Fog theyMagic, 385:realization of duality. The disciple seeks to blend and merge the soul with its vehicle and to doMagic, 391:organism. A personality is therefore a blend of mental energy, of emotional energy and of vitalMagic, 423:which will emerge out of the old and be a blend of the mechanical schools, the introspective andMagic, 474:to thy motive, and seek to use those words which blend thy little life with the large purpose ofMagic, 592:[592] web which is composed of a curious blend of etheric and gaseous substance. This has to beMagic, 601:completed. Let the magician chant the words that blend the fire and water. The Esoteric Sense WeMagic, 611:Illusion The phrase in Rule XV which says "that blend the fire and water" has reference to theMagic, 615:that the magician chants the words that "blend the fire and water" - but these are the rules forMagic, 617:work I may not at this time give. The words that blend may not under any circumstances be givenMagic, 619:amalgamation, which is the tendency to fuse, blend, and cohere and to produce that interrelationMeditation, 38:the second subplane the groups become merged and blend, and from their forty-nine groups are formedMeditation, 58:seed. At a certain period in evolution the two blend, the seed is dropped and the vacuum is thenMeditation, 148:first, the third and the seventh. Both meet and blend through the development of mind, or throughMeditation, 186:the triad and of the fifth principle - meet and blend in proper geometrical manner, each center isMeditation, 198:by a single high desire, when their auras blend and form one united channel for the downflow, theMeditation, 214:evolution is concerned, change, intermingle, blend, and are not esoterically understood in the sameMeditation, 216:you understand by the term. Esoteric orange is a blend of yellow and red; esoteric orange is aMeditation, 285:sees the thought of the heart and seeks ever to blend into one whole the [286] workers in the fieldMeditation, 287:he live the life of sanctified service, and so blend the three rays. Always synthesis must bePatanjali, 299:of Vyasa on this differentiation, for they blend in with modern Theosophical thought. The earthPsychology1, 86:world to enter into that which thou shalt build. Blend all together in the will of God. Quality -Psychology1, 150:of all activity - an activity which is a blend of many energies, for life is the sum total of thePsychology1, 154:systems and the twelve constellations. This blend of energies, working on substance, produces thePsychology1, 184:the nature of the fourth dimension, and will blend the subjective and the objective together into aPsychology1, 264:the dead. Naught avail their efforts until they blend the five great forces of the Lord of Magic.Psychology1, 345:beneath the threshold. They seek to link and blend, to bridge and fuse. Mankind now lives. ThePsychology1, 345:fours can see each other in the light, and later blend their forces, the goal will be achieved. "InPsychology1, 356:books) kama-manas. This phrase simply means a blend of desire-feeling-lower-mind, - a curiousPsychology1, 387:itself as illumination and the power to fuse and blend. Brazil (or rather what that country willPsychology1, 387:of the abstract consciousness, which is a blend of the intellect and the intuition, and whichPsychology1, 401:hatred of the Jew die out, and he will fuse and blend with the rest of mankind. Even the orientalPsychology1, 402:must eventually, after the third initiation, blend with the three major rays, or monadic rays. The
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