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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BLENDED

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Externalisation, 257:through their very potency, have fused and blended together a group of seven men who personify inExternalisation, 259:take place when the free will of the people, blended by invocation and prayer, can make thisExternalisation, 261:but not, perhaps, probable. The problem of a blended demand from the spiritual Hierarchy and fromExternalisation, 279:and their triumphant relation being fused and blended. It thus becomes apparent that Those WhoExternalisation, 297:when humanity and the Hierarchy in one fused and blended effort stand with massed intent, invokingExternalisation, 338:other will invoke the Lords of Liberation. The blended invocation and the united call from theExternalisation, 347:focused through the Christ - are to be fused and blended and it is the task of the world disciples,Externalisation, 362:Buddha and of those who respond to [362] Their blended influence. This test has to be carried outExternalisation, 437:of May, 1944 is - by Their united effort, Their blended thought and Their illumined will power,Externalisation, 566:the Hierarchy will be so completely fused and blended with Humanity that the hierarchical form willExternalisation, 648:will make the coming of the Christ possible. The blended influence of these energies will bringExternalisation, 661:said that this dual energy, hitherto a fused and blended energy, is today working as a trueFire, 14:with fire, the inner spark within the form were blended all together. The Mighty One looked down.Fire, 17:two were fused. The fourth, the fifth, the sixth blended, merged and intermingled. The aeon closed,Fire, 51:the two lower vehicles. The Fire of Mind, when blended with the internal fires, is the basis ofFire, 51:Initiation. The fire of Spirit finally, when blended with the two other fires (which blendingFire, 64:the fires of cosmic love and the fires of matter blended. A similar analogy is found in the heatFire, 123:in which active radiatory matter or prana is blended ever more perfectly with the fire latent inFire, 123:column. In the second stage this vitalizing blended fire reaches a center between the lower part ofFire, 125:of matter by the power of the mind of man are blended first with each other, and, secondly, withFire, 138:body and the fires of mind and of matter are blended. It completes the perfecting of theFire, 150:fire of matter and the electric fire of Spirit blended, producing, in time and space, that fireFire, 169:lesser centers. These four lesser centers are blended in that center which we call the alta majorFire, 175:began in [175] this present solar system to be blended with, and wrought out through it. CenturiesFire, 184:length of the backbone. When kundalini has blended with the pranic fire, the centers becomeFire, 236:merged into the three, and finally the three are blended into the one. This can be traced along theFire, 236:are eventually synthesized. The minor four are blended, we are told, into the third major ray, andFire, 236:as synthesizing planets, and four which are blended eventually, until the three have absorbed theFire, 325:of an opposite polarity. When he has merged and blended the two poles, and produced light of aFire, 325:Negative - Matter. Solar Fire - Light - The two blended and thus producing the objective blaze. WeFire, 340:on the buddhic plane. The fire of mind has blended with the fire of matter and has stimulated it toFire, 397:totality of manifestation, the male and female blended in the Divine Hermaphrodite. Summing up, S.Fire, 398:planes. When the five and the four are perfectly blended, we shall have achieved the nine of aFire, 489:They are the third and second aspects blended, and might be considered as the life of all formsFire, 498:alliance all of these factors till they are blended into a great occult unity; it will bringFire, 506:personality and the threefold Triad merged and blended and perfectly produced through theFire, 506:or absorbs its essence, and is itself eventually blended with the fire of Spirit and passes out ofFire, 514:it appears to the onlooker as if the two points blended, or the two electrons merged, and (inFire, 526:these atoms generate and embody is merged and blended into the higher force points. [527] AFire, 538:fire of matter or substance and the fire of mind blended. This makes man the six-pointed Star ofFire, 602:He is the fire of matter and the fire of mind blended and fused; He is the intelligence whichFire, 663:units embody the divine attributes. The two, blended together, form the body of manifestation, theFire, 667:these two great aspects of divinity are equally blended, and in the course of the mahamanvantaraFire, 675:astral plane and which reveals - when triply blended - the desire nature of our Heavenly Man, andFire, 701:when the sound of the lower manifestation had blended with it, and had risen up into the Heavens,Fire, 1002:up till now, been driven by egoic will, but has blended with this much of the energy of theFire, 1033:and this is called spiral-cyclic. When this blended dual force is brought in touch with the rotaryFire, 1283:song when perfection is achieved. When all are blended into one full chord, the work is done.Fire, 1283:When all is resolved into harmony, when all is blended into symphony, the grand chorale willGlamour, 86:divorced from and not under soul control, are blended with the pranic fluids within the peripheryGlamour, 144:then see your particular shaft of light blended with the shafts of light which your group brothersGlamour, 159:disciple. It is a synthesis of glamor, fused and blended by the personality ray but precipitated byGlamour, 169:the Buddha, and of those who responded to Their blended influence. This test had to be carried outGlamour, 191:the light of the intuition. It is through the blended [192] medium of the light of knowledgeGlamour, 196:light of matter and the light of the soul being blended and focused. The use of this focused lightGlamour, 208:the inherent light of the mental body, and this blended light steadily intensifies as he persistsGlamour, 210:added the light of the soul and then these two blended lights, or aspects of the One Light, areGlamour, 210:(as a channel for the intuition) are consciously blended, fused and focused. The man then turnsGlamour, 210:fused and focused. The man then turns this blended light, under soul direction, upon the world ofGlamour, 210:of the astral plane disappears in this triple blended light just like a fire can be nearly put outGlamour, 231:held steady and positive in the light. Their blended [232] light is looked upon by them as a greatHealing, 35:The energy which is composed of the fused and blended forces of a coordinated personality. TheHealing, 81:forth with vibrant note to all related centers. Blended they are and each with each worksHealing, 95:of plans, idealisms and ambitions. This energy, blended with astral energy, becomes dominated andHealing, 148:in nature, the human family, are fused and blended. The head center relates the monad and theHealing, 153:the soul and the personality united, fused and blended into one. The head is the symbol of whatHealing, 155:The dualistic nature appears fused and blended in the head in the relation between the two centersHealing, 159:the directing agent or the distributor of the blended energies of the divine man. The heart centerHealing, 184:and life-quality-appearance are blended, and the response apparatus of the divine man is perfected,Healing, 207:and which then applies and directs the fused and blended energies. Healing, 211:the soul, and the electric fire of spirit - are blended, and there is then a perfect manifestationHealing, 328:that type of force and with emotional energy blended, and produce activity, therefore, not only inHealing, 517:of the love petals are now so actively fused and blended that two of the inner petals, surroundingHealing, 569:forces of the solar plexus Center are raised and blended with the energy of the heart Center. TheHealing, 571:is like a third eye or directing agent for the blended and fused energies of the personality;Healing, 686:all duty, and a sharing in group dharma are all blended in his consciousness and become one greatHercules, 12:objective and subjective have become so closely blended and merged that it is almost impossible toHercules, 60:place to unity and the pairs of opposites are blended. [61] The Symbols Eurystheus, having watchedHercules, 108:aspects of the lower personal self fused and blended and, therefore, potent beyond the average, theHercules, 108:it. His emotions are controlled, or else are so blended with his mental reactions that they areHercules, 142:"The Light that shines at Gate the eighth is now blended with your own". Francis Merchant Initiation, 133:wherein the united wills of the Hierarchy are blended in order to transmit that force which the RodInitiation, 154:has subsided into a distant undertone, the U is blended with it so as to be indistinguishable, andInitiation, 157:and far reaching results. Finally the three are blended into one Word which is committed to him.Intellect, 59:in their endeavor. Mind and pure reason are blended with [60] love and devotion in an entireIntellect, 262:and vain. 0 never while shadow and light are blended Shall the world's Word-Quest or its woe beMagic, 50:if it must be so called, of the two blended energies is intensified. These correspond to the sevenMagic, 106:light. When the radiant light of the soul is blended with the magnetic light of the vital body, itMagic, 107:the brain so that their light [107] is fused and blended with the other two, the etheric light andMagic, 108:or withdrawal. Where the three lights are blended, where the centers are aroused and the atoms areMagic, 108:this way the greater light (the three fused and blended) illuminates the three worlds of man'sMagic, 127:which the soul responds, his own peculiar note, blended with that of his personality. This chord ofMagic, 145:vanished into night, but lo, the life moved on, blended this time with light. Life merged withMagic, 269:out the way of darkness. Substance and purpose blended indicate the way of light." [273] Magic, 310:living and for the sex life are so closely blended. The solar plexus in the animal is the brain andMagic, 320:when wielded with understanding by the chela and blended with the awakening forces of his brotherMagic, 391:of energy must be present, - three types, fused, blended and coordinated into one functioningMagic, 399:coordinated. The three aspects of man are being blended; another formation or precipitation fromMagic, 431:kind, which are, in themselves, composed and blended of coordinating energies. The subject matterMagic, 432:physical, vital, astral and mental forms, which, blended and fused, constitute our planet. Each is
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