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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BLENDED

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Magic, 469:Orange and blue in some more distant time will blended be, but far off yet the date. Their blendingMagic, 576:through the projection of a steady flow once the blended currents have been tapped, or indirectly,Magic, 591:on Cosmic Fire, "fire by friction") must be blended with the fire of consciousness. This latter isMagic, 622:lesser is merged in the greater and the unit is blended in the whole, every time great andMeditation, 5:is achieved. The Master is He Who has blended all the lines of fivefold development first into theMeditation, 30:lower self. The life of the first Logos must be blended with that of the second Logos and based onMeditation, 86:to the same measure. Then you have will and love blended in harmonious service, and the lowerMeditation, 169:up - the three are one, and the seven are but blended parts of one synthetic whole. They allMeditation, 215:and the goal has been reached. Blue and yellow blended result in green, and the synthetic blue orMeditation, 284:that is the sign of the occultist blended with the wisdom and love which are reflected from thePsychology1, xvii:linked together and as a group more closely blended in the unfolding Plan of the Great Ones. We arePsychology1, 56:the human stage is reached and self-awareness is blended with the sentiency of forms and with thePsychology1, 95:about because the thinkers of the race will be blended together in a general soul awareness, and aPsychology1, 102:light of the planet itself will be more closely blended, and the result upon humanity and upon thePsychology1, 150:This sevenfold cosmic energy, the fused and blended energies of seven solar systems, includingPsychology1, 242:in Nature The influence of the three rays, blended together in the vegetable kingdom, being alsoPsychology1, 248:soul and the divine soul, - and these two, blended and fused in man, constitute the human soul. ItPsychology1, 285:have the mind and the emotional nature fused and blended, on the one hand with the physical body,Psychology1, 289:below the diaphragm have to be lifted up and blended with those above the diaphragm. With thePsychology1, 290:types of energy which are transmitted to it and blended with it, - the energy of the three centersPsychology1, 334:soul rays, which in Him are now so balanced and blended that, from the angle of humanity, theyPsychology1, 350:The interplay, therefore, and the beauty of the blended energies are at this time great, for soPsychology2, 7:and gradually become coordinated, fused, and blended in the separative personality. Man, the SolarPsychology2, 7:of those energies and forces which are unified, blended and controlled by that "tendency toPsychology2, 18:the lower separative man are fused and blended into the three personality rays. These are, in theirPsychology2, 18:rays. These are, in their turn, fused and blended into a synthetic expression of the dominantPsychology2, 18:of the soul. Again, therefore, three rays are blended and fused. The soul rays dominate thePsychology2, 18:the one, as the dual ray of the soul and the blended ray of the personality vibrate to the measurePsychology2, 46:in the causal body, and the lower mind are here blended and fused.) [47] The great Triangle beginsPsychology2, 66:forces are gathered together into one fused and blended stream of energy. Three things then happen:Psychology2, 68:and the energy of mind. When these are fused and blended, thoroughly organized and utilized, thenPsychology2, 68:to higher and different aims is to be found that blended energy-unit which we call the soul. ItsPsychology2, 70:and the intelligent mind have eventually to be blended with, and transmuted into, the energiesPsychology2, 222:Viewed from the life side, it leads to a blended cooperation which swings each unit of energy inPsychology2, 266:the physical, astral and mental natures into one blended whole. This is taking place racially inPsychology2, 270:sees the soul and the personality perfectly blended so that the light blazes forth and the greatPsychology2, 286:the soul. This response to soul energy, and the blended activity of the soul energies (buddhi-atma)Psychology2, 286:These three aspects of mind energy are thus blended and are a synthesis of the intelligent force ofPsychology2, 292:urge to synthesis (again a first ray impulse) blended with a second ray tendency to love and toPsychology2, 343:wherein the personality ray and the soul ray are blended into one united energy, and thePsychology2, 390:into the Personality Ray. This itself is later blended with the egoic ray, enabling that spiritualPsychology2, 401:the Ego and the Monad can be fused and blended until Deity, the essential divine Life, is revealedPsychology2, 527:(the organ of the material forces) are fused and blended and from this time on the man isPsychology2, 529:energies, pouring through to the heart, are blended with it and carried to the throat. The stagePsychology2, 531:examples of a sex psychology are to be found, blended with a true and pronounced mysticalPsychology2, 534:the great opposites (soul and personality) are blended, can and will produce the at-one-ment. ThePsychology2, 594:on and the forces within the "nadis" are being blended and thus forming one energy that most of thePsychology2, 733:wisely adjusted to environing need, widely blended with all the similar efforts which may beRays, 34:realization can only come when his fused and blended personality and soul expression of will hasRays, 35:soul are fused and functioning as a consciously blended and focused unit. Rays, 57:as a group. This refers to aggregates and blended combinations through which the Soul in relationRays, 57:and of substantial lives which, when fused and blended , present a unified sumtotal, animated byRays, 58:his group brothers in that Ashram, is fused and blended with the Hierarchy and hears the extensionRays, 72:that of the personality. He has fused and blended two divine aspects in himself, and they nowRays, 74:are finally focused upon the mental plane: The blended light of soul and personality. The light ofRays, 77:come a moment in the life of the group when the blended cold light of the contributingRays, 106:the sense of universality. These are fused and blended in the One. Of this One the divineRays, 109:the will of the individual will voluntarily be blended into the group will. It will be obvious toRays, 144:can the radiant light of Life dominate the blended lights of Humanity and of the Hierarchy. FaintlyRays, 240:via the New Group of World Servers. Hitherto a blended stream of Shamballa force has poured intoRays, 278:initiate-consciousness and not from that of the blended soul-personality consciousness. It is theRays, 295:This they must do through their grouped and blended activities, which will embody the fullRays, 329:the light of the lower man, then that fused and blended light will enable the aspirant to see theRays, 331:when the mind and the will-to-good are closely blended and conditioning human behavior that theRays, 415:the line of 2.4.6. Thus atma-buddhi becomes the blended reality which is brought to full unfoldmentRays, 425:found on this Path of [425] Magnetic Work two blended influences, those of Gemini and Libra. YouRays, 433:the soul and personality [433] are fused and blended into one functioning unit, this supersedingRays, 445:and the intelligent mind, have eventually to be blended with and transmuted into the energies whichRays, 453:sutratma or life thread, for the sutratma (when blended with the consciousness thread) is againRays, 454:the process of projecting consciously the triple blended energies of the personality as they areRays, 461:both soul and personality have been fused and blended into one instrument for the use of the OneRays, 467:Force, focused and projected from the fused and blended forces of the personality. Energy, drawnRays, 469:of the personality and the soul, fused and blended and at-one, towards the freedom of the SpiritualRays, 475:The life thread or sutratma proper is closely blended with these two. You then haveRays, 479:which is the outcome of the fused and blended threefold thread. This brief summation of the pastRays, 508:ray, and should remember that their fused or blended potency must perform the act of projection.Rays, 510:initiation. The expansion of this fused and blended consciousness [511] into that of the SpiritualRays, 511:rays and upon your capacity to focus in your blended consciousness, and from that point - holdingRays, 512:of three lines of thought: Awareness of the blended personality and soul. Awareness of the point ofRays, 512:a Word of Power. Invocation and Evocation. The blended soul and personality are now invocative, andRays, 514:and to some measure achieved, and then these blended factors are held steady in the triadal light.Rays, 515:is a fact. The relation between the fused and blended personality and the soul is a fact. TheRays, 518:the higher mind and the lower concrete mind are blended through the projected antahkarana.) Ray SixRays, 518:to arrive at the affirmative position which the blended soul and personality always necessarilyRays, 627:a negative energy, and when they are fused and blended you will have a balance and a wisdom whichRays, 631:are represented and are being slowly blended into a miniature One Humanity. A great experiment inRays, 632:of its many races and nationalities - all blended together within the borders of one country. TheRays, 665:another area where the light of the mind can be blended with the still greater light of the soul.Reappearance, 84:of the surrounding Triangle to humanity. This blended, impersonal energy, triple in nature, will beReappearance, 98:after His reappearance, certain major fused and blended dualities. It would profit us to study themReappearance, 123:mind and the will-to-good are closely fused and blended and are thus conditioning human behaviorReappearance, 130:the world of experience will [130] be obviously blended through the stimulation of the advent ofSoul, 124:active expression of God, - spirit, soul, body, blended and united so that the body is indeed theTelepathy, 27:by the impact of the three types of energy, blended and fused into one stream of force. It becomesTelepathy, 78:out. Being, Coherence and Activity are thus blended into one created and creative whole; life,Telepathy, 154:a cleavage; these various energies are fused and blended together but find their own focal points
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