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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BLENDING

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Psychology2, 229:each other. In their synthesis and in their blending the truth as it really is can begin - aye,Psychology2, 309:substance, thus producing a definite fusing and blending. This causes the animal nature to conformPsychology2, 364:unity, harmony, and beauty in nature, through blending into one functioning, related unity the soulPsychology2, 447:begin to function as one? This involves the blending of the forces of the personality and thePsychology2, 528:concern ourselves wherein there is a complete blending of the bodily forces (focused through theRays, 81:comes forth and blends with force and (in the blending) music had its start within the sphere ofRays, 81:music had its start within the sphere of blending and of being thus created. "Man only hears theRays, 152:in his pledged intelligent service. The blending of the four lessons which the applicant has toRays, 153:has to learn to work within the framework of his blending soul-personality. This task at firstRays, 157:upon its own plane, and the relation which the blending soul and personality learn to establishRays, 170:at this time. This mediatory work, based on the blending of the spiritual will (which He hasRays, 205:and an ability to express in Himself a fusing, blending energy which could and did bring togetherRays, 451:mechanism of expression are a unity. A higher blending and fusing can then go on. I can perhapsRays, 466:is laid by esotericists upon fusion, unity or blending; only when this is intelligently realizedRays, 472:completely unidentified with either, though blending these dualities in himself into a consciousRays, 499:of the soul and the form, so that there can be a blending in consciousness, following on a mentalRays, 561:cannot yet be revealed. There will then come a blending of divine will energy with the developedRays, 653:enter his Ashram, plus an esoteric process of blending himself and his Ashram into the full body ofRays, 690:dominant ray is modified and enriched through blending with the other six rays. His use of thisRays, 761:It is by the transcendence of the two, by the blending of pain with pleasure, that the goal isRays, 761:that leads to that light is trodden through the blending of the pair of opposites - that pin pointSoul, 124:full functioning activity and thus, through a blending of the energy latent in matter itself andSoul, 140:base of the spine. Thus is produced the complete blending of spiritual energy and the force inTelepathy, 37 To:the gained impression should aid the group blending without undue delay into an instrument ofTelepathy, 120:of teaching there comes an eventual merging and blending, and that, at a [121] certain point in the
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