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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BLIND

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Statement:nothing which would lead you to offer me that blind obedience and the foolish devotion which theAstrology, 154:and closely to Aries, but hiding (as an esoteric blind) the symbolism of the Unicorn in which theAstrology, 226:the ordinary wheel, whereon the soul is found, blind and apparently helpless, the Word goes forthAstrology, 333:1. Aries, Keynote: Aries turns towards Capricorn Blind, undirected experience Directed PersonalityAstrology, 333:Cancer, Keynote: Cancer visions life in Leo The blind unit is lost The unit awakes to that which isAstrology, 371:God's will which will not involve the hitherto blind acquiescence and unavoidable acceptance of theAstrology, 397:of the personality; blindness (for the Bull is blind for much of its career) must give place toAstrology, 446:veiling Uranus. The Moon is frequently used as a blind when Uranus is meant. Today the Moon is aAstrology, 523:coming to pass and the selfish voices of the blind idealists, the fearful and the separative areAstrology, 591:mode of contact, is dedicated to selfishness and blind to the higher reaches of divine expression.Astrology, 617:those aspects which are still limited, unaware, blind and unseeing and unreasoning. It knows ItselfAstrology, 663:with the Sun." (Vol. II, 31) "Mercury heals the blind and restores sight, mental and physical."Atom, 107:this that a baby cannot see, or that it is born blind, like a kitten, but it is often several weeksAutobiography, 2:to help. The result of this apparently blind moving forward (as when I married and came to theAutobiography, 22:a reality is mastered. Surely questioning and a blind feeling after God must antedate the consciousAutobiography, 113:was full of lovely people and that I had been blind all my life. I had moved further into the houseBethlehem, 36:of failure, of senseless confusion and blind upheaval. It is rather a process of temporaryBethlehem, 68:face to face before Him as the Initiator. The blind poet, [69] George Macdonald, sensed this whenBethlehem, 81:attain if we fall back upon unthinking faith and blind acceptance of all that theology can tell us.Destiny, 78:the fanaticism and unreasoning devotion and blind acceptance of conditions, so distinctive of theDestiny, 81:acquisitive desires, his arrogant will and his blind moving forward towards the possession of thatDestiny, 86:times by the Taurian influence which leads to a blind rushing forward towards a goal, irrespectiveDestiny, 98:coming to pass and the selfish voices of the blind idealists, the fearful and the separative areDiscipleship1, 5:will ultimately come. I exact, therefore, no blind obedience. But, however, if advice andDiscipleship1, 7:India. Let that suffice and let not curiosity blind you to the teaching. We stand together inDiscipleship1, 101:yourself en rapport with your Master. We are not blind or uncaring. We know, however, that thereDiscipleship1, 199:Path of importance? Why? If it is true that the blind must advance by touching, but that those withDiscipleship1, 261:of your service goals, brother of old, blind your eyes to the need for further and constantDiscipleship1, 273:ways, being in itself an impersonal and blind force. It can be selfishly or unselfishly used. That,Discipleship1, 307:truth and clear vision are of greater value than blind loyalty and curtailed understanding. WhenDiscipleship1, 342:of all to make two things clear. I look for no blind obedience from you. Such is not the way of theDiscipleship1, 373:is soul influence. But behind all this lies a blind spot. It is a "sticking your head into theDiscipleship1, 391:as a barrier to vision, if soiled or hidden by a blind. This and your ability to project yourselfDiscipleship1, 399:Path of importance? Why? If it is true that the blind must advance by touching, and by keepingDiscipleship1, 431:my progress on the path? If it is true that the blind must advance by touching, by keepingDiscipleship1, 444:progress upon the Path? If it is true that the blind must advance by touching but that those withDiscipleship1, 470:release from all selfish intent, from all blind personality decisions, and from all belief thatDiscipleship1, 491:and with such intensity that it serves almost to blind you. Can you imagine, as you consider myDiscipleship1, 537:When you love people, you are frequently blind to their faults and accept them at their ownDiscipleship1, 594:stimulates the mind, providing outlets for the blind rioting consciousness. Hence your withdrawalDiscipleship1, 687:correct; the neophyte, however, is usually too blind or prejudiced by his own individual point ofDiscipleship2, 253:chosen with deliberation. He is not now totally blind nor does he move forward entirely in theDiscipleship2, 481:the disciple is otherwise competent to give. A blind spot. This is one of the most frequentDiscipleship2, 482:- in this specific connection - he is totally blind. Vision will eventually and inevitably come,Discipleship2, 620:demonstrate to his disciple is the particular "blind spot" in his life which it is the purpose ofDiscipleship2, 725:angle of authoritative demand, or in a spirit of blind obedience but because from free choice andEducation, 111:of the wickedness of man and the incredible blind indifference of God. To us, on the inner side,Externalisation, 13:men in physical plane bodies (and therefore blind and deaf on the subtler levels) and those who,Externalisation, 80:has marched steadily forward from a state of blind ignorance and unawareness to one of anExternalisation, 128:and the masses of the people were simply the blind and miserable victims of the fight and of theExternalisation, 137:intense national pride and self-satisfaction can blind men to the facts of the case today, butExternalisation, 181:on Hitler and his gang of evil men should not blind us to the causes which have made his evil workExternalisation, 305:by their theories and idealisms, and to be blind to the issues at stake. Can they be aroused? CanExternalisation, 400:between the mass of men (stunned by suffering, blind to the higher issues, and inert) and theExternalisation, 520:and also with the devoted acquiescence (though blind acceptance) of the man in the street. [521]Externalisation, 649:and evil. Men are not today governed so much by blind impulse as by considered thought. There haveFire, 195:which calls the attention of the apparently blind self To another vibration. To somethingFire, 354:Logos of our chain. Words, as we have been told, blind and stultify. In summing up, this quality ofFire, 410:higher levels. Below man come many lives who are blind and unconscious of the congery orFire, 483:be very credulous and foolish to accept it on blind faith... What I do believe in is: The unbrokenFire, 541:of his group. His motive is still somewhat a blind one, and still colored by the desire for aFire, 541:serve, but it is of a much higher order than the blind sacrifice to which a man is driven byFire, 612:which are negative force, the conscious and the blind workers. It is absolutely essential thatFire, 622:he is liable to be swept into the line of blind force, and become a lost soul should he trespassFire, 641:bring the human family into the power (as yet blind and destructive) of [642] certain elementals,Fire, 782:group are literally the lesser Builders, and are blind incoherent forces, subject to the energyFire, 846:deva nor human in essence. He is occultly "blind," utterly unaware; he is capable only of movement,Fire, 847:unaware of it; and frequently man remains blind and deaf where no mystery is but only revelationFire, 950:teaching individuals, who thus break away from blind group activity, and become conscious centersFire, 996:that the terminology is in the nature of a blind, which ever carries [997] revelation to those whoFire, 1006:repulses the devas who might (through their blind unintelligent work) menace his peace. These twoFire, 1007:The Old Commentary says: "When the eye is blind, the forms created revolve in circles and fulfilFire, 1255:of the sun Betelgeuse. This name is, however, a blind. The reason that certain facts connected withFire, 1259:Sirius via the Sun. This must be understood as a blind behind which one of the signs of the zodiacFire, 1260:and seventeen. This will serve as a complete blind to the average reader, but will carry to theFire, 1262:be pointed out that this star serves only as a blind for a constellation which lies behind, - aFire, 1271:on fire - enters within the smoke, and enters blind. He sees no step ahead. He hears no voice. HeFire, 1273:They dream, and dreaming build; Their eyes are blind; Their ears are deaf, and yet They are notGlamour, 99:awareness of the thinking man but the blind consciousness of the physical man, plus the forces ofGlamour, 177:a re-enactment of the ancient drama of the blind leading the blind, to which Christ referred as HeGlamour, 177:of the ancient drama of the blind leading the blind, to which Christ referred as He faced theGlamour, 194:good [194] instance of the method of rendering "blind" some of the ancient truths so that theirGlamour, 207:can see no light anywhere and acts like a blind, bewildered person. This indicates that he is drawnHealing, 156:sense, it was a necessary happening (given the blind selfishness of the bulk of humanity) becauseHealing, 176:eyesight may be affected and a man may become blind. All these points warrant careful thought. Healing, 341:may convey truth to you or which may act as a blind. Symbolically speaking, the period of intensestHealing, 401:who escape from mental responsibility into a blind belief in theological pronouncements. TheHealing, 410:A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. I: "Why this blind power? Why Death? Why this decay [411] ofHealing, 443:the materialization seance, of ectoplasm and the blind unintelligent work done by the old AtlanteanHealing, 644:faith of the healer and of the patient and a blind autosuggestion [645] as to what the recognitionHercules, 4:cooperation with soul purpose take the place of blind endeavor? When this comes about, the pilgrimHercules, 55:of a son of God, Nereus failed, for Hercules was blind. He did not recognize the help so subtlyHercules, 183:right along. It is one thing to be subjected to blind force, it is another to have an intelligentHercules, 208:cooperation with soul purpose takes the place of blind endeavor and struggle, and Hercules, who isHercules, 229:forward under great difficulties, and often in blind ignorance of the forces released and of theInitiation, 186:always that we remember that words serve more to blind than to elucidate, and that the briefestIntellect, 11:yet [11] unrealized? Is it possible that we are blind to a vast world of life and of beauty, withIntellect, 13:are not "freak" products of divine caprice or of blind evolutionary urge, but are themselves theIntellect, 56:It may be the 'curvature of the cosmos', or 'blind chance', or 'universal energy', or 'an absenteeIntellect, 69:reason and analysis, which are regarded as blind guides leading to the morass of illusion. Closely
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