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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BLINDLY

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Astrology, 233:negative and positive, and between those who blindly follow either instinct or custom and those whoAstrology, 333:Desire Will 2. Taurus, Keynote: Taurus rushes blindly until Sagittarius directs Selfish desireAstrology, 378:of life, thought and desire, [378] dashing blindly forward in the force of their own momentum andAstrology, 398:any fear that the Taurian subject will blunder blindly forward again in his own self-interest butAstrology, 554:direction and influences and does not respond as blindly as does the man upon the Mutable Cross. HeAtom, 18:us. This will reveal to us a world which is not blindly going on its way, but which has back of itAutobiography, 126:questions and is not of the type that accepts blindly what the churchmen say. The commentariesBethlehem, 35:reward but which must at first be entered upon blindly. The history of humanity is therefore theDestiny, 85:eliminate the Taurian aspects which have led her blindly to seek that which she desires and becauseDiscipleship1, 325:who stand at the portal of discipleship - but blindly, knowing not where they are or why. TheyDiscipleship1, 601:into the work. You are not asked to accept blindly all that you receive. But whilst in the group,Discipleship2, 29:the Hierarchy Stands; I would ask you to love blindly and unchangingly in spite of all that mayDiscipleship2, 52:has to be rendered voluntarily, even though blindly, before the true objectives can be grasped.Discipleship2, 62:"sheep" is applied to those who are following blindly the inner urge of their souls and who areDiscipleship2, 126:not that the aspirant to the Mysteries proceeds blindly in the early stages; only after the thirdDiscipleship2, 308:the disciple struggles and works and serves; blindly he goes forward, and oft in much bewildermentDiscipleship2, 308:that the modern disciple no longer goes forward blindly but that he cooperates intelligently in theDiscipleship2, 358:those Ashrams, groups of disciples are working, blindly and ignorantly at first, but with a growingDiscipleship2, 359:the higher Center through the One. This they do blindly, when at stage the first; later they moveEducation, 40:The mysterious, the sense of awe, the following blindly of some recognized "sensitive" of a higherEducation, 112:no understanding of the life purposes, who act blindly and ignorantly, prompted by selfish desire,Externalisation, 114:may be built. This, we perforce accept either blindly or intelligently, regarding it as a naturalExternalisation, 406:God drew nearer to His people and humanity (blindly and unconscious of their objective) at the sameExternalisation, 672:intelligence of men everywhere fighting blindly for freedom and for understanding, and receivingFire, 89:the cause. Medical men are beginning to study (blindly as yet) the question of vitality, the effectFire, 304:work intelligently from above and does not work blindly on the lower planes. [305] The building ofFire, 405:by the deva evolution. 43 These [405] work blindly and under the laws of cosmic electricity. (WeFire, 540:where, from the egoic point of view, he works blindly and begins to appreciate the effects of hisFire, 544:if rightly directed; destructive, if left blindly to follow their own course. Before taking up thisFire, 545:upon and through his environment successfully or blindly just in so far as he can energize hisFire, 713:assimilated, and the man responds to the plan blindly and ignorantly. Later, as evolution proceeds,Fire, 918:processes. Hitherto science has worked somewhat blindly and has spent much time investigating theFire, 943:to the plan as embodied by the builders, blindly construct the fabric of the body, and form theFire, 987:works (as far as the bigger purpose is involved) blindly and unconsciously. The white magician, asFire, 1234:in his work of every day, but who as yet works blindly and largely unconsciously. Nevertheless, heGlamour, 96:is difficult and at first well-nigh impossible. Blindly and ignorantly men have to cope with thisGlamour, 98:of power and of destiny. He goes [98] ahead blindly, furiously and ruthlessly until suddenly he isGlamour, 149:not continue to function - as they do now - so blindly, so inadequately and so ineffectually. It isHercules, 3:are refusing any longer to believe and blindly accept, because they are determined to know.Hercules, 23:and ready to attack any problem and to rush blindly into any undertaking. Nothing could turn himHercules, 205:pronouncements of the churches or to accept blindly the dicta of any theology. They are determinedInitiation, 35:or materialists many were swept in who fought blindly and ignorantly, being thus overwhelmed withInitiation, 119:he knew that the energy existed, and used it blindly and sometimes unwisely; now he sees it underIntellect, 251:discarnate; neither will he render up his hand blindly for any force to use. The dangers of thisMagic, 4:and the group of silly sheep feebly and blindly tumble over themselves to obey. They think thereby,Magic, 6:brother man. They will not accept its dicta blindly but will experiment, cheek and corroborate withMagic, 169:as in initiation, and the man goes forward blindly. He hopes, but he does not know; he expects thatMagic, 198:He is facing a most complex problem. He enters blindly into a situation which is the result of aMagic, 331:neither group and who are wielding force as yet blindly and often unwisely until such time comesMagic, 472:avoid the intricate problem which he has himself blindly constructed and which will indeed shut outMagic, 476:the magical work. All these means are employed blindly and without true realization; theyMagic, 542:new field of perception and of awareness. Blindly men introvert their [543] consciousness andMagic, 613:pulling hither and thither by forces, working blindly and seemingly without [614] purpose. As farMeditation, 105:wisely his own temperament, and that he does not blindly proceed with forms and methods but insistsMeditation, 175:the elementals who do most of the work, working blindly along as controlled by the Builders. ThePatanjali, 48:three worlds are concerned. Thus he no longer (blindly and through ignorance) sets in motionPatanjali, 48:entailed. Average men deal with effects and blindly work their way through them. The Master dealsPatanjali, 79:must not literalise these things nor seek blindly to meditate, for instance, upon [80] the tip ofPatanjali, 351:and this he does intelligently and not simply blindly. 2. Their peculiar attributes. He studiesPsychology1, 82:of knowledge as to man's own nature, man works blindly. The ideals sensed are not correctlyPsychology1, 94:express the energy that is pouring through them blindly and unconsciously, having no individualPsychology1, 135:or less self-directed in the human family; it is blindly followed by the forms in the otherPsychology1, 234:kingdom, where the process of condensation goes blindly forward. Secret: Transformation. ThosePsychology1, 365:living. It is unconsciously recognized, blindly followed, and constitutes the great discipline ofPsychology1, 424:kingdom, where the process of condensation goes blindly forward. Secret: Transformation, thosePsychology2, 47:treads the path and stops to fight, who wrestles blindly with the two who seek to hinder and toPsychology2, 76:The stage of appropriation is undergone blindly and unconsciously. Man knows not what he does. ItPsychology2, 77:The stage of incarnation, taken at this time blindly. The period wherein satisfaction of thePsychology2, 264:to apply to all those types of persons who go blindly and impotently upon their way, swayed byPsychology2, 372:is driven by his idea. He, the follower, runs blindly after his Master, his chosen ideal and losesPsychology2, 597:suit the occidental type of body, and which they blindly follow without any understanding of thePsychology2, 671:must, therefore, be told what to do, and be led, blindly or by force to that state and form ofRays, 4:the guna of tamas or of inertia. They work blindly and have no ability to respond [5] consciouslyRays, 424:to make - enter upon the indicated Path entirely blindly, as heretofore. He is now given aRays, 631:withheld; they therefore have to fight blindly for their freedom, to fight instinctively andRays, 710:yet scarcely knowing what he does. He follows blindly the ancient rules and attempts to accept as
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