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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BLUE

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Fire, 1275:it knowingly, calling in the aid of points of blue. These emerge from the heart of one of theFire, 1277:second Word holds hid the number of the sacred blue. As it reverberates, the scales ascend, and theFire, 1277:Word holds securely sealed the key to the outer blue. It contains the order for inversion, and onlyFire, 1281:light sends out its beam upon the midnight blue; That which we hear in every cosmic note and senseHealing, 421:d. By the transmutation of the violet into the blue. This we cannot enlarge on. We simply make theInitiation, 48:initiation, and a group of devas or angels. The Blue Lodge, comprised of all initiates of theInitiation, 55:hair and beard, and eyes of a wonderful deep blue, through which seem to pour the love and theInitiation, 56:face, black hair, pale complexion and piercing blue eyes. His work at this time is exceedinglyInitiation, 134:is aware of nothing but a fiery blaze of pure, blue-white flame, which burns, but destroys not,Initiation, 160:solar system came into being, its color being blue and its note a particular cosmic musical tone.Initiation, 209:I see a ladder, mounting within the vault of blue, its feet lost sight of in the mists and fogsIntellect, 160:on a happier coloring. "Heaven above is brighter blue, Earth beneath is sweeter green, SomethingIntellect, 171:of the radiance, a point of vivid electric blue appears (perhaps the "living light" referred toIntellect, 182:know what is happening, for they have seen the blue prints. Fourth: In the words of all schools ofIntellect, 239:we contact a part of the Plan; we see the blue prints of the Great Architect of the Universe, andMagic, 278:plane, and let him study the pattern and the blue prints, acting as the agent of the Divine Mind.Magic, 280:built true to design and in conformity with the blue prints as they have been carried in the mindsMagic, 307:is incidental. The causes lie back in the blue prints of the evolutionary process and are governedMagic, 354:or Oriental. The higher devas guide them, the blue and yellow devas, as the former group are guidedMagic, 354:devas, as the former group are guided by the blue and rose. Back of them stand the still moreMagic, 365:faculty, or the mind which works with the blue prints upon which the forms are modeled. TheMagic, 366:the Bible. He [366] must begin to work with the blue prints upon which all that is, is modeled andMagic, 457:regarded as the reduction of the formula to the blue print. It is not the formula itself, but theMagic, 458:they are the mathematicians who prepare the blue prints of the great Plan; they calculate theMagic, 459:of the formulas, and They - taking the blue prints (I speak again in symbolic fashion), deal withMagic, 469:sealed, lacking aroma yet, but bathed in cold blue light. Orange and blue in some more distant timeMagic, 469:yet, but bathed in cold blue light. Orange and blue in some more distant time will blended be, butMagic, 469:vaguely seen, appears an oval opening, its color blue. Stretched athwart this space of blue, a rosyMagic, 469:its color blue. Stretched athwart this space of blue, a rosy cross is seen, and at the center ofMagic, 470:desire governs all the life, but now the clear blue flame burns strong. Upon the bottom step of theMagic, 546:the yellow flame is seen and round each form the blue... "Four words they utter forth, one for eachMagic, 577:plane and is spoken of as the "Sword of cold blue steel." The sword of renunciation, or thatMagic, 617:in between the drifting clouds, expanses of the blue of heaven cheer the tired eyes of theMagic, 617:streams and clouds are seen. Above him is the blue of heaven, the radiance of the rising sun, theMeditation, 78:The throat center. Sixteen petals. Color silvery blue, the blue predominating. The head centers.Meditation, 78:center. Sixteen petals. Color silvery blue, the blue predominating. The head centers. These are inMeditation, 78:lotus is rose and yellow, and the other half is blue and purple. The top of the head. There areMeditation, 84:as a radiating whirlpool of electric light, more blue than golden. Build there the picture of theMeditation, 135:of high development, nor the fairies of colors blue, green and yellow, though a few of the redMeditation, 205:becomes possible. These colors are: Blue. Indigo. Green. Yellow. Orange. Red. Violet. [206] NotMeditation, 206:radiant with the seven colors, with the deep blue or indigo for synthetic undertone. ThereforeMeditation, 207:Red may be called green and orange may be called blue. The key to the accurate interpretation ofMeditation, 207:the plane and not in terms of the ray involved. Blue-indigo, being cosmically related, and notMeditation, 207:is a direct reflection of the second Aspect. Blue, because of its alliance with indigo and itsMeditation, 207:just as the Solar Logos is spoken of as the "Blue Logos" (literally indigo), so the color of theMeditation, 207:which he manifests, will be predominantly blue. Orange, which is the complementary to blue andMeditation, 207:blue. Orange, which is the complementary to blue and which has direct connection with man as anMeditation, 212:seem to be in place: The true indigo is the blue of the vault of heaven on a moonless night. It isMeditation, 213:them. The synthetic ray is indigo, or a deep blue. It is the Ray of Love and Wisdom, the greatMeditation, 213:not name the two colors, indigo-red and indigo-blue, nor do I apportion them to [214] certain raysMeditation, 214:from the use of the words, red, yellow, orange, blue and violet. Esoterically they scarcelyMeditation, 214:have come to us from system 1. The blending of blue and of yellow in that system had much to doMeditation, 215:has been made, and the goal has been reached. Blue and yellow blended result in green, and theMeditation, 215:blended result in green, and the synthetic blue or indigo (the love and wisdom aspect) dominatesMeditation, 216:dealt in my last letter with the four colors - blue, indigo, green, and yellow, - and in thisMeditation, 220:of thought. In the relationship between indigo, blue and yellow lies hid a secret. In theMeditation, 220:another is revealed. In the relationship between blue, red, and violet lies still another mystery.Meditation, 220:and in the perfect merging of red, green and blue will come eventually the [221] completed work ofMeditation, 221:activity system was green. The love system is blue. The power system will be red. The result ofMeditation, 221:system will be red. The result of merging red, blue, and green is - as you know - white, and theMeditation, 224:I may seek to impart. Exoteric Esoteric Purple Blue Yellow Indigo Cream Yellow White Violet OnlyMeditation, 226:of those bodies exoterically described? The blue of the higher manasic levels. The yellow of theMeditation, 226:between: The violet of the etheric level and the blue of the higher mental. [227] The rose of theMeditation, 227:The green of the third aspect. The synthetic blue or indigo of the second aspect. The red of thePsychology1, 43:thought to speak of patterns and of plans, of blue prints and synthetic formulations of ideas, andPsychology1, 63:the confines of our solar sphere. His robe of blue veils his eternal purpose, but in the rising andPsychology1, 121:- II. Certain Questions and their Answers The blue ray of devotion passes now into the violet ofPsychology1, 122:taking with it all those forms whose keynote is blue - those people, for instance, who withPsychology1, 127:of the spectrum. There are the rays of red, blue, yellow, orange, green and violet. There is thePsychology1, 127:of indigo. There are the three major rays - red, blue and yellow - and the four subsidiary colorsPsychology1, 127:of our system is concentrating on the love or blue aspect. This - as the synthesis - manifests asPsychology1, 127:ray, and meets another human being who is on the blue and yellow rays, with a secondary resemblancePsychology1, 127:be recognition. But when a man on the yellow and blue rays, with yellow as his primary color, meetsPsychology1, 127:of the parties concerned. Of the colors, red, blue and yellow are primary and irreducible. They arePsychology1, 127:major rays. Will or Power - Red Love-Wisdom - Blue Active Intelligence - Yellow [128] We have thenPsychology1, 159:the agencies of this great second emanation) the blue prints come into being with theirPsychology1, 163:Higher Mathematics. Philosophy. Venus. Indigo. Blue. Bronze. IV Conflict. Birth of Horus. IntensityPsychology1, 163:Yoga. Necessity for an object. Mars. Rose. Blue. VII Ceremonial order. Ceremonial observances.Psychology1, 163:over forces of nature. Jupiter. Bright. Clear. Blue. It will be clear that each of the kingdoms -Psychology1, 202:red and yellow, but will hopelessly confuse blue, green and violet. The literary work of a firstPsychology1, 239:are as follows: The mineral secret - A diamond, blue white in color. The vegetable secret - A cubePsychology1, 239:The egoic secret - A closed lotus bud with seven blue rays. Be all this as it may, certain of thePsychology1, 264:more symbolically: "In the chamber of death, the blue light of dawning day reveals the group ofPsychology1, 418:with a tinge of purple. Esoteric Color: Light blue. S.D., III. p. 461. Human Principle: The auricPsychology2, 47:Angel of the Presence lifts one hand into the blue of heaven. He plunges deep the other into thePsychology2, 144:[144] art of recognizing ideals, which are the blue prints of ideas. The main work of the disciplesPsychology2, 166:air is rich with perfume. The colors riot to the blue of heaven... The wind of God, His breathPsychology2, 169:the world of God established itself. The sky was blue; the winds blew free; the trees and flowersPsychology2, 169:summit. There a wide window stood, open unto the blue of heaven, and carrying one clear ray down toPsychology2, 169:on the summit of the pyramid, dropped from the blue of heaven, a key came down. It landed at thePsychology2, 169:of light; upon the key a label, and writ in blue, these words: 'Destroy that which thou has builtPsychology2, 171:of day. In the far distance stood a mountain blue, and from its summit issued forth a voice whichPsychology2, 505:basic patterns, forms and symbols which are the blue prints of the archetypes determining thePsychology2, 609:is, at the very heart of this, a point of dark blue electric light, which gradually grows into aRays, 42:experience, is a center or point of dark indigo blue - midnight blue. Note the significance of thisRays, 42:a center or point of dark indigo blue - midnight blue. Note the significance of this in view ofRays, 53:the three worlds (typified by the degrees of the Blue Lodges in Masonry) must be recovered and isRays, 331:giving the key to the three degrees of the Blue Lodge. I mention here the Masonic purpose becauseRays, 416:in the Sirian Lodge. This [416] is the true "Blue Lodge," and to become a candidate in that Lodge,Rays, 418:- as seen in the light of the Eternal Now. Its "Blue Lodge" with its three degrees is related to
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