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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BOAR

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Hercules, 33:we shall note in Hercules when he captures the Boar, in Libra.... [34] In the Brahmanical zodiac,Hercules, 124:VII LABOR VII The Capture of the Erymanthian Boar (Libra, September 22nd - October 21st) The MythHercules, 125:"Go forth, my son, and capture the wild boar; salvage a ravaged country, yet take the time to eat."Hercules, 125:The Teacher had instructed him to seek a boar, and Apollo gave to him a brand-new bow to use. QuothHercules, 125:club, he climbed the mountain steep, seeking the boar, and seeing sights, on every hand, of fearHercules, 126:snow he went, following the tracks of the fierce boar; up to the heights and bitter cold heHercules, 126:and one by one the stars came out, and still the boar outdistanced him. Hercules pondered on hisHercules, 126:he waited in a shadow dark for the coming of the boar. And hour by hour went by, and still heHercules, 126:till the dawn drew near. Out from its lair the boar emerged, seeking for food, driven by ancientHercules, 126:snare waited the son of man. Into the snare the boar fell and in due time Hercules released theHercules, 126:the prisoner of his skill. He wrestled with the boar and mastered it, and made it do the thing heHercules, 127:on the downward way, the fierce though tamed boar. By the hind legs twain, he drove the boar, andHercules, 127:tamed boar. By the hind legs twain, he drove the boar, and all upon the mountain laughed to see theHercules, 127:to see the selfsame sight, the staggering, weary boar and the laughing, singing man. Thus HerculesHercules, 129:from the mountain came Hercules, trundling the boar like a wheelbarrow, singing and laughing, andHercules, 129:Hercules took every precaution not to kill the boar, he ended by killing two friends. Thus doesHercules, 129:Libran Before Hercules captured the Erymanthian boar, he sat at the table of Pholos and drank headyHercules, 130:task of self-mastery, i.e., the capturing of the boar, can be undertaken. It is to be noted thatHercules, 130:Hercules does not use brute force in taking the boar captive. He sets a trap, waits and allows theHercules, 130:and allows the beast to trap itself. When the boar flounders in the snowdrifts, Hercules seizes hisHercules, 130:told that Hercules seizes the hind legs of the boar, and compels the beast to walk down theHercules, 131:the task assigned; he makes the ferocious boar an object of ridicule. By a slightly alteredHercules, 131:The graphic description of Hercules driving the boar by its hind legs is a symbolic representationHercules, 139:up in you again. The only answer is to take the boar of desire up into the high mountains. It is onHercules, 227:October 21, the Balance), Hercules captures the Boar and, through the performance of this labor,
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