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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BOARD

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Autobiography, 26:After [26] lunch we had to lie on a flat sloping board for an hour whilst our governess read aloudAutobiography, 93:The second thing I remember was being taken on board the P. & 0. boat where, to my horror and myAutobiography, 110:Tourist ticket [110] and their agent was on board. He took me to the railroad station where I hadAutobiography, 217:accompany us if we went to Ascona, offering board and lodging to all of us, but not our travellingAutobiography, 220:Belgium, and I will admit that I found life on board with three girls full of life and energyAutobiography, 220:but exceedingly excited. They knew everyone on board, who they were, where they came from and whatAutobiography, 221:fancy ball dresses I had made for the girls on board the boat. The idea was most unoriginal, forDiscipleship1, 369:all its detail, lay disclosed upon the Trestle Board. Within the Middle Chamber waited those whoGlamour, 50:are not authoritatively imposed by an arbitrary Board of Directors, such as a group teacher orGlamour, 244:things and the design laid down upon the trestle board of the spiritual consciousness by the greatMagic, 177:on the astral level, such as the ouija board, the planchette pencil, automatic writing, the directPatanjali, 80:sound, through a consideration of the sounding board of the mouth and the method whereby speechPsychology2, 57:laid down by the Master Builder upon the tracing board. As yet we do not and cannot enter into thatPsychology2, 58:or aspirational life. A design upon the tracing board, which coincides with [59] the Great PatternSoul, 39:Behind the body, and behind the mind is this board of governors." - Berman, Louis, M.D., The Glands
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