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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODIES

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Magic, 66:and interaction, then people will control their bodies scientifically, synchronizing the laws ofMagic, 74:the Western hemispheres and between those great bodies of truth which we call Religion and Science.Magic, 77:arrive at an understanding of etheric forms or bodies. Secondly, the etheric body is composed ofMagic, 78:the physique of the people, providing them with bodies which offer not that resistance whichMagic, 78:which offer not that resistance which occidental bodies so oft afford. The environment has beenMagic, 78:this etheric magnetization affects the etheric bodies of the contacted population. These two facts,Magic, 80:can that illumination percolate, via the higher bodies, to the physical brain and so be availableMagic, 80:faculty of the concrete mental body - the lower bodies are trained in the art of distinguishingMagic, 84:occidental races; and the result can be seen in bodies unfitted for any strain such as occultismMagic, 84:of the evolving sons of men, then will be built bodies fitted to be vehicles for highly evolvedMagic, 86:The relation between male and female physical bodies, called by man, the sex relation, and deemedMagic, 87:attitude of the soul is duplicated in the three bodies (or by the spiritual man) and the steadyMagic, 105:that for the present purposes he has three bodies of light to consider: There is the radiant bodyMagic, 106:[106] shows as the radiance emanating from the bodies of adepts and saints, giving the effect ofMagic, 112:difference can be due to the polarization of the bodies. Unless this too meets with recognition inMagic, 113:a man you really mean that he has built into his bodies matter of the higher subplanes. The egoMagic, 133:possible when the control of all his three bodies is coordinated and his alignment accomplished. HeMagic, 134:are gradually and steadily affecting the subtler bodies of humanity and are bringing them to aMagic, 140:value, and results in the building of good bodies for the use of the soul. The use of the OM servesMagic, 159:thought is that as egos, preparing to take human bodies, are deeply engaged in meditation work, itMagic, 161:of selfish tendencies. But their astral bodies are again and again swept into a state of agitationMagic, 163:the determination to learn to use their mental bodies and become creators, and who will workMagic, 166:all forms) and does not work with their astral bodies. This has been oft forgotten by teachers bothMagic, 168:of the Master so as to accustom the disciple's bodies to the higher increased rate. He impressesMagic, 179:You will note therefore that only those in whose bodies atomic subplane matter is found can workMagic, 180:standing aside, consciously, in his subtler bodies, but surrendering his physical body. A thirdMagic, 182:trained minds, a high rate of vibration, and bodies built of the finest matter. The attainment ofMagic, 186:an aspirant's physical body and of the subtler bodies to see whether in them are to be found statesMagic, 187:to work with him, are also in physical bodies, for a Master's group is entered in service to beMagic, 188:in one or other, or all of the three lower bodies, or to wait for that time when his admission mayMagic, 191:building, and by the purification of the bodies, as used by the soul in the three worlds. TheMagic, 202:energy. The point to be remembered is that the bodies in which we, as souls, are functioning,Magic, 202:are functioning, constitute primarily energy bodies. They are composed of energy units, atoms in aMagic, 202:Acting as the positive nucleus in these energy bodies, and at present, in the majority of casesMagic, 202:to reorganize, to reorient and to rebuild his bodies. The whole of this teaching can be summed upMagic, 203:and the soul forces supersede those of [203] the bodies. This process is that of characterMagic, 205:impulse is lacking, energy may pour into the bodies, but - lacking use and finding no outlet - willMagic, 208:and utilize therefore all the three bodies synchronously. Let me illustrate: - When you areMagic, 214:should be noted here that in each of the subtle bodies in the three worlds there is a correspondingMagic, 214:rid of the old forms, of shaking out of the bodies matter of an undesirable nature and of breakingMagic, 215:itself felt, controlling the lives of the lower bodies, driving forth the lower four elementals (ofMagic, 226:of the three planes and the three bodies which function on them. The physical plane is the plane ofMagic, 230:which bring the controlled astral and mental bodies under the guidance of the soul. Then he canMagic, 262:time the man has built for himself three new bodies around the permanent atoms. 2. The Form of theMagic, 283:the magnetic attraction between two physical bodies, and the racial types. These three factorsMagic, 283:necessarily includes the etheric form of all bodies, the [284] astral or emotional sentient bodyMagic, 290:therefore constantly passing through the etheric bodies of every exoteric form. This is a basicMagic, 312:have passed over and are slowly shedding their bodies, prior to eventual rebirth, or who haveMagic, 313:effect of its potent force) stimulate the astral bodies of men into a new coherency, into aMagic, 314:emotional effect will be to "purify" the astral bodies of men so that the material world ceases toMagic, 315:Expediency. Thus all three work with the astral bodies of men, and their capacity to succeed isMagic, 316:of some kind to the emanations of the astral bodies - group bodies or individual - of thoseMagic, 316:to the emanations of the astral bodies - group bodies or individual - of those surrounding him.Magic, 335:into street life are producing effects upon the bodies of men and upon all forms of life everywhereMagic, 342:a tension which results in discomfort in all the bodies, and is [343] specially sensed asMagic, 349:to help definitely in the building up of strong bodies for world service. Now - such is the astralMagic, 350:all of you, who, with weak and sensitive bodies, struggle, work, fight, fail, continue and serve.Magic, 372:of the Hierarchy is not confined only to the bodies of men. It is a planetary process. The ethericMagic, 378:His assistants of the higher degrees occupying bodies formed of etheric matter. Magic, 378:and Chohans who would function in dense physical bodies and thus meet the need of the rapidlyMagic, 381:had not only coordinated the physical and astral bodies and could think self-consciously but untilMagic, 382:and spiritual, but the God will use the three bodies as vehicles of service to the race. Then willMagic, 389:to us, through, or rather [389] constitute the bodies of, certain lives whom we call the devas, inMagic, 389:therefore we are all the time working in the bodies of lives and hence influencing them. Some ofMagic, 390:men are focused or polarized in various bodies - sometimes the astral and sometimes the mental - soMagic, 394:and of parties, of religious and political bodies and of nations in some cases. Thus do theMagic, 398:times when the physical, vital and astral bodies were coordinated and formed a functioning unit.Magic, 413:subjective body. Its members are all in physical bodies but must work entirely subjectively, thusMagic, 436:be met are thus secured; the type of body or of bodies through which the force of the native's signMagic, 437:and service, plus the discipline of the lunar bodies, a man comes consciously and definitely underMagic, 479:enough to offset the force of desire. The mind bodies of the race could not respond to that newerMagic, 493:self-consciousness in the physical and astral bodies. The intelligent and highly evolved man hasMagic, 501:polarized entirely in the physical and astral bodies, the door of exit is the solar plexus and itMagic, 520:of the personality consciousness. The physical bodies, the emotional and mental states ofMagic, 526:physical sun and works actively upon the vital bodies of every form in the natural world, includingMagic, 545:that they, therefore, do not exist in physical bodies. Their world is ever the world of illusion.Magic, 545:on desire matter, and on the sentient desire bodies of those on the physical plane who are swept byMagic, 570:and of manifestation, and that the three lower bodies are energy bodies, each forming a vehicle forMagic, 570:and that the three lower bodies are energy bodies, each forming a vehicle for the higher type ofMagic, 588:with the [588] problem of purifying the bodies in which the centers are found, which are primarilyMagic, 588:are primarily the astral, etheric and physical bodies, remembering ever that the endocrine systemMagic, 602:objectives and methods of working from the bodies which he considers it wise to occupy temporarilyMagic, 607:who have passed over and who are still in mind bodies, and thirdly to the group of spiritual BeingsMagic, 638:so that definite changes are produced in the bodies used, and an increasing radiatory light, it isMeditationmind, are fundamentally those whose three lower bodies are aligned; that is to say, those whoseMeditationis fourfold and when the three above mentioned bodies are aligned with the body of the Higher Self,Meditation, 2:when the Ego is nearing alignment with the lower bodies, the pineal gland and the pituitary bodyMeditation, 2:centers is perfected, and the alignment of the bodies is geometrically rectified; you have then theMeditation, 3:When, therefore, you have built into your bodies, - physical, emotional and mental, - matter of theMeditation, 10:to contact the Ego and to align the three lower bodies. 2. It puts a man into an attitude ofMeditation, 18:rule, of every act of the life in all the three bodies, and the building within the causal body ofMeditation, 23:the relationship of the causal body to other bodies on the same plane. In this letter I deal onlyMeditation, 25:achieved between the physical and emotional bodies. The problem is to bring both under alignmentMeditation, 25:with the mental and later with the egoic bodies. To the watching Guides of the race, the indwellingMeditation, 28:of Fire, and applies that fire to all the bodies, till naught is left save the fire itself. It isMeditation, 29:On the evolutionary path, groups of causal bodies correspond and are similarly composed, threeMeditation, 32:varies according to type and ray. Some egoic bodies are of a form more circular than others; someMeditation, 35:in the development of those egos whose causal bodies are less developed than their own. All isMeditation, 46:not all orientals, and the Masters in European bodies are of equal accomplishment to the betterMeditation, 47:the dearth of trained teachers in the physical bodies is so insuperable at present. Therefore the
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