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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODIES

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Meditation, 53:c. For certain specific ends. Its effect on the bodies and centers, and its efficacy in effectingMeditation, 58:of the cosmic process. He will attract to his bodies matter of the finer kind and cast out thatMeditation, 59:matter of low vibration in one or other of his bodies, should open up the channel to a greaterMeditation, 62:and responsive. Then let him visualize his three bodies, and having decided whether his meditationMeditation, 64:desired end; his alignment will be perfect, the bodies will be pure, the channel [65] free fromMeditation, 66:personalities, a stimulation of the causal bodies involved, and a linking of all three groups - theMeditation, 66:it intensifies the vibration of the emotional bodies, driving out counter-vibration and swingingMeditation, 66:of the devas or angels whose work lies with the bodies of men, and enables them to do that workMeditation, 70:on each body, and its utility in aligning the bodies with the causal vehicle. This was our fourthMeditation, 70:(when properly enunciated) acts on the various bodies through the medium of the centers, and theirMeditation, 83:centers in the emotional and mental bodies, so that the flow of force is unimpeded. Each center hasMeditation, 83:process. It is this work that is clone on the bodies and on the centers by the work of meditationMeditation, 83:process, paralleling the work done on the bodies, the refining of the vehicles and the slowMeditation, 86:ready for the awakening of the inner fire. His bodies are refined enough to withstand the pressureMeditation, 90:capacities achieved by the adjustment of the bodies through meditation, the faculties developed inMeditation, 90:trusted to use the knowledge gained anent the bodies and the karma, of environing associates solelyMeditation, 94:life, and which are dependent upon his three bodies, their separate condition and theirMeditation, 94:effort and the one that controls the two lower bodies. The true student seeks to draw hisMeditation, 97:with the two lower vehicles. These lower bodies exist for purposes of contact, for the apprehensionMeditation, 97:should have the effect of bringing all three bodies more completely under the control of the Ego,Meditation, 98:of occultism [98] to remember that all the three bodies are of equal importance in carrying out theMeditation, 98:a complete unit, unlike the physical and mental bodies; it is the center of polarization for theMeditation, 99:condition is not desired in either of the bodies, and it is just this very negativeness thatMeditation, 99:alignment with the mental and with the causal bodies. If this alignment is imperfect (as it soMeditation, 101:cosmic and terrestrial fire will be at-one (the bodies of all material forms adapting themselves toMeditation, 102:with the dangers of the mental and emotional bodies. It was necessary so to do, for many of theMeditation, 103:the alignment between the higher and lower bodies via the emotional is completed, this fire may actMeditation, 117:Soviet in Russia and all the aggressive radical bodies that sincerely serve under their leadersMeditation, 120:with individual dangers inherent in the three bodies; we have touched upon the risks that may beMeditation, 121:dangers arise from a threefold condition of the bodies of the student which may be the resultMeditation, 121:A negative condition that makes the entire three bodies of the personality receptive and quiescent,Meditation, 122:This refers to the emotional and to the mental bodies, though with the majority these days itMeditation, 123:closely allied. Insanity may exist in all three bodies, the least harmful being that of theMeditation, 124:and affects those with powerful physical bodies and strong astral vibrations, but with weak mentalMeditation, 124:strong astral vibrations, but with weak mental bodies. It leads, in the ensuing struggle, to theMeditation, 125:relative weakness of the emotional and physical bodies. The Thinker is too powerful for his otherMeditation, 125:The Thinker is too powerful for his other bodies and disdains their use; he is too interested inMeditation, 125:body, leaving him in his emotional and mental bodies. This would normally result in the death ofMeditation, 126:already cited. They require highly developed bodies, having no use for weak or unrefined bodies. InMeditation, 126:bodies, having no use for weak or unrefined bodies. In case three the weakness is entirelyMeditation, 126:other planets who enter certain highly evolved bodies for purposes of their own. This is very, veryMeditation, 128:made on the obsessed physical and emotional bodies. During the night much of the work in the firstMeditation, 128:has to win back his physical and his emotional bodies as well, hence the exceeding difficulty.Meditation, 130:has not yet been built, and in the interim the bodies now in use but spell disaster to theMeditation, 130:well-nigh fourteen years to rebuild the subtle bodies, and incidentally the physical. All throughMeditation, 136:and so it is easy for them to affect the bodies of men. So few of the races, comparativelyMeditation, 153:everywhere. Forms used in work on the three bodies. Forms on certain rays. [154] Forms used inMeditation, 156:in Meditation Forms used in Work on the Three Bodies These forms will be some of the firstMeditation, 160:it originates, and to the effects on the lower bodies or body. In apportioning forms different aimsMeditation, 161:permanent, and by the interaction of these two bodies serious trouble may be set up. This troubleMeditation, 162:obscure matter of healing through the subtle bodies. Meditation, 165:which have direct effect on one of the three bodies. These mantrams are largely already in use -Meditation, 165:degree - in the services of the religious bodies in all lands. Some light on them is beingMeditation, 165:various esoteric societies, and religious bodies) the old mantrams will be given back in pure formMeditation, 166:Then he will begin to meditate with his bodies adjusted, and with the vacuum formed that may thenMeditation, 176:times find a response in one of the three lower bodies of men, these bodies (regarded as separatedMeditation, 176:in one of the three lower bodies of men, these bodies (regarded as separated sheaths) beingMeditation, 181:consequences might result in one or other of his bodies. Think this out, therefore, rememberingMeditation, 181:out of the forces of one or another of his bodies, an abnormal building in of material into someMeditation, 189:end. The end may be to cleanse some one of the bodies or to purify a locality, a house or a temple.Meditation, 195:extension of the peripheries of the emotional bodies of the participants, and an intenseMeditation, 196:alignments and effects upon one or other of the bodies or on all. It has for its objects therefore:Meditation, 196:The swinging of a body, or a concourse of bodies, into the radius of action of a stream of force.Meditation, 196:adjustment of the matter of one of the various bodies or of all the bodies that go to the makeup ofMeditation, 196:of one of the various bodies or of all the bodies that go to the makeup of the personnel of aMeditation, 197:tabulated, except by various occult and esoteric bodies. In the old, so-called pagan rites theMeditation, 197:the body. The matter of the emotional and mental bodies is entirely readjusted and reblended,Meditation, 199:and unity; the constructive effect on the three bodies will be clairvoyantly studied; theMeditation, 199:the eliminative effect on the matter of those bodies will be scientifically tabulated and allMeditation, 199:definitely applied to the improvement of those bodies. The quality of the force tapped, and itsMeditation, 201:of His intentions. Having aligned their bodies and made the necessary funnel, they will proceedMeditation, 202:mind. In this way the stimulation of the mental bodies of the students, and the strengthening ofMeditation, 208:Correspondences. The effects of colors: On the bodies of the pupil. On groups and on group work. OnMeditation, 221:between the dense physical and the etheric bodies. This is of paramount importance in theMeditation, 222:application to the planes and centers, to the bodies through which he manifests, and to the bodiesMeditation, 222:bodies through which he manifests, and to the bodies through which the Logos manifests (the sevenMeditation, 226:What have you for the colors of those three bodies, exoterically described? The violet of theMeditation, 226:power aspect. What again are the colors of those bodies exoterically described? The blue of theMeditation, 230:which is the result of the greater purity of the bodies and the dimensions of the ever-growingMeditation, 232:the third point upon the effect of color: On the bodies of the student. On the groups with which heMeditation, 232:practical living and a bringing of all the three bodies under definite rules of refinement. TheseMeditation, 233:a more rapid play of the material of which those bodies are constructed. Therefore, I would like toMeditation, 235:on your part) are gradually received into the bodies of the personality with ever greater facilityMeditation, 235:greater facility and fuller expression. As the bodies are refined they provide better mediums forMeditation, 235:evolution these forces played through and on the bodies of a man with little understanding on hisMeditation, 241:as to the effect of colors playing on the bodies in meditation. I have sought only to give you someMeditation, 242:methods through concentration on the subtler bodies. This applies during the transition period intoMeditation, 242:familiar, and the laws which govern the subtle bodies are more known, physical plane science willMeditation, 242:of right conditions and the building of bodies that are both self-protecting and neutral to allMeditation, 243:of better conditions of living, and of sound bodies on all planes. But as things are now, disease,Meditation, 243:of different kinds and trouble in all the bodies is everywhere contacted, and when conditions areMeditation, 246:and who can study the alignment of all [246] the bodies with the Ego. The group will also include:Meditation, 247:the etheric, to inculcate the building of pure bodies, and to study the effect of different colorsMeditation, 262:of thought matter, and by work on the mental bodies of the race, is the work carried on that aidsMeditation, 267:will relax, drop back and lose the contact. His bodies are not refined enough and his vibration isMeditation, 269:to that of his Master, to purify his three lower bodies so that they form no hindrance to thatMeditation, 269:of the content of the emotional and mental bodies. By the utilization of that equipment in serviceMeditation, 274:light has reached a certain intensity, when the bodies are composed of a certain grade of matter,Meditation, 274:becomes the stable measure of the pupil's bodies. He has to assist the pupil to effect the transferMeditation, 277:with occult accuracy be brings his three lower bodies into alignment and - with emphasis I
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