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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODILY

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Patanjali, 348:and the compactness of the diamond, constitute bodily perfection. Though many commentators give toPatanjali, 394:a single event. Through this grouping, visible bodily conditions or outward circumstances arePatanjali, 394:the dynamic mind-images of desire ripen out in bodily conditions and circumstances, so the far morePsychology1soul: first, to wit, A soul of each and all the bodily parts, Seated therein, which works, and isPsychology1, 3+4:is: A sense of divine synthesis, of which our bodily [35] "well-being" is the lowest form ofPsychology1, 282:of love (whether it comes through a Person in bodily form or through His felt and realizedPsychology1, 418:Instrument of Sensation: The Light of Kundalini. Bodily location: Vital airs in the skull. PlanePsychology1, 418:Instrument of Sensation: Ears. Speech. The Word. Bodily location: The heart. Plane: The Monadic.Psychology1, 419:Sensation: Nervous system. "It is known." Bodily location: Centers up spine. Plane: The atmic, orPsychology1, 420:Sense: Consciousness as response to knowledge. Bodily location: Brain. Esoterically, this principlePsychology2, 15:there is often resilient, though never robust, bodily health, and great charm and personal outerPsychology2, 65:the conscious life of the sum total of the bodily cells, which are, in their turn, the recipientsPsychology2, 74:of that gain upon the daily life and in the bodily mechanisms is as carefully studied; and thePsychology2, 475:yogin to recover the conscious control of his bodily functions. This conscious control was aPsychology2, 527:takes place the final transference of all the bodily and psychic energies into the head centerPsychology2, 528:wherein there is a complete blending of the bodily forces (focused through the ajna center) withPsychology2, 538:in the body wherever there is a weakness in the bodily tissue. The awakening of the sacral centerPsychology2, 554:but the focalization of the lower and the higher bodily forces is not yet located there. BeyondRays, 447:of that gain upon the daily life and in the bodily mechanism is as carefully studied; and theRays, 481:what is called technically the "mayavirupa" - a bodily form which he creates for the fulfilment ofRays, 670:of all extremes, by the dedication of the bodily energies to the higher uses, and by the acceptanceRays, 670:living and to the right use of this major bodily function. Rays, 673:- of "bringing down the higher energies into bodily expression." Thus he becomes a white magician.Reappearance, 64:active, present Christ Who has been with us in bodily Presence (according to His promise) forSoul, 20:to the functioning of the physical cells and the bodily organs. Free Will is therefore largelySoul, 20:involving profound changes of the bodily mechanism as a whole, but particularly of the visceral andSoul, 20:mechanisms' (page 316); is 'highly integrated bodily activity and nothing more' (p. 325) ; and thatSoul, 20:(p. 325) ; and that 'when we study implicit bodily processes we are studying thought.' By thisSoul, 21:of the brain - not at all; [21] but with all the bodily processes that are involved, implicitly andSoul, 22:as "a complex integration and succession of bodily activities which are closely related to orSoul, 36:"The action of the glands in determining the bodily build is indisputable; and the mental outlook -Soul, 38:and those which secrete products for use in the bodily work. The lymphatic glands do not concern usSoul, 38:with each other, control and regulate the bodily processes, consist of two subdivisions. "The firstSoul, 74:process in conjunction with the whole unitary bodily process, appear to stand midway between theSoul, 79:the direct action of the soul, which leaves the bodily machine, either because it has becomeSoul, 91:soul; first, to wit, A soul of each and all the bodily parts, Seated therein, which works, and isSoul, 100:'the coiled up'." It is the individual bodily representative of the great cosmic power (Shakti)Soul, 110:and are the agents of the soul. They maintain bodily existence and produce its activity. TheSoul, 149:greater than the difference in their bodily structures. The comparison revealed also an element in
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