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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Astrology, 353:activity - higher and lower - of the etheric body and its relation to and responsiveness to theAstrology, 357:sign, Gemini, slowly conditioning the etheric body. Ray 4 - Harmony through Conflict, under theAstrology, 357:which will produce the conflict in the astral body which is essential to the final treading of theAstrology, 362:our planetary Logos: The Earth - planetary vital body. Venus - planetary astral vehicle, orAstrology, 363:just as in the human being the physical body is the effect of the governing rays. Through theAstrology, 366:effect of the zodiacal signs upon the physical body. This is a science in itself and is closelyAstrology, 369:dualism of Jupiter in contradistinction to the body-soul dualism of Gemini; in Sagittarius, theAstrology, 373:the definite effects produced upon the emotional body of humanity by corporate suffering and pain.Astrology, 378:pointed out that this sign concerns the physical body among other factors, and the health orAstrology, 378:factors, and the health or wholeness of the body is closely connected with the expression of pastAstrology, 378:in mind. Today, the cure or care of the physical body is of paramount importance to practicallyAstrology, 378:physical life is symbolic of the outer body of humanity, viewing all human beings as a unit. Again,Astrology, 391:who reaches illumination one link with the body and soul aspects of expression and two links withAstrology, 401:the accentuation and the sharp division between body and soul which is so marked a characteristicAstrology, 414:which is the personality, and of which the vital body is the synthetic expression. The threefoldAstrology, 414:activity. In the personality, it is the physical body. In the soul, it is the unfolded central budAstrology, 418:and to which [418] he gives the name "etheric body." Thus he may succeed in proving the accuracy ofAstrology, 418:the various triangles to be found in the etheric body of man through the interrelation of the sevenAstrology, 427:planetary and their reflections in the etheric body of the disciples of the world of all grades.Astrology, 427:because it is primarily related to the physical body and its expression of life perpetuation. ThatAstrology, 427:That is the sacral center. Just as the physical body is regarded by true esotericists as not aAstrology, 429:throat center. The sacral center. The physical body - symbolized by the organs of reproduction. LetAstrology, 436:the threefold activity of this center in the body of the Heavenly Man which we struggle to perceiveAstrology, 436:- soul, manasaputra. The concrete mind - mental body. and their correspondences inAstrology, 460:or one of the centers in the human etheric body. A close study of these energy streams willAstrology, 476:to the seven centers in the vital or etheric body, and advanced students will later find that thereAstrology, 479:inner web of light which is called the etheric body of the planet is essentially a web of trianglesAstrology, 482:also the integration of our Earth into the body of the "sacred planets" and the consequentAstrology, 494:and inner integration into the logoic body of expression. There are other purposes but it is onlyAstrology, 499:Then the relation of life to form, of spirit to body, of the soul to the personality willAstrology, 504:relation" with all that lives within the body of manifestation of a solar Logos and is likewiseAstrology, 505:of the Logos of a non-sacred planet. Soul and body, consciousness and form are blended and a [506]Astrology, 506:intelligence are blended and spirit, soul and body are at-one. Then the quality of the divineAstrology, 506:processes of affecting the fusion of soul and body, of consciousness and form; it will also produceAstrology, 507:the physical outer shell, the etheric or vital body, astral body and the mental body, plus a fusionAstrology, 507:outer shell, the etheric or vital body, astral body and the mental body, plus a fusion with theAstrology, 507:or vital body, astral body and the mental body, plus a fusion with the fifth body, the personality.Astrology, 507:the mental body, plus a fusion with the fifth body, the personality. The task of our planetaryAstrology, 508:makes the first house of action in the physical body that of the devotee who fights for that whichAstrology, 509:fifth house or mansion of the soul, the causal body in this case; the force of Leo is alsoAstrology, 511:with the first two houses: First House: Physical body or form - The causal body of the soul.Astrology, 511:First House: Physical body or form - The causal body of the soul. Appearance or manifestation - TheAstrology, 515:found working first in, one area [515] of his "body of force" (the three substantial bodies) andAstrology, 515:influences. Thus the centers in the vital body come under varying pressures and stimulation. In oneAstrology, 517:which governs humanity itself as a center in the body of the planetary Logos, thus bringing all theAstrology, 521:and untrue sense) there are today in the body of Him in Whom we live and move and have our being,Astrology, 521:themselves through five awakened centers in that body. These five are: Geneva - The EuropeanAstrology, 528:to work are the correspondence in the planetary body to the four centers up the spine and the ajnaAstrology, 528:centers up the spine and the ajna center in the body of humanity and of individual man. In allAstrology, 529:expressions of the force centers in the vital body of the nation. Similarly, in connection with theAstrology, 531:remembers that the centers in his etheric body rule the planet in so far as they are receptive orAstrology, 557:therefore, the Mutable Cross governs the form or body nature, controls the whole life cycle of theAstrology, 565:and he added, "if thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light." Taurus is, as youAstrology, 583:the three divine expressions of spirit, soul and body, of life, consciousness and form, of life,Astrology, 592:as that which synthesizes spirit, soul and body. (See The Secret Doctrine, I. 81). It is in realityAstrology, 603:ray Beings what the three aspects of monad-soul-body are to a man. Again, it is only analogy.Astrology, 620:of completed, divine fulfilment. It connotes body, appearance. It is the expression of the thirdAstrology, 631:plane, or rather on the plane of the etheric body or the vital effective activity. It is this whichAstrology, 633:in us, the hope of glory. Form. Appearance. Body. Intelligence. Individuality. Remember,Astrology, 640:subject of energy, working through the etheric body, of radioactivity and of the transmutation ofAstrology, 641:activity is egoic and controlled from the egoic body, so in connection with the solar system theseAstrology, 654:System Entity manifesting - The solar Logos. Body of manifestation - The solar system. ReceptiveAstrology, 655:Planet Entity manifesting - A planetary Logos. Body of manifestation - A planet. Receptive center -Astrology, 655:manifesting - The Thinker, a Dhyan Chohan. Body of manifestation - Physical body. Receptive CenterAstrology, 655:a Dhyan Chohan. Body of manifestation - Physical body. Receptive Center - The spleen. SurfaceAstrology, 656:or an aggregation of three centers in the Body of the One about Whom Naught may be Said...The sevenAstrology, 658:triangle or an aggregation of centers in the body of the One about Whom Naught may be Said." (182)Astrology, 664:quantity, the shadow dragged after the new body, into which her living powers are transfused. SheAstrology, 664:of her nature. For she is a dead, yet a living body. The particles of her decaying corpse are fullAstrology, 664:of active and destructive life, although the body which they had formed, is soulless and lifeless."Astrology, 665:world." (Vol. II, 520) "The moon is an inferior body." (Vol. II, 48) "The moon is the mind and theAstrology, 665:in process of disappearance and only a decaying body is left. The life of the second Logos and theAstrology, 670:is in the sun, more than in any other heavenly body (i.e. in our solar system) that the unknownAstrology, 682:be seen in relation to a Heavenly Man and His body of manifestation, a scheme. It must beAstrology, 683:or an aggregation of three centers in the Body of Him of Whom naught may be said. The seven starsAstrology, 683:correspondences to the seven head centers in the body of that Being, greater than our Logos. Again,Astrology, 689:manasic and electric fire; They vitalize the body of the Heavenly Man and hold all together as anAstrology, 690:the appropriation by the Logos of His dense body. When the last pralaya ended, and the etheric bodyAstrology, 690:When the last pralaya ended, and the etheric body had been coordinated, a triangle in the HeavensAstrology, 690:that peculiar manifestation we call the causal body. In this connection it must be remembered thatAstrology, 692:two (God and man) is the Heavenly Man, whose body is made up of human and deva monads, and Who hasAtom, 12:the "Not-Self," and which concerns our physical body, our environment, our circumstances, and ourAtom, 14:atoms, a material something, and a tangible body, but that latent within him is a consciousness, aAtom, 15:through the medium of an objective physical body. In these three standpoints - the franklyAtom, 28:consciously realize our place in the one great Body, but we can find some group in which we haveAtom, 28:find some group in which we have our place, some body of people with whom we can cooperate andAtom, 39:acts as an assemblage rather than as a unit; the body and mind express the vote or voice of theAtom, 40:"When the microbe finds itself in the host's body it may be wholly out of tune, or wholly in tune,Atom, 40:happenings would lie between this microbe and body-cells within its range but not in tune with it.Atom, 40:to suppose that a microbe, on its approach to a body-cell only just out of its range, may try thisAtom, 40:would become noxious. So, on the other hand, body-cells may educate themselves to vibrate inAtom, 41:scientists, gave an interesting lecture before a body of chemists in Great Britain, in which heAtom, 42:other lesser lives, i.e. the cells of our body. What can be said of us can be said, in degree, ofAtom, 42:of his sphere of influence the cells of his body; he shows discrimination, intelligence, andAtom, 44:when he spoke about the Heavenly Man. By the "body of Christ" he surely means all those units ofAtom, 44:influence, and who go to the constitution of His body, as the aggregate of the physical cells formAtom, 44:of the physical cells form the physical body of the man. What is needed in these days of religiousAtom, 48:not vibrating as they should, every atom in the body corporate is affected. None of us will beAtom, 48:This involves the practical care of the physical body and the wise adaptation of all our energy toAtom, 50:of our planet is similarly carrying His entire body of manifestation (which includes the human
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