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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Atom, 50:as man works through the medium of his physical body, and yet Who is Himself but an atom within aAtom, 54:"The external shape or configuration of a body." In this definition the emphasis is laid upon itsAtom, 56:is seeking to express, and finally, you have the body or form which is the sequential result. TheAtom, 57:of a chemical atom, or that gigantic physical body of His we call a solar system. We found in ourAtom, 59:likewise has its place within a still greater body. Through that kingdom a conscious life may beAtom, 61:every unit in the human family is an atom in the body of that greater unit who has been called inAtom, 61:aggregate of all kingdoms and all forms, and the Body of a Being Who is expressing Himself throughAtom, 65:only with those in connection with the physical body of a human being. These ideas can be appliedAtom, 69:but he is self-conscious. He builds his own body of manifestation, just as does the Logos, only onAtom, 83:surely it is to enable the thinker within the body to utilize it intelligently, and for someAtom, 90:of the great life, or being, in whose body he is himself a cell. Our physical body is, forAtom, 90:in whose body he is himself a cell. Our physical body is, for instance, made up of innumerableAtom, 91:The consciousness of the atom within the body is a very different thing to the consciousness of aAtom, 91:man what his consciousness is to the cell in his body? Is it not possible that we may have ahead ofAtom, 100:seen that we must consider the atom in the human body as a little entity, a tiny, intelligent life,Atom, 101:consciousness to the tiny atom in a man's body would be its own vibratory life, its own internalAtom, 101:as the consciousness of the entire physical body, viewing it as the unit which incorporates theAtom, 101:of the thinking man who is energizing the body. That would be to the atom something so remote fromAtom, 101:to man, considered as an atom or cell within the body of a great Entity, and one can then work outAtom, 103:that he is the indwelling impulse within the body, and the one who is in process of becoming awareAtom, 110:the vibration of that greater Life within Whose body he is but as an atom, and he is commencing, inAtom, 114:the group, and Who are a conscious part of the body of the Heavenly Man. With Their assistance, andAtom, 116:to gain self-control and to equip our mental body, is ever lost; it is all something which we areAtom, 121:in the little atom of substance in the physical body, that tiny centralized life which goes to theAtom, 121:the human being; that the life of the physical body, considering it in every one of its departmentsAtom, 121:of the real man, the informing entity within the body is to that atom what God consciousness is toAtom, 121:If we can extend this concept of the atom in our body and its relation to man, the thinker, to theAtom, 121:regarding it as a unit within a still greater body, we may get an understanding of the radicalAtom, 127:which a man is active when out of the physical body, in the hours of sleep or immediately afterAtom, 135:or entity can use his brain, his hand, or his body. It is quite a common phenomenon. AutomaticAtom, 137:with the group. The powers of the physical body, which we use every day, put us in contact withAtom, 148:life and purpose of the great Entity of Whose body they are a part, is beginning to be cognized byAtom, 149:he says: "There should be no division in the body, but the members should have the same care oneAtom, 154:if you like. Let us again illustrate this. Our body, we have been told, is made up of aAtom, 154:The consciousness of the physical body, viewed as a whole, might, from the atom's point of view, beAtom, 154:the thinker. He is the one who energizes the body, and turns it to his will - that is, to the atomAtom, 154:it to his will - that is, to the atom in his body, analogous to what we might call GodAtom, 154:solar Logos is from ours. Now to the atom in our body that consciousness of the solar Logos mightAtom, 154:to that which stretches between the atom in your body and Him. Here [155] you have a very marvelousAtom, 155:for if we study closely the cell in a physical body, and consider the long road that has beenAutobiography, 6:go there. I want to take a new and more adequate body and come back to gather up the old threads,Autobiography, 71:"What are you doing, Alice Bailey, in a British body? You are a reincarnated Hindu and have had aAutobiography, 71:are a reincarnated Hindu and have had a Hindu body for many lives." "I expect I have," I replied,Autobiography, 78:"a touch of the Soul which is too strong for the body"; it is a call from divinity that brooks noAutobiography, 83:that Christ, during the three days whilst His body was in the tomb went and "preached to theAutobiography, 122:and who had seen me with bruises all over my body. This threat from the point of view of theAutobiography, 134:told the audience that each of them had a causal body and that apparently that causal body wasAutobiography, 134:a causal body and that apparently that causal body was inhabited by an Agnishvatta. It sounded toAutobiography, 242:Dutch and he himself handled a large and earnest body of students. The work in Holland and the workAutobiography, 247:training and control of the astral or emotional body. Many occult books have been written on theAutobiography, 247:have been written on the subject of the physical body and its purification and upon the etheric orAutobiography, 247:its purification and upon the etheric or vital body. Most of them have been compilations of otherAutobiography, 247:the modern aspirant in the control of his astral body, by the aid of the mind as that mind is, inAutobiography, 259:written on the subject. The mental faculty or body must therefore be large and highly organized,Autobiography, 261:has been seen or heard while out of the physical body at night. This method was employed inAutobiography, 262:and gathered around some teacher and some body of teaching. The teacher supplies them with hisAutobiography, 266:habits of purity and builds the type of body, required by the disciple when he starts true esotericAutobiography, 275:as modern psychology. The mystery of the astral body, of the etheric body and the mental body areAutobiography, 275:The mystery of the astral body, of the etheric body and the mental body are now dealt with in ourAutobiography, 275:astral body, of the etheric body and the mental body are now dealt with in our universities, in ourAutobiography, 275:truth has also been veiled and hidden by a vast body of secondary teaching which has sidetrackedAutobiography, 275:of phenomena, is concerned with the physical body, its correct adjustment, its vitalization andAutobiography, 276:man, as it conditions the centers in the vital body, is also studied; the emphasis, however, isAutobiography, 284:It does not refer to obedience to any teacher or body of doctrines. In the Arcane School, noAutobiography, 296:or growing out of the more fundamental body of truth. They are more frankly controversial but areAutobiography, 303:functioning as a great station of light in the body of the New Group of World Servers. We are aAutobiography, 303:Servers. We are a magnetic focal point in that body bringing potency to it and aiding in making itsBethlehem, 5:identical with that which Christ taught. This body of inner truths and this wealth of divineBethlehem, 18:and that he might reconcile both unto God in one body, having slain the enmity in himself." (Eph.,Bethlehem, that i:man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death? "I thank God through Jesus ChristBethlehem, 28:It is a world in which only the spiritual body can function and only the eye of spirit can see. ItBethlehem, 28:and whose intuition sleeps. When the spiritual body begins to be organized and to grow, and whenBethlehem, 70:that it does not much matter what happens to the body. It is what happens in and through that bodyBethlehem, 70:the body. It is what happens in and through that body which counts. Perhaps what happens in andBethlehem, 70:counts. Perhaps what happens in and through the body, which we call a planet, indwelt likewise byBethlehem, 71:living rock. We live in Him as the limbs in the body... The indwelling, we say, is reciprocal. HeBethlehem, 73:and research. He is a physical living body, he is a sum total of emotional reactions, and he isBethlehem, 78:in us can be learnt. We have exactly the type of body and physical conditions through which theBethlehem, 82:The halves of our essential duality - soul and body, Christ and Mary, over-shadowed by the HolyBethlehem, 88:three aspects of the personality - the physical body, the emotional nature, and the mind. TheseBethlehem, 88:with God, immanent in nature. The physical body enables us to touch the tangible, visible world.Bethlehem, 88:live in their heart nature and in the feeling body, and it is through the heart that we find ourBethlehem, 95:Individual. He unified in Himself soul and body, the higher and the lower aspects, and thereforeBethlehem, 96:at-one-ment which Christ made between soul and body. Integration was complete, and the consequentBethlehem, 100:symbolizes the dedication of the physical body and the physical plane life to the soul. The secondBethlehem, 105:coming from the spirit and reflected in the body." (The Religion of Love, by the Grand DukeBethlehem, 108:the soul in man, and was in control of His body of manifestation. He was "in all points temptedBethlehem, 108:sin;" (Hebrews, IV, 15.) He came in a human body, and was subject to human conditions as also weBethlehem, 108:He felt irritation, and was conditioned by His body, His environment and the period, as we all are.Bethlehem, 120:should be laid. The healing of the physical body, when diseased, would be satisfactory to theBethlehem, 121:this type of inner nature will make for a sound body and freedom from physical ills is quiteBethlehem, 122:of the whole man, and not simply that of his body and its desires. There are things which matterBethlehem, 129:could be true in deed and in fact: "There is one body and one Spirit, even as ye are called in oneBethlehem, 138:and the individuality; the soul and the body - how are these to be reconciled? Of the higherBethlehem, 144:of the desire-nature, of the emotional, feeling body, to which we have already had need to refer.Bethlehem, 146:the proper care and treatment of the physical body. We shall cherish these bodies, through which weBethlehem, 146:us, regard them as the Virgin Mary regarded her body, as the repository of the hidden Christ, andBethlehem, 147:produces the transformation of the physical body, but deeper still, that life operates upon theBethlehem, 148:reflection of [148] Deity Itself. The physical body is related to the third aspect of divinity, theBethlehem, 148:principle in matter, and of this the physical body is a correspondence. The emotional, sentient
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