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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Fire, 538:- Monadic Heart Center In studying the egoic body it should be remembered that the causal body isFire, 538:body it should be remembered that the causal body is the correspondence in the monadicFire, 538:or are embryonic, and hence the causal body is frequently considered as a nine-petalled Lotus, orFire, 538:conflagration and the blazing up of the causal body with the subsequent liberation of the centralFire, 539:of Them is a nine-petalled Lotus in the logoic body. They are the flaming Wheels, and in TheirFire, 540:free will. It is the offering up of the physical body upon the altar of desire - low desire toFire, 540:being consummated, but the result in the causal body is seen in a twofold increase of heat or ofFire, 542:lotus is seen perfected. The causal body is then (expressed in terms of fire) a blazing center ofFire, 543:out and can be seen, the [543] entire causal body becomes radioactive. Then the fires of substanceFire, 543:the Monad, and the subray upon which the causal body finds itself. This thought would bearFire, 544:of initiation is only undergone when the causal body is in a condition to respond to the WillFire, 544:on its own plane, and the fires of the causal body, we shall have noted the close resemblanceFire, 544:noted the close resemblance between that egoic body, viewed as a force center, and certain aspectsFire, 544:aspects of logoic manifestation. The causal body has been seen as a wheel of fire, containingFire, 548:psychical centers, such as the Ego in the causal body and egoic groups. This will produce later aFire, 548:planes by action upon the fires of the causal body and their stimulation will be graduallyFire, 552:threefold: To respond to vibration To provide a body for an idea To carry out specific purpose. LetFire, 552:by the power of thought, and the dense physical body is the best sheath that - at any particularFire, 552:solar Logos. He builds by the power of thought a body which can respond to that group of vibrationsFire, 553:in view of the fact that His dense physical body is not a principle, is of a more potent natureFire, 553:as yet no more appreciable in the logoic Body than is monadic influence in that of average man,Fire, 554:which our solar Logos (functioning in a material body) will in due course of time consciously, andFire, 556:Elementals and Fire Elementals b. To Provide a Body for an Idea In this statement we have latentFire, 556:built and carried on within the physical body of the Logos. Herein can be found the reason for theFire, 556:is the physical vehicle of the Logos and His body of manifestation is grasped, many problems becomeFire, 557:subtler matter than the physical, and the logoic body will be viewed as the product of will andFire, 557:into its composition; it will simply be a desire body. This will bring about a condition of affairsFire, 557:flows through and stimulates that center in His body which corresponds to the generative organs.Fire, 558:only become cognizant of this by studying His body of manifestation in its component parts. What isFire, 558:and He will function only in His cosmic astral body. Such is the case too with a chain and itsFire, 558:Life, viewing a chain as simply a center in the body of the planetary Logos, yet having its ownFire, 559:in the gradual disintegration of the physical body after death; the two other aspects are removed,Fire, 559:entered upon when the functions of the etheric body are scientifically grasped and understood andFire, 562:life and existence in the logoic etheric body - it is not easy for us to differentiate betweenFire, 563:law of retribution, except where the physical body is concerned. The reason for the suffering inFire, follow:of nature are "forms of thought"; all have body, vitality, quality and purpose, and all are [566]Fire, 569:of the personality by the Monad via the egoic body. The Law of Fixation demonstrates principally onFire, 570:the objective solar system forms the physical body of the Logos, though His polarity is in HisFire, 570:the Logos, though His polarity is in His astral body. It is significant that in this greaterFire, 572:Grand Heavenly Men, who are the centers in the body of ONE OF WHOM NOUGHT MAY BE SAID. 81 TheFire, 576:were dominated in the first system. The mental body is the first in which we find matter of all theFire, 578:subplane matter. After initiation, the causal body is found on the second subplane of the mentalFire, 582:of this on the mental plane. The causal body of the average man is on the third subplane, and as aFire, 582:fit for the merging into the Triad, that causal body has to be discarded and done away with. UnderFire, 582:subplane matter which composes his physical body. When this disintegration is effected, the manFire, 583:worlds, and the disintegration of the egoic body. At the end of the third root-race came the firstFire, 583:coherent form. It controls the Ego in the causal body, in the same way that the Logos controls theFire, 584:law works with the permanent atoms in the causal body. It is the buddhic principle, and itsFire, 588:is little understood, for, just as the physical body is not considered a principle, so there is aFire, 591:principle. [591] The Law of Love in the astral body also has its points for consideration. There isFire, 591:There is a direct link between the astral body (love in the personality), the buddhic vehicle (loveFire, 591:of subduing the fluctuations of the astral body. This law of the fifth, or mental Plane is one ofFire, 591:up, during the course of many lives, the causal body; it fixes the matter inhering in that body,Fire, 591:body; it fixes the matter inhering in that body, placed there by the man as the ages slip away, andFire, 592:development of the race. Eventually the causal body of the entire race itself disintegrates. ThisFire, 593:devas are the mother aspect, the builders of the body, and the reincarnating Jivas are the sonFire, 596:death is the analogous thing in the physical body. This law governs the gradual disintegration ofFire, 603:of a human being is to his Ego in the causal body. This is a very important point to be grasped,Fire, 604:between the dense physical, and the vital body. Only as we become polarized in the cosmic ethericFire, 604:as we become polarized in the cosmic etheric body and are no longer held prisoner by a denseFire, 604:(for the three lower planes are but the dense body of the Logos) do we come to a fullerFire, 604:nature of the Logos, for we stand then in the body which bridges the gulf between the denseFire, 604:gulf between the dense physical, and the astral body of the Logos. Only when this is the case do weFire, 605:as the energizing factor of the dense physical body of the Logos, or as the fire of His mostFire, 606:as yet they are but studying the kama-manasic body, and have not reached back to the egoicFire, 608:Conscious Activity. The Personality Will. Mental body. Electric fire. Lower Mind. Thought. Love.Fire, 608:Electric fire. Lower Mind. Thought. Love. Astral body. Solar fire. Kama. Desire. Activity. PhysicalFire, 608:Solar fire. Kama. Desire. Activity. Physical body. Fire by Friction. Prana. Activity I seek toFire, 613:that central blaze which we call the form, the body of manifestation of the Son. A Heavenly ManFire, 613:at present known. 93 The Earth gives man his body; the Gods give him his five inner principles...Fire, 613:Gods give him three lower principles: Etheric body Prana Kama - manas The Solar Gods give him twoFire, 616:which are functioning in and through the etheric body of the Logos, formed of the matter of theFire, 616:substance, or the building of the dense physical body of the Logos. On the physical plane of theFire, 617:seen taking place as regards the physical [617] body of man, or his concrete manifestation. In hisFire, 617:force direction, a relationship to his physical body similar to the relationship which groups ofFire, 617:on the mental plane have to the dense physical body of the Logos. This is a profound occult hint.Fire, 617:mind to man, and create the relatively permanent body of the ego, or Higher Self. 96 Devas ...heFire, 617:to A. P. Sinnett, 107. 97 Rupa, with form or body. Arupa, formless or bodiless. Generally speaking,Fire, 617:Elementals In the words "prana and the etheric body" (or life force and form) we have the key toFire, 617:and a hint as to the place of the physical body in the scheme of things. The solar Pitris and devasFire, 618:lunar Pitris, 98,99 the builders of man's lunar body and their correspondence in the other kingdomsFire, 618:nature, are the sumtotal of the dense physical body of the Logos, or the substance of the mental,Fire, 618:lunar chain to ours. That is why the physical body is considered no principle (either for man orFire, 618:evil, and why man must "slay his lunar body." 1 Evil is that which can be controlled and subduedFire, 619:bringing to maturity the atoms and cells of His Body, fostering the germ of self-consciousness,Fire, 619:conscious and aware of his place within the body corporate. Each human being likewise, functioningFire, 620:Path is entered, thou must destroy thy lunar body, cleanse thy mind body, and make clean thyFire, 620:must destroy thy lunar body, cleanse thy mind body, and make clean thy heart." Fire, 620:to combine the pairs of opposites, and thus give body and form to concept. Third. MaterializationFire, 620:the Son, for Divine Thought takes form. The body of the Ego is there found. Astral Plane -Fire, 621:and substance 2 which compose the dense physical body of the Logos, hence man is limited, as heFire, 621:Logos in the same sense as the builders in man's body work automatically and unconsciously,Fire, 623:force center which focalizes the logoic mental body. They are the force of Agni in His firstFire, 623:centers, or nerve plexi, of the logoic physical body, for the systemic astral plane provides theFire, 623:the nervous system of the logoic physical body. It is the body of intensest vibration from theFire, 623:system of the logoic physical body. It is the body of intensest vibration from the physicalFire, 623:to that portion of the logoic physical body which corresponds to the brain [624] in man. I canFire, 624:forces, pouring through the logoic etheric body (our four higher subplanes) which are positive toFire, 626:teaching the substance aspect of the dense body of the Logos, whilst the force aspect as flowingFire, 626:the force aspect as flowing through the etheric body of the Logos is considered under various
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